Samsung E620

Samsung E620

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  • Tomy200
  • 8xJ
  • 17 Apr 2022

Doesn't not find a startup and shutdown video on youtube

    • M
    • Mrs. Rabi Usman
    • fsV
    • 06 Oct 2010

    Please where do i get this mobile phone SGH-E620?

      • J
      • Jackie
      • k70
      • 16 Aug 2007

      OK people I have had this phone for about 2 years now. Whoever said you can't record video with sound, your wrong. you can have sound on video clips. you got to do this thing called "changing the settings" ever heard of it? gosh. also you can see the picture you are taking/took on the outside screen. i cant get the bluetooth to work either. I live in america (this is for the person who asked when it will come to america) i bought it overseas while i was in the uk cus i loved it. it was pricy but works just fin in the US. i havent been able to find changeable face plates. voice recognition is amazing but you have to talk in a british accent or something lol. the phone has only freezed up or went blank on me about 3 times in 2 years and it was when i was playing a game and i got a text message and a call around the same time. one of my favorite features it the external picture caller id.

        • L
        • Lizzie
        • RNW
        • 30 Dec 2006

        howdy, i love this phone! it's one i bought on ebay=D I was dissapointed to find it didn't have a usb, but ebay saved me again! I think this phone is great. i do say, i rate it highly!

          • J
          • Jamie
          • kha
          • 19 Nov 2006

          i really want this phone cuz it like looks pretty cool but i read some of the other opinions so im havin some douts but idk cuz i read it has bad reception and no mp3 so w.e c ya l8tr buhbye

            • v
            • vipusan
            • jaG
            • 30 Sep 2006

            it say it has mp3 but i need help if u know how to do message me at

              • m
              • mikaela
              • mjk
              • 14 May 2006

              I dont like this phone...the E730 is wayyyy much says it has MP3 player and when i try to get a song using bluetooth it doesnt allow it...i just dont like are ok, but video is too short and no sound is recorded when taking sucks

                • j
                • jo
                • mqc
                • 18 Mar 2006

                does this phone have a radio

                  • j
                  • jo
                  • Pv8
                  • 11 Feb 2006

                  can you view the pcs you took in the external screen or just in the internal?

                    • B
                    • BabyKyoko
                    • 4Ba
                    • 09 Jan 2006

                    I've been using this phone for like half a year. It's really not bad. Nice, cool and different. The only thing I don't like about it is: it only allows MP3 ringtone that is less than 300k each. That's really annoying. Also bad reception.

                      • A
                      • Anibal
                      • Pdm
                      • 08 Jan 2006

                      but the max 300kb is for bluetooth or by USB.. Or the phone doesn't support bigger files than 300 kb?

                        • S
                        • Sankysys
                        • MZd
                        • 27 Dec 2005

                        max length of file is 300 kb

                          • S
                          • Stella Evangelou
                          • MFG
                          • 13 Dec 2005

                          Pls I would like to buy this phone but after reading opinions on the net I have my doubts. From what I understood, they have no mp3player only supports mp3 ringtones and a small memory. is this true??? please help me

                            • c
                            • cathy
                            • 4Ih
                            • 13 Dec 2005

                            yea i does have video but i dont know how to use bluetooth or the mp3 player

                              • F
                              • Flávia
                              • Pi7
                              • 07 Dec 2005

                              I love this phone!!! but I can't send mp3 by bluetooth. Can anyone hekp me????

                                • ?
                                • ??????SAD
                                • YHq
                                • 29 Nov 2005

                                I dunno how good it is.But it LOOKS NICE it might not work nice so u betta learn about it b4.aite L8ter Wouldnt WANNA BE YA!!!!!!!!!!!HAHA

                                  • b
                                  • bob
                                  • SwC
                                  • 18 Nov 2005

                                  does it have video or not?

                                    • e
                                    • eric
                                    • 4cE
                                    • 16 Sep 2005

                                    does this phone have the same bad sound quality issue as the e720?

                                      • L
                                      • Long Ngo
                                      • YiC
                                      • 11 Sep 2005

                                      Please people...The Samsung E730 is a much better buy. It has 96MB memory. You can store up to 20 full length MP3 songs. I owned both phones and I can tell you right now that the E730 is better. It also have a FM radio tuner also.

                                        • A
                                        • A
                                        • iA%
                                        • 31 Jul 2005

                                        Hi. Does anyone knows, if the LED outside the cover flashes in different colors when the phone rings? (like on the E600)
                                        Or is it just used for Cameraflash?