Samsung Galaxy A01

Samsung Galaxy A01

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  • Eric

Cool, 12 Apr 2021It's coolMy Samsung Galaxy A01 is locked so, how can I unlocked it?

  • Cool

NOOR, 09 Apr 2021Best for secondary device. Just love it.It's cool

  • NOOR

Best for secondary device. Just love it.

  • Anonymous

Dudenoway, 30 Mar 2021Some of u guys are saying this phone is trash terrible etc.... moreI have the Galaxy A1. I love it. You Cant beat the pricing.You got decent pictures and decent internet. What else could you exoect,!?

  • Anonymous

can it provide hands free tepaphone

  • Tyron

It is a good phone. It takes great pictures and internet speed is super fast.and overaal the phone itself is also superfast. When is there another update available. My last update was 01 Nov 2020.

  • lich

Jack, 28 Mar 2021This phone is TERRIBLE. I got it as an upgrade to my old ph... moreyou can you just need this guide

  • Trevor

About A01 being not good enough - its not meant to provide flagship performance. Its not for playing highend games. Its camera is not for jawdropping clarity. Its CHEAP, its PLASTIC and its the BEST what it can do at its price range. The ptoblem is not the A01, rather it is "THE" people who are demanding flagship performance out of A01. These people needs a good reality check ASAP.

  • Anonymous

first of all, It's affordable. It's functional and I use it for my work everyday. Storage problems? Then delete some old photos and nonsense files and it will run again smoothly. Only trouble is battert life capacity, then charge. If most of you are looking for a very high specs for a phone, then spend a lot more money compare to this phone's price. It's imposible to find a perfect phone for just a hundred bucks. I always rely my job on this phone and it's enough for me

Some of u guys are saying this phone is trash terrible etc. WHAT can u expect from a phone that has a price from 60-110 dollar

  • Jack

This phone is TERRIBLE. I got it as an upgrade to my old phone (Samsung A10), because it kept popping up with "no sim card" even though it had one. Anyways, the A01. With the A01 you can't switch apps to a SD card, it has VERY low storage capacity, and the storage disappears randomly. And that's just 3 of the problems with it. Other than that it has decent battery life, and can take GREAT pictures. But not alot because of the low storage.

  • Paulo

Just wondering how to attach a photo to a text message? Ish possible?

  • Henry

If you receive this A01 as a gift, give it back with a $20 bill. Not worth writing about.

  • A01

My phone has issues with internal memory, pictures & videos are "disappearing".When you connect to a PC via cable, it asks where you want to access phone data, if you "allow" you will access phone memory. The phone has 2 yrs warranty but was told l have to pay for it to be fixed? Disappointed.

  • Boy

naser, 21 Nov 2020why doesnt samaung install a notification light led !!!!!!!... moreThere is an app for that

  • Anonymous

Eben Cellphone Tech, 31 Dec 2020Hey u can use sd card i have Samsung A015F and sd card is w... moreHow do you move apps to the sd card on this phone???

  • aiden

The Samsung A01 is a complete waste of electronics, I updated from a flip phone so very little expectations for the phone sadly it could not even meet those, all I wanted was a phone I could make calls, sadly this is not a feature the manufacture thought was important. Another lovely feature I have found the phone can only be left on for 30 minutes before it powers down, I have found the battery life to be disappointing if I receive a call the maximum battery life is 4 hours before it has to be charged and while charging the phone shuts down and will not power on until charged most phones now charge in 2 hours not this electronic nightmare it takes a minimum of 8 hours if you plug it in before it is completely drained if it is dead it takes 24 hours to charge and during this time the phone remains shut down no calls even if you are lucky enough to get the phone to power on. Programing this phone is another exercise in futility the only reason I have any numbers programed in are the ones the phone gave me the option to save number so I now have 3 people I can call no way to import numbers there are plenty of problems I an severely missing my functional flip phone

  • farshid

i cant eny app send to sd card

Mark Hiss, 06 Feb 2021I have an inquiry please; Does this phone have "Call &... moreI've never seen that feature on this phone so far

Mikey, 09 Feb 2021This article is titled "Full phone specifications"... moreIndia