Samsung E880

Samsung E880

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  • Dinis
  • n9u
  • 12 Oct 2010

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2006can this phone read mp4 files? thanks!!!This phone can read almost everything

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    • pyoli
    • 2@r
    • 12 Feb 2009

    I am using this phone for almost 3 years now. it is awesome. everything is great about it. very smart and very small. lovely friend to a girl. sound, clarity , camera perfect. only probelm is its memory. i would recomd this to all.

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      • Anonymous
      • pcn
      • 11 Dec 2008

      odlicen et

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        • SA
        • q{V
        • 24 Jan 2008

        my bf bought me this phone 2 years ago, i almost drop it everyday but it still works like the first day. the battry is great, nice LCD, good sound quality, and.........

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          • Aj $a$
          • E$H
          • 16 Nov 2007

          Hi Friends...
          I have been using this phone for the past 2 years...
          Advantage-good camera and video clarity for 1MP,rotate camera option to click ur own snaps,user friendly ,super screen clarity,small and stylish..
          Disadvantage:-It has only 80 mb internal memory,no card slot,poor sound-pathetic mp3 player,battery back up-starts reducing after 7-8 months,tiny screen,sound on call is too less-sometimes really hard to hear the other person in noisy enviornments....
          I would suggest no to go for E880
          I have now sold it and bought a Nokia n73m,beautiful phone.....only issue is its accessing speed at times....but am very happy with it...

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            • john
            • jPf
            • 07 Oct 2007

            ive had this phone for a week now and i love it.the battery lasts long.the speaker has great bass and loud volume.and its so sleek and small.

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              • sonia
              • U2e
              • 31 Jul 2007

              i have been using this phone for 19 months,but my charger is not working,i tried to buy a new one,i am so exhausted that i haven't find any accessories of this phone,the frustration ended with my new nokia 6233.
              last word:buy a phone that sells accessories also.

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                • ricky
                • vGg
                • 07 Jul 2007

                i m using this model since 2006 and i can bet on this i hav nvr seen such a remarkable phone like this.

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                  • NrowS
                  • n$4
                  • 16 Jan 2007

                  Bought one of these a couple of days ago. I love it. Its 1MP camera has managed to produce better quality photos than the one on Sony Ericsson W550 (1.3MP), which was the phone I had before this one. Great light on the keyboard, brilliant screen resolution, superb sound on ringtones and MP3 player. Found 2 flaws 'til now: "low" MP3 player volume is a bit too loud and I hear some strange noise during the calls, which I would define as bad quality. :p Plus, didn´t manage to get my bluetooth headset working at the first try, but I haven't tried again since then.
                  Great phone, though!

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                    • vijay
                    • U21
                    • 24 Dec 2006

                    i ve been using this phone for the past 6 months and the only word that i can use for this phone is AWESOME.
                    it looks so cool that people cant take their eyes off it. the sliding thing is so cool. and the rotating camera is one functionality which i loved the most.its perfect for self portraits.
                    i give a perfect 10 for this phone.

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                      • Naz
                      • kDq
                      • 24 Dec 2006

                      Does this phone have a speakerphone? Supposedly it does but I dont see it. let me know thanks

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                        • hanee
                        • Rxc
                        • 01 Oct 2006

                        i've been using this phone for 4 months and did NOT regret buying it. it captures great pix and its size is really cute. 2 disadvantage on this (but it's ok) its bluetooth--it's version 1.1 that's why it's slow and everytime u'll transfer a files it always ask for a pin and the mp3 player--can't be minimized. that's the things that i'm not pleased w/ this fone. but it's ok it's a minimal defect for me and nothing's perfect. the lack of mem card is ok cause it has an embedded 81MB and i'm ok w/ it. for me this fone is 9/10. it is very compact and i love its sliding mechanism--so smooth.

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                          • Yolanda
                          • Y2@
                          • 21 Jul 2006

                          Does anyone know if there is a home charger that is campatiable with the SGH E880? I lost mine and need a charger.


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                            • Anonymous
                            • ncE
                            • 20 Jul 2006

                            can this phone read mp4 files?

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                              • Srikanth
                              • CP7
                              • 10 Jul 2006

                              Just bought the phone. Looks are amazing. I was told that D500 and D600 will be discontinued soon (not sure if that is true). Anyway I was completely bowled by its cool looks. The camers is pretty decent and 90MB mem is quite sufficeient (at least for me). And what else....MP3 clarity is too kool. Hey can anyone tell me how to view videos in full screen - that's one thing I could not figure out. Probably one thing which would have made it even better is a 1.3 MP camera and FM. Anyway, I think its worth the price. Thanks

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 2@1
                                • 03 Jul 2006

                                Samsung E880 is an amazing phone.With all latest feature it is of great small cute looking phone.The camera clarity is fine.The color resolution is awsome and better than many more expensive phone .It has a great speaker with inbuilt mp3.o

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                                  • jos
                                  • mRt
                                  • 13 Jun 2006

                                  will somebody please tell me how to save phone numbers using the phone memory. i have tried everything in saving numbers but it wont save through the phone memory. it always goes to the sim memory. please help me, anybody. :( i am running out os sim memory. thanks.

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                                    • jos
                                    • mRt
                                    • 08 Jun 2006

                                    i got my e880 phone a couple of days ago, fantastic! i got an e810 before and my reason for buying this type is because of the bluetooth conectivity and the mp3. but unfortunately, the company where i bought this (in England) ripped me off. when i received the box, the seal was broken and the WEB 150 bluetooth wireless headset (clearly printed outside the box)was gone. great phone - bad mobile company. samsung should not distribute products like this to these companies.

                                    anyway hooray for this phone and more to samsung company.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 4pG
                                      • 07 Jun 2006

                                      hi. i just got the samsung e880. people might be bashing it. too me it's because they don't realize that it is so awesome! the pictures are clearer than some other phones that say they're 1.3 . the options and colors are awesome. this is a great phone with a reasonable price. i recommend it.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • iwq
                                        • 05 Jun 2006

                                        this phone is really. bad... i regret buying it.. i cant even run java 2.0 based games n applications on it... i think all the samsung phones r same... u can't add ne applications even though it supports java... bad really bad phone... dont buy it...