Samsung G3812B Galaxy S3 Slim

Samsung G3812B Galaxy S3 Slim

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  • kirk

With all the comments about the need for differentiation and uniqueness in new models- give me a break people. Samsung has an overall very good line of phones with a positive market perception. Why would any manufacturer jeopardize that brand recognition to appease your childish desires. The S3, S4, S5 lines for example are more phone than probably 75% of the user customer base actually needs.

  • ojomann

AnonD-250375, 03 Apr 2014This phone was a waste of time to make, s3 modal is 3 years old...How does that mean the original S3 is a bad phone?

  • AnonD-250375

This phone was a waste of time to make, s3 modal is 3 years old...


Is conning gorilla glass ommitted on specifications or this phone doesn't have it?.If you are user pls advise

  • AnonD-249854

Nothing new! Same design and same OS version!

  • mityy

Why are samsung make the same boring design? Why dont they make WP os?? Its the best thing in the world after wp8.1 update. This android seriously looks bored in 2014.

  • rafael2097

smartphone cortex A9 or A7 or A5?????

  • Anonymous

ashu, 24 Mar 2014moto x beat s3moto g is better than this.... moto g's benchmark scores are almost equal to original s3 so this phone is a waste of time and money... i would recommend moto g...

  • Buzz

Why doesn't it have a radio??? I would have definitely gone for this phone if it did :(

  • eidbest

Although it cannot be denied that Samsung makes great phones, but dear dear me, on the design side somethhing must be done soon. One cannot tell them apart anymore.

  • ashu

AnonD-243866, 23 Mar 2014Samsung must brought something new like Moto g which is great fe... moremoto x beat s3

  • AnonD-243866

Samsung must brought something new like Moto g which is great features like high performance mobiles with low price.i m waiting to compare for Samsung s3 slim with upcoming new devices.

  • anon

all touch phones look same lol, only Nokia make diff ones.

  • ameer

Samsung is making us fools

  • AnonD-239883

same specs and same design with a different name. Samsung is confused

  • Anonymous

similar designs boring

  • akosian24

Why are you guys ( SAMSUNG Co.) keep on doing and making a hnadset unit that is having the same specs? You just change the model,color and sizes. This is not a good catch :)

  • nokia dude

it is same with galaxy win pro except they downgrade the camera... well done samsung

  • deantech

win pro is better than this....
samsung needs to keep calm and reduce the no. of phones and tablets they release every year, markets are getting flooded by samsungs, thats y samsung is on the top of the market share.

  • nonickname

Samsung just reached saturated point.
lag of idea/innovative.
reduced the spec then rename the model.
next changed the color then rename again as limited edition.. Samsung too much of deceit