Samsung Galaxy A01

Samsung Galaxy A01

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Incredibly great value for a budget phone and is really well specked.

  • Anonymous

Worse display ever! get LPS LCD not TFT

  • Anonymous


user, 24 Jun 2020This month 1st buy phone headphone problem audio crack soun... moreSetting- Volume- Media volume limit (press right upper there dots)- and select OFF

  • Stan

Xtian davey, 07 Jul 2020You cant man its has no option ive tried finding a solution... moreIf you are not caring about phone games, you may not need to install many apps.

  • well

CAVBR, 13 Jul 2020Does anyone have the Galaxy A01 with 32 GB of internal storage?there is no 32gb version I guess

  • K194792

anothergeek, 09 Jul 2020Nice phone. I got it for $60 Good size. Compact, large s... moreHi,

  • Arox

How about Samsung A10? Is it not a smart phone or does it have the smart features?

CAVBR, 03 May 2020In Brazil, Galaxy A01 is available with 32 GB of internal s... moreDoes anyone have the Galaxy A01 with 32 GB of internal storage?

Nice phone. I got it for $60

Good size. Compact, large screen. Not heavy.

Bright, crisp display. I actually leave adaptive brightness on now, it seems less intrusive.

Performance is excellent. I ran a few resource-heavy games, War Robots and Dominations, which both ran perfectly fine.

OS is up to date.

Camera on rear is a dual setup.

Sound processing is nice

If there's not enough storage it supports a 512GB sdxc card... get U3 rated

Overall for $60 wonderful, amazing. I can actually carry a phone these days and not feel uncomfortable using it. Finally a perfect phone at a perfect price.


  • Xtian davey

Hachi, 24 Jun 2020How do I move apps to external sd You cant man its has no option ive tried finding a solution but ithas no work

  • Sam

Trin, 18 Jun 2020Does this phone have smart veiw? Or like mirror mirror. Or... moreNo but you can download screen Mirroring from the galaxy store and it will work just fine

  • John

Can you record videos?

  • Anonymous

Does it make anyone's eyes funny

  • Anonymous

i want to know whether it has 2 versions? single sim model and dual sim model.
which one is biger?

  • Belpois-kun

It's great phone! I play games NFSNL with Override settings is no problem. Only battery, headphone jack location, speakers location, and storage is bad :(

  • Anonymous

Tips, 24 Jun 2020No, the lowest-end phone that has the Smart View feature is... moreMy old J7 sky pro had smart view. Bigger display, side-firing speaker, not as good camera, lesser SoC, and was trapped at 6.0.1 Marshmallow. This will be a refreshing change for a smaller ticket price. Sold!

  • user

All Samsung a01 phone speaker noise problem?

  • Anonymous

TrustMe, 27 Jun 2020For this price this is a very good phone, i am very happy w... moreYup same!! Not often you get phone for $160 samsung!! bright screen good battery ..Don't think ill bother paying $700 now

  • Anonymous

useruz, 25 Jun 2020Hello pleas tell me 3000 mah battaer how many hours can I u... moreI get few days , but use lite apps always better like Facebook etc