Samsung E780

Samsung E780

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  • Anonymous

I found the secret Forest gentle spring rain and Birdsong by the lake in the files for the ringtones it's so weird like the those ringtones Are for for the Samsung Galaxy S4

  • fffg

I used to have this phone. It was okay... I liked how thin it was. The camera was useless, and the games were slow... But it was verrry good for texting.

  • fsdfsdf

video resolution?

  • Carlos Ortega

yo lo tengo. es una chimba

i love this phone, i have been using for 3 years.

but, i canīt download games for this.

  • melanie

i friken love this phone! i had it like 3 years ago n it is sooooo boootifull! i want it agen but its onli 2G! :( plz update it samsung and release it again!


  • Anonymous

Google Mad, 06 Feb 2009Can this phone install and run google maps on it ?yes. You have to download the Java version of Google Earth

  • Google Mad

Can this phone install and run google maps on it ?

  • ...

samsung madness, 10 Oct 2008can someone please tell me the way how to activate the bluetooth... moreYou go to the main menu, press 3, 5, 1, And press then at ON to activate it ;)

  • ...

I own this phone and i think if felt already 100 times on the floor and it was in fire , in water...
And my phone is still like new...

  • a100

That phone don't support card extension ? E770 is much better

  • samsung madness

can someone please tell me the way how to activate the bluetooth step by step. with numbers if possible thx

  • yoyo

my sent messages do not show up in the sentbox. does anyone else have this problem?

  • Katy

Great phone generally.

My only complaint is regarding missed calls. If you miss a call, it only shows on the front display screen for a few moments - it then disappears altogether, so if you miss it, you won't know someone has tried to call you until you next open your phone. I've found this a real inconvenience.

Secondly, missed calls will keep appearing on your main display for days and days, even after you discard or ignore them. I've found the only way to stop them coming up is to delete all missed calls in the Call Log folder.

  • Daniel

I love my phone . i got it from my cousin and i have the special edition SAMSUNG E780 Orange phone , it's design and the clarity of the pictures are incredible, i love it , and i love the ideea that no one in my ciy has the same phone as i do :P , they have E780 but not Orange , in my city it's UNIQUE... Thaks SAMSUNG for this great phone , Buy it , Try it , Don't ever sell it !!!

  • Anonymous

this is an exelent phone, the memory is 80 mb but it accept many music formats & you can put the less memory use in this phone IT'S THE BEST PHONE EVER & IT'S SAMSUNG!!!

  • alexander

I found a solution to the issue of the phonebook.

If you go to contacts, access the contact, select the mobile which you want to use in order to send message and then Options -> Send Message you can use it but...still...this is very stupid!


  • alexander

I bought this phone some days ago and unfortunately although i do like the design and that it's slim i found a couple of things which are very annoying and i find it unacceptable that they exist.

1. The GPRS icon at the main screen is always on and you have not the ability to put it in stand by like you do in Nokia phones. The manual does not clarify if that means that the GPRS icon only shows that the network is available or if it's keep tracking the network and stays connected with no reason. If it's the second case then it's the nightmare of the battery (and i think it is because in only 1,5 days 2/3 battery bars get consumed. In Nokia phones GPRS was only being activated when it wanted to receive/send an MMS through the GPRS network and generally when it was actually needed.

2. I found a REALLY annoying issue. If you try to send a message, access the phonebook to find the target contact YOU CAN NOT view all fields of the contact!! So, that means, if the contact has two mobile phones you can only accesss the first one and not the other and can not send the message!!! wtf!

3. I find it retarded that a phone which has music player buttons at the front cover not to have a memory slot...

4. If you have the calendar in Month View, access a specific day, and then click the back button, instead of returning you in month view it returns you to the main screen of the phone (if you accessed calendar through shortcut) or at the Planner menu if accessed it through there. In other need to make a big "circle" each time you want to access another day of the calendar.

5. The phone allows you to create a shortcut to bluetooth devices but not at bluetooth main menu. So, if you want to quickly disable/enable it you have to go through the main menu which is annoying.

If someone has any solution, which i haven't found to the manual, specially about phonebook issue please let me know.

So dissapointed ...

  • sexy trini

can someone tell me if the samsung T309has bluetooth.

  • Igor

What is the maximum resolution of a video clip that this phone can record?

  • scripto

i have had this phone for a year now and will be sad to let it go i love the stereo mp3 phone speakers plenty of memory and its the slimist flip on the market. im getting the E900 next but i dont think it will be as good somehow.well we will see