Samsung E810

Samsung E810

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  • m
  • mememe
  • t7X
  • 12 Sep 2010

i bought this model year 2005 at PHP22,500 (Philippines), so expensive you know.. but the price did not return to its consumers its worth !!! so disappointing! i had many problems w/ this one. I couldn't even send MMS! i dunno why :(
another thing why i don't use it anymore is that its battery's no use at all. I went all over stalls in malls yet they don't have it bec it's an old Samsung model that's why they don't have stocks??? huhu sad, i missed using my samsung. Though I wanted to sell it but i can't bec of the stored stuffs i don't wanna lose :(

mmm, anyone here who knows where i could find E810's battery ????


    • b
    • banks dee jay chenje
    • Mfx
    • 07 Nov 2009

    the phone is nice but the infrared seems not to work.thank you

      • w
      • www.hamid_alimohamma
      • prn
      • 12 Apr 2009

      my battery is damage but i dont find in market

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • Nas
        • 08 May 2008

        the phone is useless my buttons stopped working and now it doesn't want to switch on any more and my infrared never worked. im very dissapointed in the phones performance.

          • R
          • Revenant
          • Sjd
          • 06 Apr 2008

          @ mini

          unless you changed it, the code u need is 00000000

            • K
            • Kay
            • i2G
            • 27 Mar 2008

            How do you get photos off this phone? Theres something wrong with the phone so it dont wanna send mms anymore, the infrared dont seem to work. does anyone know if u usb can go in this fone???

              • M
              • Mini
              • jLB
              • 09 Mar 2008

              Its a realli strong phone bt does any1 knw wat the sim lock 4 it is coz i lost my sim card n nw i cant use it thanx

                • m
                • mark ala zobbi
                • SuD
                • 31 Dec 2006

                this mobile is good i had it for 2years and i sold it to buy an other sumsung

                  • M
                  • Mike
                  • pk4
                  • 21 Sep 2006

                  i had a E810 for 17 months...and it`s not bad! the baterry is good i don`t understand why they don``t like it! i sold E810 and i buy samsung SAMSUNG RULES ;)

                    • m
                    • milky gal
                    • F4p
                    • 18 Aug 2006

                    this phone is really not good
                    never buy this phone
                    cos i also have this phone and
                    its really not good.
                    because the infra-red is fake.
                    can't be used to send things.
                    so pls take note. :)

                      • j
                      • jack
                      • mrZ
                      • 12 Aug 2006

                      this phone is absoloutely rubbish ive had it about 10 months and its already broken it wont turn on, it wont charge up and the flashing lights stopped working before it stopped turning on if i was anyone i would never buy this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                        • S
                        • Sophie
                        • MSR
                        • 18 Jun 2006

                        the look of this phone is good but its features are rubbish. the memory isn't very good. 30 seconds to record a video whats all that about? i have had this phone for a year and im so happy that im getting the new samsung E900. it hasn't even got a mp3 player and it has got a voice recored but you can only record for 30 seconds. (woop de doo). i can't wait until i get rid of this one. my advice is don't buy it. all its good for is if you just want to phone or text.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • mnf
                          • 27 Mar 2006

                          nope it hasn't, bought it for 189 euro, new

                            • d
                            • dayne
                            • MSR
                            • 18 Jan 2006

                            i just bought one for £90

                              • s
                              • satara
                              • mcU
                              • 10 Jan 2006

                              telefon cost (secong hand) about 120E

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • nEL
                                • 26 Nov 2005

                                does this phone have semi automatic slide?

                                  • R
                                  • RJ
                                  • F4p
                                  • 18 Nov 2005

                                  i love this phone but i dont have it..i wanna this phone..a second hand would be ok...but i just want to know how much would cost...anybody got an idea???

                                    • k
                                    • kayhan
                                    • mHp
                                    • 15 Nov 2005

                                    i think this phone is very good becuase i have had it for a week now and i think its mint and everyone should get it

                                      • m
                                      • mobile-mania
                                      • PGx
                                      • 15 Nov 2005

                                      Don't buy this phone. I and my one of friend has this phone. We bought this with together but in one month my one fall into my hand and dead. After my one deade my friends one go also. So don't. Sorry for poor english. Thanks

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • m4m
                                        • 07 Nov 2005

                                        terrible design