Samsung G400 Soul

Samsung G400 Soul

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  • LCS

G400 users~~
Is the music quality decent?
Is it clear and loud?

please answer~~ tq

  • Souleil

Hi, im just wondering whether there are two types of g400:a normal G400 version and a soul g400?

It's because i found at a retailer that there were two prices for g400, a bit more for the soul version..:) your answer will be appreciated!:D Thank you!

OH and does the outer touchscreen get activated randomly in your pocket or anything? :) Thanks!

  • CGZ

Samsung G400 users~~
Is the speaker's sound nice? like clear/loud...something like that
Are the songs played in this phone nice to hear?

Appreciate you guys help~^^

  • mel

anyone knows the range of video format it supports? and the best settings for video viewing?

  • Kristjan

He is not easy to scratch, and the external display especialy, its great phone

  • CGZ

Is the external touch screen scratch resistant?
Will the phone scratch easily?

Someone please help...

  • Anonymous

Godwin, 06 Jan 2009I've got my samsung g400 from Italy and I need a manual in Ingli... morefrom india

  • mashimaro7676

Hi all you actually can change your sms message tone,go into the main menu then,settings, go into phone profiles where you have normal, silent driving etc, you see options in the bottom left corner,then press edit. At the top of the page are 3 pictures a phone, message envelope and a phone with a speaker, go to the message envelope , then the 2nd one down says message alert tone hit ok and the menu will come up with change, play ,save, and you can put whatever you have downloaded on as a message tone , don't know why they put it so out of the way but there you go,

  • Anonymous

i have serious problem taking out the battery cover. used all the strength i have but the bugger just wont even move a mm..

  • mel

hi, finally ive got my G400.. sure it looks cool.. no regrets buying.. btw, any one knows of any good and active phone forums?

  • R8

mel, 08 Jan 2009Hi, anyone from SG using this phone? ive been going to quite a f... moreHello.I bought it on internett to day.I will get it in 3 days.I bought it from Plemix on this side!!

  • mel

Hi, anyone from SG using this phone? ive been going to quite a few shops but all claimed to be out of stock. anyone bought it recently?

  • me

when i bought this phone it has already the ability to be able to read messages in the outside screen. my question is what else will be added if i update my phone?

  • Anonymous

Godwin, 06 Jan 2009I've got my samsung g400 from Italy and I need a manual in Ingli... morei have manual in english,but i got it in august so i forgot where i downloaded it from.however,i can send it to you via mail if you want(not bigger than 2mb)

  • Godwin

I've got my samsung g400 from Italy and I need a manual in Inglish from where do I get it please.

  • Godwin

Aura, 25 Dec 2008Why does my G400 still have the flash signal blink when i've alr... moreFrom where you turn off and on your signal flash because I cannot find it. Thanks.

  • samanta

Is msn messenger n skype available on this handset? Im in UK

  • RIP

Hey guys! just want to update you that new firmware update which Joe told us to download from UK web site also works on my G400 Thai version without deleting any of my data!!!

now i can read txt sms from external display!!

Thanks to Joe again for the link.

PS. my firmware now is G400DXHJ1

  • caroline

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2008Hey, I'm from the UK and been waiting for this phone for ages! D... moreme too,,its about the only available clamshell with auto focus

  • Alex

Someone please answer me i really want to know this. Can you search for a song by gradual typing? Simply because i put so many songs on my phone, and it would take alot of time scrolling down to the songs, so can i go to the song by typing in the first letter of that song or not? thanks for your help