Samsung E850

Samsung E850

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  • Tanki
  • p@K
  • 03 Feb 2007

Nice !!!

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    • Anonymous
    • nu6
    • 23 Aug 2006

    i got this phone last year and was blinded by its sleek extarior and rotating camera .. i thought it was the kewlest thing out there but the short of it is its crap ... the infrared is non-existent and it lacks many features that are worth while . i still think it looks nice tho ^^

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      • GMAN
      • nDA
      • 08 Jun 2006

      best phone do not listen to stupid people
      besides ir which is kind of difficult it has no problem

        • J
        • Johnny
        • MqI
        • 26 Apr 2006

        Worst phone EVER!Infrared absolutely worthless (it won't connect unless you have another Samsung).Slow response, an expensive piece of junk.

          • d
          • d3sirr3
          • MqI
          • 26 Apr 2006

          It's the worst phone ever .... it's nice as design but it's verry bad ....

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • iLN
            • 28 Mar 2006

            hey there im shortly gettting this phone and would like to know its main feutures
            Does it record videos?
            and of course...
            is it any good!?

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              • dfhgdsfhg
              • jnS
              • 12 Mar 2006

              you no its a greeat phonme i have it already it s really good you no its cool it does cool stuff like its riicoulous how much this sleek sexy thing can do

                • B
                • Bogdan
                • nsI
                • 04 Dec 2005

                I'd like to find out if anyone knows how to lock the keyboard because when you unlock your keyboard it doesn't lock automaticly after a while.

                  • a
                  • ayzo
                  • MuM
                  • 16 Nov 2005

                  The infrared does not work and it looks like no one is willig to help. Maybe Samsung should recall the whole is very upsetting!

                    • M
                    • Mihai
                    • mYd
                    • 13 Sep 2005

                    First of all i start with the bad things:
                    -his price is to hight for his features:
                    -IrDa doesn't work;
                    -voice recording and video recording (that last just 27 seconds)are bad;
                    but he makes good photos.
                    My opinion is that u shouldn't buy this phone, nokia 6230 or 6230i or 6260, or siemens k300i, k500i, k 700i are better phones, and they have lower prices.
                    I regret that i didn't bought samsungs D 500 or Nokia 6230i.:((

                      • D
                      • Deniz
                      • mut
                      • 23 Aug 2005

                      I need help. I can download my photos from my E850 but I can't download my videos.
                      I have got a laptop with an Ird and I use the programme Samsung PC Studio II PIMS&File Manager
                      I would be really grateful if could help me

                        • N
                        • Nineminutes
                        • mvb
                        • 25 Jul 2005

                        Im thinking of buying this phone, but i have two questions i fould like to find out:

                        Does it have a 'flashlight', that you can use when you take pictures??

                        And, can you turn off the 'camera sound'?

                          • S
                          • Sharon
                          • Tj%
                          • 15 Jul 2005

                          I just purchased the E850 - its my third samsung mobile within the last 2yrs. Had no luck with the P200 & E710 hope third time round is the luckiest. Can any one tell me from where you can get free java games for this mob? I searched the net & so far I didn't find any compatible games.

                            • p
                            • panmak
                            • Sa%
                            • 14 Jul 2005

                            To RUBEN
                            I am sending my opinion to tell youthat you should not wait for the P510. I had that mobile and now i have E850. E850 is easier to use, slide phones are more practical and beautiful. I am suggesting you to buy E850 is a lovrly phone and supports the new Samsung's software. Buy it you will not regret it.

                            Thank you for your time.
                            I hope that you will take the right decission.

                              • R
                              • Ruben
                              • Sed
                              • 12 Jul 2005

                              Actually I wanted to buy the P510, but that one is hard to get in Holland. So I bought this one. I cant say that I hate the E850, but i don't know if I like it either.
                              What do you guys think?
                              Was it a good diccision to choose the E850?
                              Or should I have waited untill I found the P510?

                              by the way: What's with the IR on the E850?
                              I cant send ANYTHING with it!

                                • A
                                • Alexis
                                • Sby
                                • 05 Jul 2005

                                Hi All , Just bought this mob for my gf. It's a great phone but I have a query ... . Is it possible to transfer date like ringtones and pictures and java apps to it from my pc and is there a good website which provides such things. Thanks and Regards

                                  • z
                                  • zoe
                                  • MW9
                                  • 04 Jul 2005

                                  please can someoneler me no when this phone is out int the uk and is it onpay as you go and how much would it be ??

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                                    • nithu
                                    • ijd
                                    • 28 Jun 2005

                                    I bought this phone very recently. It looks good! But I am confused whether this phone has a speaker or not. It has voice recording, vedio recording. With these two facilties it sounds wierd if it doesnt have a speaker phone. Also about the IRDA... I see many people's opinion in this site that the IRDA is not working. Do we have any other alternatives for transfering pictures to our PC (as my PC doesnt have an IRDA port either). Can anyone kindly advise me on the above mentioned two issues.


                                      • C
                                      • Cristi
                                      • nDV
                                      • 15 Jun 2005

                                      You re not gonna belive this but i just won a samsung E 850 it s great but i think the battery is quite down,is it real?

                                        • k
                                        • kos
                                        • xKN
                                        • 10 Jun 2005

                                        does this phone have speaker phone or not i cant find the exact yes or no answer on the net is says it has loudspeaker is this the speaker phone