Samsung E480

Samsung E480

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  • Anonymous

Available in China & surrounding countries too!

  • Anonymous

E480 is only available in Russia.

  • Anonymous

Zaazaa: could you please tell us on which market?

  • ZaaaZaaa

this phone is on the market

  • Craig Barry

huh huh huh huh huh! hey beavis this phone has a TV huh huh huh

  • Anonymous

Status "coming soon" since November 2006...but 'till when?? Do Samsung headquarters decide to release it in 2010, when its features will be totally overtaken?This phone is already available in Russia. When in the rest of Europe?

  • Anonymous

this phone is just an improvement of E690. they just made the camera into a 1.3MP and remove the edge features and named it e480.
they're trying to compete with motorola's v3i it seems.

  • TC15

is this phone and how thin is it i think it is 14mm+-

  • Anonymous

what's the dimension of this phone? it's not indicated in th specs. what is the type of lcd for internal screen? i think the OLED indicated is for the external screen. and how much is this phone? tnx.

  • matt

haha what the hell? you say they have fm radio, not enough zoom... this phone has fm radio! and
for zoom if you get a LG phone or somethin you will get probably 2X zoom for most of them

  • GamerMat40K

Before I say something, I ensure you I am not a Samsung fanboy, now allow me to say something, stop saying that Samsung makes similar phone with crap feature over and over and again, indeed they did this on purposely, and there is one purpose to why they did it, and that's to increase the sales and to make profit.

How many people with samsung phone you have seen? Tons of them

How many of them brought a new phone with crap features? Tons of them

Now stop saying Samsung sucks, if you got a problem with this or need any help, then do e-mail me at

  • knappekloon

e 730 had a fm radio,
d800 had landscape format????

whats your problem.
i love samsung phones, the appearing always changes, and the colour asswel.
look at the difference between de e900 and the x830? what is the simmalarity?

  • Anonymous

huh, samsung makes always same phones, no landscape support, poor battery life, no radio, not enough zoom etc... all phones have same particulars, boringgggggggg

  • Nokia N95

What a boring phone.
Samsung makes the same phones again and again...
Compare D500 and E370 as a example.
They have the same design or same features x(

  • charlie

I agree with everybody else...just another phone that has the same features as a million others. However, FM radio a good addition. It seems that samsung have two distinct levels of phones, the higher one (that includes all the Dseries, and all of wihch lack FM radio)and the lower one that do not have innovative features such as TV output, document viewer etc but have FM radio.
My dream is to open this site someday and find a samsung that has the following:
2 mpixel or more camera, FM radio, document viewer, MP3 player that does not have a limitation on the number of playlists or number of songs per playlist, flight mode, EDGE and GPRS (not necesarily 3G), and small dimensions (not more than 47mm in width). All the recent D-series are good but are too wide!!
Samsung, read my review and come up with something good instead of duplicating many models with no new feature!

  • James

The screen is not bad. Even though it has a low resolution and 65K it is OLED which makes it alot better as OLED screens are as sharp as images in a magazine and require alot less power.

  • Deasine

Not good... 1.3 MP phone > min. should be 2.0 MP for Samsung, except for the X830. Phone design is borrowed from other Samsung phones. Boring... And no music 'hotkeys' boring...

  • Frazer

I agree, Samsungs' phones seem to be quite similar. Why the crappy screen, though?

  • Anonymous

And another same Samsung phone....