Samsung files two new smartwatch patents, one featuring a foldable display

28 December 2016

Samsung appears to be working on a pair of interesting new wearables. Аt least that is what a recently unearthed set of patent filings hints at. The first device, mentioned in these documents looks to be a more sporty type of accessory, likely complete with a single thin strap to hold it in place.

Said strap is described as a rather interesting input control. The user can interact with the wearable by shifting its position, relative to the strap. A second strap could also potentially be introduced to the setup for an extended or at least different input scheme. The patent also provides graphical representations of some suggested usage scenarios for the device, including wrapping it around your neck, or hanging it on an object, likely with varied functional intentions.

But it is the second patent that arguably spikes more interest. It showcases something similar to a bracelet, based around a foldable panel. The Korean giant has been busy patenting various bendable and flexible technologies lately. We naturally assumed, these would eventually find their way on the smartphone scene, as further proven by a few recent leaks.

As with all patents, we can never be sure if they will ever materialize in actual products. However, bendable displays are a clear and natural fit for wearables as well and a debut on that scene seems just as likely as the mobile one.

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