Samsung E610

Samsung E610

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  • K Mac

First comment in almost 10 years!!!

  • Daničle

Very nice phone and easy to use. Try it and you will see.

  • Ceca

I bought this cutie a few days ago,vibration works ok,but I have a question.Is there any way to turn off vibration completely while in a silent mode? I can't find the option to do it.

  • Liviu

I just bought this phone for my wife, she is very happy with it. But we have a little problem. The phone doesnt vibrate at all. Is something wrong? It's a built vibration? Or we have to buy a special type of battery?

  • Soren

hallo i'm from denmark.. so maybe there is a lot feuls....

I will ask you aboute, when is the phone maed?...
I can't find it anywere...
I don't how new or how old it is............

Thank you.......

  • Anonymous

can someone tell me where you can buy this phone?? im in australia but am willing to buy online from USA of whatever

  • Anonymous

Yes i agree a motorola v3 would be better

  • Anonymous

Nice "Visual Appealing" phone. A 256k main screen and a secondary 65k screen. Not to mention a large main screen of 176 X 220. Though functions are not up to the current standard but gd enough for a average user. =)

  • dahunsi

i love samsung product bcos it is the best in the world.

  • _to G.Crouch

Try look at Motorola V3....

  • Anonymous samsung-e610-en.shtml

  • G.Crouch

The best phone i have ever seen. Great looks,exselent features and great preformance. It is simple the best. G.C South Africa

  • vivian

this is very good handphone!


well its a cute phone, but its obvious that within a month of its launch it will be replaced by sumthing believed to be better.

  • samuel

i want you to give me ur set

  • mabou

Whene will it be available in Europe ? in France ?

  • Kiran

ggggggggggggreat ppppppppppphone

  • kunle

hi will like to buy the set