Samsung F400

Samsung F400

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  • deepone

This is the best sliding phone design yet.
I hope you guys didn't screw up the GUI again.

  • ur azn hunni

i want thissss!!!!!

  • bloody

Stop produceing phones like this, the market is full off devices like this!

  • nigguh non

i saw this today at the farmer's market haha.its small and sexy WOOT WOOT

  • vamos

samsung f400 will available from Q2

  • plutoiseliminated

the 256k colors of Samsung is differ from 16m colors of other brands. It is very good. Samsung's LCD is splendid and it's pleasing its costumers eyes.

  • Anonymous

The phone will be released on May in EU.

  • Anonymous

O.K what I don't understand is why doesn't Samsung increase the resolution on its displays, most of the other phone brands are going at 16million colors, Samsung still use the 256K, Also, WiFi why don't they make it a standard in all it's new pohones??????

  • AValanche

omg !!
Great phone , i want it !!
guys, Does anyone knows when it will be released ??

  • iAn

Copy of what? N96? samsung already have a dual slide fone the i450 and now you said its a copy of your N96? look who's talking..

im a nokia haters... go samsung

  • Anonymous

in shape, in size and in form like the NOKIA N96.

  • Anonymous

i want this phone :D
haha. anyone want to buy it for me?

  • Pinky

Great Phone, only question will i be able to hang a charm on this phone????


  • yoyo

the price will be around the 399 euro
i thoght it will be lowest =[

  • Anonymous

how much does this phone cost?
looks good, i want it.

something tells me its' going to be a bit pricey.

  • edelette

please anyone that already have their phone can u tell me if the picture quality of this phone is good and if u guys had already problems with this phone because i realy want to buy it

  • zoom

just beatiful phone =]­097707751

  • Anonymous

not 5mp simply because it's a music-oriented phone.if you want 5mp you have now at least 10 models very good what stupid questions can you post here. i think some of you eat and smoke only grass

  • adrian

why not 5MP .....

  • Anonymous

"BANG & OLUFSEN" speakers? COOL..also looks an B&O product.