Samsung E400

Samsung E400

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What phone is that phone similar to?

  • milad

last vote!

  • MJay

This looks a lot like my old phone, the a740. I LOVED that phone. It still works after well over 4 years however I stupidly got a new one from LG that I hate! I hope Samsung keeps making phones just like these. They rock!!

  • Starpheonix

It looks wonderful ^-^ but for some reason its not available anymore? -. - I wish I could get my hands on one!!

  • kirsty

LOVE IT!!!!!!! awesome phone love the colour love the style love the design love the features and love the performance its a sure winnner.....if the price is right the people will come running to buy this phone

  • Emmanuel

Your product is simply wonderful,keep it up.

  • Cheryl

Its look great n nice.....
How much for the price?

  • Lina Po

It's cool.....
I luv 'Blu3' colour, especially skyblu3 hehehe....

  • jj

just the same as the s300 a complete waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. i like men andim a male jjxx

  • waseem

plz i want da program of this kin plz

  • sushanty

i want a know the price E400, please send for me information, thanks..!!

  • Innocent

I like the phone & would like to buy it,if and only if it would be sent to Nigeria.

  • Anonymous

same colour scheme as e700, not much on it, a bit basic for me but is still good value for what it is

  • Anonymous

fat...and looks cheap with the light blue/turqois cover.

  • Malc330

the e400 is a good quality phone for the price the only problem i have is it is impossible to find unlocking codes for it.

  • barbie blows

i need sum help i have just got a samsung e400 and i wud like 2 no if ican compose ringtones on it if i can how????? help!!!!!

  • tom

hello samsung it is my pleasure to recormend this company as the number 1 handsets produce company world wilde,thank u very much.well i will like[e 400] to pls send me a free samsung product here in nigeria i will be to great,recieved and i want some thing like handset;samsung[e400]my address is rccg-gt 200 ikorodu road palm-grove lagos nigeria.thank u.

  • sexy

all i want to know is if it has games or if you can download them, usawise i am going to buy the A800.Thankyou.

  • KAZ

I have this phone , it is beautiful!!!

  • maka

how much does this phone costs?????
I live in Tbilisi, Georgia. is shipping avaliable??