Samsung E390

Samsung E390

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  • Anonymous

The most amazing cell-phone I've ever owned.No problems at all,nice design and a very friendly menu.I just can't be seperated from it

  • stevie

been wanting e390 for ages and finally got one for the grand sum of 31 from ebay. two months old, looks brand new and the seller even gave me the receipt. great phone and looks much more expensive than it is. get

  • Anonymous

heyy guyzz... can anyone tell me dat does dis samsung model has any trouble in display...i mean does da screen goes black!?!?!? Ribbon prob?????

  • liz

its better to buy secondhand d600 than new e390. because d600 though is 3yr old is better than this in all features

  • mark

its a cool phone

  • tenti

is it a good phone cuz im abut to bye it so i really wanna know!!!!! plz answer

  • Anonymous

hi. i just bought this phone but the network isn't coming up. how long does it take for the network on the phone to start?

  • boriz

can anyone help me to increase volume in mp3 player on my e390?when i listen to music with headphones it is just too quiet...plzz help..

  • Anonymous

does the phone come with headphones????..pls answer

  • Anonymous

its a very good fone except for the size of its memory.steve

  • Anthony

This phone does NOT support 4GB memory cards! I read this review and bought one because a clown wrote a comment on this page which said it did. No loss, I ended up using the 4gig card with a camera and bought a 2gig card for this phone instead.

  • benjo

can someone tell me something about the display and the type and is the display so good like the display of e900

  • Anonomous

I have been wanting a Samsung E390 for a while now, but have not been sure whether to purchase one or not.
The model is slim and looks great in black, but there are some questions i have regarding the phone;
1) How much does the Samsung E390 cost? (in AUS dollars)
2) How much memory is on the phone?
3) How much does a memory card (e.g 4gb) cost? (in AUS dollars)
If anyone has the answers to any of my questions your help would be much appreciated!
With thanks, Anonomous.

  • vinay

in India this model is launched as hottest selling India.

  • nils

great phone but I have some software problems that's why I sent it back for a update did someone had the same problem????

  • B

sorry i didnt mean net, i meant pc

  • B

do they all come with usb port, so can u put your video's, pictures on the net, from the phone?

  • Incano

andy, yes, u can.

About the phone: very nice, light phono. I have 2gb microSD card. mp3 quality is good. For sms writing it's also good.

  • Anonymous

nothing to it it,s the most wonderful phone I have ever had because I,ve never had a phone before!but this was an excellent start!I love samsung!

  • sds

in closed position do i can use the phone if i bui it