Samsung Galaxy A

Samsung Galaxy A

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  • Sunil

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010Seems to be good phone but still looks like a copy of iphone but... moreSamsung Galaxy have good feature and good camera quality.

  • Anonymous

Seems to be good phone but still looks like a copy of iphone but if the price tag would be decent say around 13k, this phone gonna rock

  • Abhishek Roy

Before purchasing this handset i was very quirious about its battery backup.But now i strongly belive this is gona be rock the Handset market.

  • Pawan

Big phone..everything is great but I don't get this why Samsung has not given Radio to this masterpiece while Radio with RDS and FM recording feature is so common these days, anyways samusng has done a really good job..people who ain't found of radio music must buy this Machine,its totaly worth it in 14000/- Rs..

  • maxinmfg

it is not super AMOLED
is is a AMOLED Plus

  • freakphone

the one that availabe in maxis is GALAXY S but still i like it..hohoho

  • freakphone

Cah Stiffler, 01 Jul 2010According to my colleague. This smart phone available from Maxis... morereally...available in maxis..i need to see it..ahaha..thanks for the info

  • Cah Stiffler

According to my colleague. This smart phone available from Maxis. So yes it is available in Malaysia. Android OS application developers please invent cool apps better than Apple ios.

  • Arpit

Hey guyz, can you please explain me , what is "DMB TV".....
is it something related to TV-OUT ??

  • freakphone

will it launch in malaysia..or this only for korea market..i found it very interesting..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 May 2010i do not understand why android v2.1 phones comes with 5mp camer... morey not .....if u r getting an android base with a an average 5mp below 5 mp are hardly prefferd and r quite primitive too..

  • Lord BubbleGum (Xbox

Just been on the phone with O2 (uk) the Galaxy A will be releaded 14/06/2010 in the UK. Only diffrence to the spec listed here as they state it will be launched with a 8.0MP Camera. I will be calling next week as my contract is up. Will give you a full update then :)

  • Q_Q

Is it available in Hong Kong?

  • Anonymous

anybody who bought it in india plz confirm its price...thanks in advance...


Everybody should use this phone !!!

  • KB

Does Samsung Galaxy A unlock

  • Anonymous

this one look better than galaxy s...but unfortunately is for korean market only....basket...

  • Rohan

Rg, 29 May 2010Can anyone confirm its availability in India? or even a possibil... moreYes its available in india
i took it for parel mumbai

  • TKYG

It's only available in its mother land.. ie korea...

  • Rg

Can anyone confirm its availability in India? or even a possibility? I live in chennai and got to know recently that galaxy i5700 model is stopped for a future upgraded model. Is this is?