Samsung E770

Samsung E770

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  • pkjai

hmmm ...maybe all the details are not final yet ? ..

  • Pikao

Bad design. Samsung is going down!

  • jy

yes.. sumsung is finally producing smth tt is nt bad.. expandable mem slot is impt men.. e720 n e730 has no slot.. e720 has oni 60mb of internal mem.. e770 has 80mb.. if u dun have enuff mem on ur fone how r u gonna put song into ur fone.. gd mp3 quality require lotsa space.. the con of this fone is tt the design is abit weird.. oni if the front of this is like e720... buttons tgt.. this fone lack of a radio.. it will b better if it has a redio.. n i heard tt the processer is ard twice faster then e720 n e730.. cool fone overall.. the camera... 1.3mp.. actually.. it wont really matter if u transfer into u com.. it is oni the size... keep it up sumsung...

  • oliver


  • the-eye

Samsung is going backwards. I like very much my E720 but I was expecting this new model with: 2 MP camera, FM stereo radio, Built-in handsfree; picture viewer and MPEG4 video recording and player, at least !! Wil buy D600E instead though I donĀ“t like very much the slider form factor.

  • u

I would swap my e730 for this!! lol

  • Anonymous

a clamshell with memory slot... nice...
but still, the features of e730 is a lil bit better than this... at least the latter has radio!
the design is not dat attractive as e720 or e730... but it's slimmer...
the keypads are not attractive either...
y still 1.3 MP, when phones hv been bumped to 2 MP?

  • Alf

Good design ,good features. Simply clever.