Samsung F400

Samsung F400

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  • Anonymous

i have a problem in this mobile it always cancels all the call after a very short period i dont know what to do plz if someone knows what to do plz tell me

  • Albert

This phone is horrible!!! It can't display the time when your phone is in idle mode, it won't stop making noises whenever you push a key, even the smallest font for phone numbers is HUGE (for no reason), you need to push 4-5 keys and access a special "symbol" menu in order to type a frigging apostrophe... Don't buy it!!! I bought it and am about to take it back to the shop!!

  • Ayman

The phone package comes with USB Cable and CD for the software to load and upload files from and to your computer..

So yes you can play files and view it on your computer if it's not with the Software already included so you can try ''quickalt'' which i use to play most of my video clips.

and for those who has troubles playing MP4 files why saving your Video to Mp4 format why not saving it to 3GP format and that can be done through your camera-video option.and at the same time 3GP is smaller size and good resolution.

And the software included is Samsung PC Studio 3.

and what i do now is to load all the files to my Memory card and then use a card reader to use it on my computer as a USB flash Unit..



  • Anonymous

Just bought this phone and i am very pleased.Would like to kno if there is any way of saving bluetooth files directly to memory card??If so would like to know, sound quality is amazing!!please respond tahnks :D

  • Anonymous

just bought this phone and i am very pleased. would like to know if there is a way of saving bluetooth files directly to the memory card?? if so would like to know, sound quality is amaizing!! much better than my old phone. plz respond. thanks :d

  • SC

Is it possible to change the text message ring tone ? And the text message rings and vibrates at the same time ?

"most computers won't recognize MP4".. wtf??

  • darething

wich one is better?
this phone or i450?
i need a new mobilephone now.

  • mohamed

Anonymous, 17 Nov 2008camera is finehi anonymous is this phone is better or 6500 slide what you are recommend to me i need loud speaker and good cam?

  • sam dempsey

the sound works for now but if you are planning to have it for more than 2 months..... the speakers will just get weaker and weaker.

  • mohamed

Ayman, 22 Oct 2008So i'll reply here for all those who had questions after my post... morehi ayman can you tell me if i can view photo and video in pc cuz i read user say that it can play video and photo in pc

  • tommy

Almon, 22 Nov 2008Is it true that the Images and Videos can't play on a computer? ... morethey save on a computer an a MP4 file, most computers dont recogise this format

  • NoTaSpaMMeR

IS it light touch like u700?

  • Almon

Is it true that the Images and Videos can't play on a computer? What format are they? If they can't, could I just use an Image/Video converter to make it play? Thanks! My email is

  • cfm

i need help. could anyoane tell me from what sites i can buy this phone? i can't find him in romania or germany. if anyoane can tell me this is my messenger id: mlawroy

  • hush

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2008i bought this phone the disign , color , and the sound are aowso... morewrong spelling pictures & videos

  • anon

Im thinking of getting this phone do u think i am making the right choice or should try and get a different one?

  • Clara

I never thought I would come off my Nokia to go on a Samsung, but I am really pleased I have. This fone is a really nice fone. I love the way the memory is set out. Going through my text messages by scrolling the right button, instead of going out of the message to go into another one. The only downside to it is the calender, it scrolls across the screen instead of on the Nokia it would show fully on the screen. But it's still a good fone, makes Nokia boring now. And with a Nokia, if you were transferring things over, it would go into the fone, you would still have to transfer it all to the memory card. So I am used to this. Also I have to say I was amazed with this fone as you could "hack" into someone else's fone for their files, ONLY if you paired up with the other fone in the first place and their bluetooth was switched on.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Nov 2008ani one please tell me if the camera of the fone is good thankscamera is fine

  • sidca

it has best sound quality in all avaiable phone even bether than n73 and 5700 ( i EXAMINATION it)

  • etoile

there is a prob
when ppl send me something thru bluetooth,
it save in the phone memory first and I have to move iti to the memory card than I can continue.
It's not quite good~
is there any setting so I can receive file and automatically save in memory card???
PLease help~