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Samsung Galaxy A01

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Very iffy phone. Carrier log in engine keeps stopping. Not responding to some touches of features. Never again!

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Bdjdg, 20 Jul 2021I got this phone four months ago, everything seemed fine at... moreYou need to delete the app.
This phone internal memory is only 16gb.
You need least 3gb free remove lagging

  • Bdjdg

I got this phone four months ago, everything seemed fine at first but now it is buggy and lags so much. It doesn’t run properly and I’ve hardly used it. It’s the crappiest phone I’ve ever owned. Useful in a pinch that’s about it. You will be so frustrated just with the lags and it exiting out of things randomly.

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021This is the worst phone. When I replace it, and I will, I ... moreI do not think it is the worst phone ever. My friend did worse by buying an oppo A1k. But, the thing got laggy after Android 11 and, it runs out of storage quickly, it left me frustrated too. I learned one thing, "whatever the heck you do, don't buy a phone with measly storage".

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone. When I replace it, and I will, I will not donate it because I do not want some other person to feel this frustrated

  • Anonymous

Very good smartphone for the meagre price of $60 I paid. The phone looks sleek and feels like a premium device. Adding a memory card to this phone has been crucial; without one, I wouldn't be able to fit all my apps in the 16GB (extremely low!) disk size. Nevertheless, I wish it had 32 gigs and had more ram to multitask a little smoother.

  • Anonymous

overall its a good phone for basic use, just add a memory card to expand storage and uninstall bloatware via adb.

  • Sohaib

Very good phone using for almost 1 year 👌 no slowdown or lag on normal apps . Decent camera atleast better than from what they capture aliens . Excellent battery and charging is also good if stored in cool temperature, now a days because of summer charging is a little bit slower than normal. Just missing a fingerprint

  • Anonymous

DONT BUY THIS PHONE --- might as well just throw your money in the trash... the phone does what ever it wants, dials numbers out of the blue, the key pad is so tiny that i have to retype damn near every text i send. It decides on its own which incoming calls it wants me to answer and when its ok to send texts. It selects and installs apps on its own and then deletes contacts to make room - because there is never enough memory.... do not buy this phone !!!!

  • Anonymous

The microphone can't even record the right words it's junk if I didn't need to have it I would Smash It On the Floor

  • SnowRain

MakueniGuy, 29 Jun 2021This phone is really slow , i hate the slowness of the phon... moreHey it's SnowRain and this phone is good for backup if you font like it as a previous phone just use it in case you usual phone stops working and try to work with it, me and my sister are getting it for our birthday and I know its slow and I am NOT a very patient person but I think I can work with it so I would give this phone 3. out of 5 stars, I recommend this

  • MakueniGuy

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2021Definitely get the one with 32 gigs as the 16 will fill up ... moreThis phone is really slow , i hate the slowness of the phone , it sometimes lags and really annoys me.

Am glad i sold it.

  • Jj

Anonymous, 28 Jun 2021Definitely get the one with 32 gigs as the 16 will fill up ... moreThank you

  • Anonymous

Definitely get the one with 32 gigs as the 16 will fill up quickly. I have less than a gig of pictures and have added 3 apps and find myself in need of more storage. Also of note, this phone will not read QR codes with the camera which is annoying. I just assumed all smartphones had this capability.

  • Tyron

The new thing i saw is the phone has two front cameras one at the top and one at the bottom. Great way to take selfies.

  • Anonymous

This is the biggest peace of shit phone I've ever had it never has signal . When I really need it for help to contact some one it doesnt work .its so bad I'm going to smash it with sledge hammer I HATE THIS PEACE OF SHIT A01 SAMSONG STUPID PHONE

  • hassanmalik011

A01 user, 05 May 2021It is very really good phone for its price. No bug, no lag,... morei am going to buy this tomorow

  • Anonymous

with this samsung galaxy a01 my satisfaction to all samsung device are totally wipe out. theres no term buget to this phone everything so expensive.they put wasteful upgrade, hard to reach customer support and self interest development. sad to say for galaxy a01 user like me licking their splited saliva(budget eating).

  • samboi

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2021I upgrade my galaxy a01 to android 11 and battery gets even... moreodin and sam mobile got you. Just download a01 stock software like me. Runs like butter again.

  • Ali adi roba

Minu, 19 Jun 2021It's surprising that Samsung is giving OS ugrades now ... morebattery ploblem