Samsung E720

Samsung E720

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  • Wenso

It was great phone ,no doubt about it

I actually used to have a toy Samsung E720 (same design but it's a dummy phone) back in 2006/2007 to 2013! So much memories!

  • Anonymous

Its a great phone even in 2018 but one thing i hate about it that the date only goes to 31/12/2016 (is there a way to fix this)

  • Hans

Used this phone from 2006 - 2014. Great phone! Has been dropped countless times, but never failed me.

  • elena

vreau sa iau

  • manawell

I had this phone since it was released and it's still going strong, it's my spare phone so last 6 years about 10 of my friends were using it. For those who can't find data cable, why don't you just use bluetooth? Samsung PC studio software is easy to find.

  • Laeeq

I had send my comments on 23-11-2007 & today i am again sending my comments that i am using this phone near about five years. The only thing bad is that i have't it's data cable. I found this phone very good.

  • tuhin

i want to buy it in bangladesh in dhaka city. but how?

  • Angie

Hi there ... does anyone know if I can permanently change the font size to large on the samsung e720, as it only lets me change it for one message, then reverts back to the small text size?

  • Micko

Good quality phone ! Good ergonomics & performance. The only bad thing is - battery. Cannot expect more than 3 days ( even with the new one ). It drains out even if the phone is switched off.

  • geo

at it's time it was revolutionary; for me at least; I love it so much...this is the best looking phone ever....I just bought it again and I am loving it more than my iPhone

  • Anonymous

I love this phone...My uncle gave his E720 a few months ago and its amazing. I recommend it to kids. It doesn't break easily and it has all the things you need.

  • Ben

had this phone a long time ago and had to revert back to it due to malfunctions with newest phone. i forgot how fun this phone really is, for a 1MP camera, its fantastic quality even compared to the up to date 8 megapixel camera's. it does everything necessary for a phone plus a little bit more for fun!! fantastic!!

  • oli

it was the best handy, i ever had. It works every time.

  • ru

hello??a little hepl pls.. oppinion pls...

  • ru

hye..i own this phone long time ago..but i'am still using it..and i want to change new cover can someone tell me how?or want to suggest something?? soon as possible.

  • Michelle

Yes it`s very strong in every way, (sorry for my english) but I somehow menage to break it :(. now I have blackberry but I still won that phone.

  • Anonymous

When charging my mobile phone on the power point,it swiches off after severals minutes (30 min.) Why that?

  • rado325

this phone is too strong

  • mark

this was a great mobile. i loved the screen,even though small but still very clear.and the 1 meg camera took surprisingly good pictures because of the really bright led flash.

the mp3 buttons and front screen really rocked.great phone.shame i still like it today, wish i kept it,for keeps.well done samsung