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Samsung E740

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  • AnonD-720384
  • D0e
  • 04 Dec 2017

E740 Samsung!

Still we had at home in good working condition.
The music from this little devil is really enchanting compare to any new modern mobiles in 2017.

Such a melodious poise in listening to it. In the night time from terrace of the building one should listen to its flawless music!!

Clarity of the audio is still amazing! The fonts and touch & feel is great. And Sar value is so negligible.

Thank you Samsung!!

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    • Edwan
    • ib4
    • 10 May 2012

    D3vil82, 04 May 2011I have this phone since 2008/12/15 and bought it for R999 (... moreTotally Agree!!It's bass pumping too!!

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      • vamsi`
      • uti
      • 29 Aug 2011

      one of the worst phone i had puchased...plz dont buy

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        • D3vil82
        • fXS
        • 04 May 2011

        I have this phone since 2008/12/15 and bought it for R999 (+/- $170) at Cell C South Africa (Cape Gate Center in Kraaifontein, Cape Town) I'm still happy with it even after it got alot of beating. It's as strong as an Swiss Bank Vault compared to my brother's Nokia 5220 XpressMusic which was about twice the price. My E740 fell from about three and a half stories into the dust below the stadium seats(Koetzenberg Stadium in Stellenbosch)knocking part of the numberpad out of it's socket on the side. Fixed it pretty quick by pressing it back with a minature screwdriver. Only problems I have is the short battery lifetime, sometimes when opening a large wapsite the phone seems to restart and also when recording video or a taking a photo, the photo itself has a green line at the bottom running from the right to mid-left of the screen. It only appear and dissapears from time to time which is nothing major. The earphones is a bit dramatic but has great sound quality and is comfortable only for a while, the sillicone tend to tear. You can use E250 earphones on the E740 but I would not recommend to do it. The scrollwheel is not as fast anymore but still works and it lost is nice glitter effect after a while. The default browser is a bit useless but can be avoided by using Opera Mini. Java is not so great, can only download apps & games smaller than 300KB. Music Player is awesome and users-friendly. It can play MP4 & 3GP videos only up to a maximum of 176x220 resolution, 128kb bitrate at either 11fps or 15fps. Can play all mp3 & wma formats but AAC tend to bit of problem because it only support one of the three AAC codecs. SD access times are a bit slow with large files but it all depens on the SD Card itself. Great fone but for the price I payed back in 2008 I can now buy a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini for the same price today or for a bit less an Nokia 5130 XpressMusic.

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          • Anonymous
          • PSg
          • 03 Jan 2011

          ABC, 03 Jul 2010 There's a problem with my phone. One call is automatically... morethis may be because of the reject list feature in the phone. the number for which call is rejected without ring, must be added in the reject list.
          check the reject list and remove the munber from that list
          this should work

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            • Antony
            • vGM
            • 10 Jul 2010

            I have been using this phone since Jan 2008. I bought this phone for Rs.7900 in bangalore. The features like 2 MP camera, MP3 player, FM, GPRS, and 256k display offered for that price at that time was very good. But i am extremely disappointed with the user interface, which allows very little customization. The main menu icons are not colorful, they are just plain white icons with single-color background. The background color changes per the skin color selected. Also, it comes with only 1 default tajmahal theme. The theme cannot be changed; only skin color can be changed. Mp3 volume via earphone is too low while traveling in a bus. Also, speaker phone is volume is very low. Other than this boring user interface and low Mp3 volume, the phone performs all fuctions well. Also, photos of moving objects come blurred.

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              • ABC
              • 2S%
              • 03 Jul 2010

              There's a problem with my phone. One call is automatically rejected without any prior phone bell and then comes in the category of missed calls.

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                • Anonymous
                • wYx
                • 18 Dec 2009

                i've been using this fone for over a year now and i LOVE it.. it's simple, cute, and very strong (i dropped mine all the time and still works brandnew). I'm proud having this one i've had ^_^

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                  • SRIJITH
                  • vTQ
                  • 27 Aug 2009

                  Simply Rocks

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                    • Vinay B M
                    • ut9
                    • 03 Aug 2009

                    i ve been using this for the past 3 yrs.. & let me tell you.. its a darling.. ;-) Its delicate, cute, stylish n at the same time.. it comes with the Best features.

                    The 2mp camera produces excellent pics. It also supports FM recording which is nt found in any of the phones in its category.. the memory is expandable upto 2GB. I bought it for 7,000 Indian rupees & i'm a proud owner of it. till date.. ;-)

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                      • chichi
                      • N75
                      • 26 Jun 2009

                      the phone is lovely to used unfortunately i lost mine but i dont mind buying it again cos it's very strong and reliable.thanks

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                        • E740 user
                        • R1V
                        • 11 Jun 2009

                        Been using my E740 for the past 2yrs and its working perfectly till date. One of the best phone ever, keep it up.

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                          • TfK
                          • fXR
                          • 31 May 2009

                          I have owned this phone for over a year now and there is nothing wrong with it. Absolutely no problems with it. Its a simple and pretty fone, but in South Africa its only availible in metallic colour. Watever anyone say against this fone, just keep it in your mind but don't believe it. Its an exellent fone!

                            • c
                            • christoph
                            • mpj
                            • 10 May 2009

                            Mike, 12 Apr 2009These people saying this phone is bad are thick. Ive had it... morea very cool phone

                            lacks camera stuff though, but for all it's worth it is very simple after a bit of getting use to!

                            not one scratch on mine and ive dropped on rock and tiling, Not One!

                            if you were looking for a simple slide it is worth getting that one

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                              • Vodaman
                              • v0g
                              • 03 May 2009

                              Every E740 we sold broke within a week or two, so we stopped selling them. Shame they are sorta cute...

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                                • Mike
                                • 3J0
                                • 12 Apr 2009

                                These people saying this phone is bad are thick. Ive had it 4 2 years now and it hasn't crashed or done any of the things you say. Yes it could do with setting mp3's as ringgtones but its an amazing phone. Its the toughest ive ever had too. Ive dropped it loads and it hasn't broken. It's only got a crack in the screen as som1 sttod on it with football boots on, but it still works perfectly fine. My mum and dad both had their own of this phone and both think it was amazing.

                                Its the best phone ive ever had.

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                                  • Martin
                                  • 2GE
                                  • 08 Apr 2009

                                  This phone came to australia and everyone had problems with it so they had to stop sending them out.
                                  all dead on arival or software issues.
                                  Worst phone ever

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                                    • antz
                                    • utH
                                    • 09 Mar 2009

                                    I am using this phone since 1 year. So far no problems. Good features, but lacks separate speaker for mp3, so volume is not enough while playing in speaker mode. Also, it has many skins, but only 1 theme. So, you can change the skin, but not the theme. Other than this, no problems. I even keep it in a pouch which has a magnet lock mechanism. No problem with the magnet for me so far. It has many features and hence gave full value for money during its time of release.

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                                      • BBNovice
                                      • Yc9
                                      • 27 Feb 2009

                                      After using this phone for about 2 weeks, my biggest complaint is that the ringer volume is way too low, even at the highest setting. Part of the problem is that the phone is program for an increasing ring volume, so for the first couple of seconds the ringer is almost inaudible.

                                      On the plus side, the 2mp camera produces better photos than expected.

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                                        • LUCKY
                                        • vGC
                                        • 20 Feb 2009

                                        i buy this mobile recently but i cant do it caller image not setting in this phone please give me suggestion