Samsung E590

Samsung E590

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  • ckzero3

Hi! Can you help me how will my sent items gonna work at this phone? Everytime im gonna sent text message i thought it will save automatically at sent items

  • Petar K

adam, 01 Oct 2008to anyone whom have used this phone for about 6 months or more, ... moreI have this phone for a year and it's great no problems with the software,the camera is good they should upgrade it with antishace control

  • adam

to anyone whom have used this phone for about 6 months or more, are there any problems with the phone??

  • subrota....

1 of the best software ever i seen.Every part 100% security privacy n mind blowing sound quality....small & so cute.

  • loli

I am in love with this phone

  • Anonymous

I think that samsung's phones don't support changing the theme and you can't change the software.. i didn't find anything, but maybe i am wrong .

if so please tell a solution, the themes are bad, and the pop-up meny also

  • Anonymous

SEIF, 28 Sep 2008i have this e590 his screen start to be black any optoins how do you mean black,is it software problem or you mean the theme is black?

  • SEIF

i have this e590 his screen start to be black any optoins

  • jm567

Hi. I have 2 questions.
1.) how do u turn off the pop up windows?
2.) how do u play the music in the background?


  • subrota

Can i use extra software in E590. If so then how? anybody plz tell me........

  • loli

Can I change the theme of the phone, i mean is there web site where u can download it?

  • edi

kunal, 26 Sep 2008yes it does im using 4gb cardisn't it a little bit slow with 4Giga?

  • kunal

sean, 13 Sep 2008does E590 support up to a 4gb sd card.yes it does im using 4gb card

  • Erick

Buy one while you can if living in the UK. 19.99 from the Carphone Warehouse! Totally practical and outstanding value for money. Good build quality. Unique design.

  • xinz

how to increase music volume on samsung E590? i mean its "code" for audio setting.

i know for SGH-F250, its code is *#0206*8378#

but, for E590 it's not same, there's anyone who knows that code??? please tell me at


  • blax

bought this phone 2 weeks ago.
the good: luminous screen, very small, awesome bat life (4 its size)
the bad: mediocre camera which also sticks out on the back making the phone thicker, the joystic's ergonomics are not impressive.
to sum up: good phone, i prefer it to my previous one (SE w810)

  • kate

is there anybody out there who knows if this phone has sms counter? want to know how many sms i have sent since sent items arent automatucally saved in the sent items folder and its kinds hassle coz you have to choose save and send instead of sending the sms straight. had it for 2wks and so far that is the only problem i have encountered. aside from the sms tone, you cannot choose from your own files...

  • Anonymous

edi, 23 Sep 2008Can somebody tell me if there is something you can do with the c... moreYou can wait for the sunrise

  • M

I'd like to know how can we upload or download files/songs/pictures and themes in the phone?
do we need a driver for this?
I can't seem to find a way how to do it..
THe USB cable is only for charging...

  • Edi

SJp, 22 Sep 2008does this phone support WMA format? yes it supports, i own this phone but why do you need wmw when there is mp3????????/