Samsung E640

Samsung E640

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  • j
  • jj
  • wHS
  • 29 Nov 2009

LOVE E640 veryyyyyyyy much...
tis is the best phone i have met..
its design very nice..high quality of screen and camera..
i use it for 2 problem at all..
but is already unavailable now..
hope samsung can produce more phone like tis..

    • D
    • Dada
    • ReE
    • 17 May 2007

    VERY NICE PHONE. Pics & Video quality excellent. All who have held my phone actually fell in love and ran to purchase one of their own. My only thing is, Card Slot and changing the tone for the message alert. Also,if a ringtone is set for a contact and later on the ringtone is deleted so too goes the contact. Other than that all awesome > downloaded a mp3 file, tried deleted it but keeps showing error....guess it might have been a virus, so some of my free space is occupied by it FOREVER.

      • M
      • Marcos
      • Pcv
      • 02 May 2007

      This phone is my best friend, I can`t go out to the street with out it,The flash is super powerfull, the definition of the camera THE BEST and HIGH QUALITY VIDEOS you can see it on the pc monitor in FULL SCREEN I got it in september 2005. Samsumg must think about creating some special edition of this phone somthing like E-640i. with 3G, radio and one slot for memory card.


        • A
        • Adrienne
        • E1{
        • 17 Jan 2007

        I **love** this phone. Honestly, this phone is a warrior. I am hard on phones and this has stood the test of time. I got it in October of 2005 and it is still going strong with no problems at all. The pics/videos come out clear and the design is great. I have received numerous compliments on my phone.

          • 5
          • 5ushi
          • PGD
          • 17 Jan 2007

          My sister has this. Very reliable phone (for her)... I don't know what was wrong with the phone for the previous person... Very sturdy, survived many bumps and drops. Like the nano coating, very clean. Battery life is ok, screen is good (not as great as D600 or D900) but still beats the lot. Sounds very nice as well. Basically saying, I recommend this phone to others.

            • K
            • Koldstream Kings
            • Tdd
            • 09 Dec 2006

            Dont buy this phone i got it then it just stopped working and there is bad warrenty so i didnt get my money back it was a mistake buying this phone dont do it you will regret it like i did

              • v
              • vAN
              • PFM
              • 29 Jun 2006

              cAn wE sEt The bORinG msG tONe tO a Mp3 mSg tOnE??

                • j
                • jackhewyhx6
                • RIL
                • 06 Jun 2006

                I'm thinking about should i buy E640.Can you all give me some suggestion about it? The Pros & the Cons? And should i buy it? Also other samsung clamshell that is better? Please E-mail me too. Thank you for your help.^^

                  • s
                  • samantha
                  • UDN
                  • 05 Jun 2006

                  I bought this E640 last november and like it very much! thanks SAMSUNG!!!

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • mw9
                    • 17 Apr 2006

                    Does anybody knows if the phone book of this phone has larga font sizes. I have a problem reading small fonts...

                      • b
                      • bobo
                      • 4I{
                      • 15 Apr 2006

                      I got this phone about a couple months ago, and recently dropped it a couple of times. Ever since then, I have been experiencing static on the receiving end when I call people. I think I might have messed up the internal antenna when I dropped it. Anybody know where how I can fix it? Samsung won't fix it because it's not authorized for sale here in the U.S. Thanks!!!!

                        • M
                        • Marian
                        • mVV
                        • 09 Apr 2006

                        Hey dudes! I really like this mobile and I want to buy it soon! But do you know anybody if e640 can make a voice records during the conversation with someone else! 10x in advance!

                          • s
                          • syuhada
                          • PFM
                          • 25 Mar 2006

                          plz help me i don't know how to insert the song in my hp...msg me at 91030365 plz reply..

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • F4n
                            • 16 Mar 2006

                            its a GREAT phone!! but not enuff memory for mi! i wan to delete the MMS templates...its wasting so much of my phone memory coz i wan more songs! can any one teach mi how to delete them? coz i cant everytime i try!!! thx =))

                              • +
                              • ++eling++
                              • ibf
                              • 16 Mar 2006

                              hi hi i wan to buy tiz phone.....can any 1 tell me how izzit ???good or bad?

                                • A
                                • AZ1 I
                                • PGT
                                • 14 Mar 2006

                                Angie rox!! this phone is the bestest EVER!

                                  • ?
                                  • Anonymous
                                  • jn}
                                  • 06 Mar 2006

                                  THIS PHONE HAS THE WORST outside and sometimes theres 1 bar,this is not nomral,but other than that the phone is great,but reception is the main part of a phone,its used to talk on so if the reception sucks then the good features dont mean anything

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • PFM
                                    • 09 Feb 2006

                                    I just bought this mobile phone on 7-2-06. I like the style of this phone. Unfortunately this phone do not have card slot, so its kinda of useless for the mp3 as it only can absord 32mb(only limited song u can download). The good thing is the 1.3 megapixel for taking pictures. Its as sharp as Nokia 3230. I hope samsung would consider to have new models thats affordable the most important thing is with card slots.

                                      • K
                                      • KC
                                      • NJK
                                      • 31 Jan 2006

                                      i think this phone is O.K....... the only reason i say that is because within the first 20 days of having the phone i had to get three becuas eit kept freezing when i wood text on it. but after the third on i dont khave that problem any more, but i probably wood another phone later on down the line

                                        • s
                                        • sarah
                                        • 4wk
                                        • 28 Jan 2006

                                        I have owned this phone for about a month now and I quite happy with it! The service is great and I am extremely satisfied with the picture quality. I love the mp3 player and how I am able to cut songs and set them as caller id ring tones. However there are a couple problems I have encountered and am wondering if I am able to fix them? First off, I am not able to send picture messages, when I try it says “unknown subscriber". Also, my call history on my phone is incorrect (I do not know if there is a way to fix this or if my phone is faulty)... For example if I go to call "A" and then look on my dialed numbers it will say I called "C" with "A"’s number listed. Help????? If you know how to fix any of these things or have also came across this problem please email me at Thanks!