Samsung E715

Samsung E715

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  • 124C4+1

RIP 6/2005-6/2020
It can't find the signal :(

  • mike andreson

no. i dont like this phone. i cant use t-zones.everytime i go to t-zones, it says no response from network.i want to use samsung e720 instead of this s**t /:(. phone sucks

  • 124C4+1

I still have this phone, it's beat up but works well and never had to get it fixed. 15 yrs later these parts wont be available.

  • Hassan Malik

very good and i love this phone

  • John

hatseklats, 22 Oct 2009in Holland you still can buy this phone prepaid. For all yo... more40 euro's? thats really nice. i paid 140 euro to get this phone

  • Giorno

Really nice phone. It's small, works always and windows mobile is the best OS, you really can do almost anything with this phone. I can even unlock my car, using special software

  • hatseklats

in Holland you still can buy this phone prepaid. For all you paupers..just go to the Kijkshop. the sell it to you for only 40 euro

  • Anonymous

the best phone i ever used and ever since this ive been a samsung fan

  • faz

i am using this phone for abt 5 monthz now n befoe that my sis had it for abt 1.5 yrs... its stylish n attractive... no big problems with this phone except 4 the small space of abt 200 sms only. a nice phone to use.

  • Anonymous

i remember this used to be my first phone :)
until my sister lost it -___-

  • Sumit

Dark days are over; light is coming with lots of happiness. My 3rd cell phone and 1st color phone with camera

  • john

the ssamsung sgh e715 is a good t-mobile phone but you cant print any pictures out of it.

  • Alexander

Phone looked really cool when it was made... Now, after three years it still looks cool... Yes the screen started to fade but it is not the case... All phones are getting older... Functionality never was the strong point of this phone.. The most coolest part was design which was revolutionary at that time... My fist cell in life... I love it...

  • rafid

the mobile sucks...the only thing good about this mobile is itz flashlight

  • asha

i hate it... picture quality declined after a couple of months, phone memory wipes every 2 weeks... i've lost so many mssgs and phone numbers!!! cant get the infra red to work either!!!

  • raj

i learnt one thing from this phone, dont go for the looks. i bought this set for almost $300 3 yrs ago. the picture quality was good as in all samsung phones. but the display got worse within 6 months. tht was painful. still the camera worked fine but the display killed me man. finally i had to discard it.

  • Tania

Ive had this phone for about a year and i hate it!!! its always saying that my sim card is broken, when its not! thats why im going to switch my phone but since ive had it i mean,,, ive had to deal with it and pretend to like it as much as i wish i did!

  • Anonymous

the infrared doesn't works!

  • Dave

I Had this phone for almost 2 years, some things to be aware of: the screen ligthens with time, making it almost impossible to read in the day, keypad softening with time- difficult typing and most important, very poor signal and reception. But handy torch, small and light.

  • Ivan893

heyy people, i have this cel for 1 year but in this moment the internal display is spoiled, who?, change of colors and you did´t see the menu and i need to change the display, and is very difficult find th display for change...