Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

Samsung Galaxy A01 Core

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  • Precious

Does it has full screen navigation

  • Razer

Does anyone know how to set up speed dials for this model? I'm trying to help my grandpa, thanks in advance.

  • Ethan

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2021I have owned this phone for about 6 months now, and have be... moreThank you for sharing your feedback.

I seem to be facing the same 'Navigation Bar Disappearing' Issue when I open PDF files or attachments.

Were you able to find or get a fix for the same?

  • bla bla

I really like this phone. I have been having this phone for 3 months now. It is simple and fast too. Waiting for its android 11 go update.

I used this phone as my work phone. It's light, with quite good battery capacity, cheap but actually great. Fast LTE and Wi-Fi speed, enough for browsing or shopping online on website with lots of data to load. So far I have no issues when i watch videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and Firefox is the best option for a browser. It's less RAM demanding than Chrome. I would recommend it for people who want to get a phone but don't want to spend a hundred.

  • Zorro

This is a good phone for people who are just interested in simple texting and calling and just one app called whatsapp.

People are crybabies here. This is a 55$ samsung phone so what do you expect? It will only do simple call text and lighter apps.

  • fethi

good fone

  • r00ter

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2021is this phone worth it now in 2021? ,thinking of getting th... moreyes just for that, couple of apps, the 32gb and 2gb ram version is better performance

  • r00ter

Bop, 09 Sep 2021It is well-known how people post fake reviews for their own... moreMate i deal with phones on daily basics, this is low end budget phone just for basic apps whatsup, viber thats all. You put many apps and it kills the phone, one of the worst samsung phones i;ve seen, and believe me i have seen many

  • Bop

It is well-known how people post fake reviews for their own benefit or are even paid to do so. I bought a Samsung A01 Core for my family member this year, and so far, it's been smooth-sailing, so, for a low-end phone, it does its job well and the quality is good, unlike what some people are claiming in their 'reviews'.

  • Power

Waste 4ne ever.takes 4 hrs to fully charges and some times it freezes.

  • Anonymous

is this phone worth it now in 2021? ,thinking of getting the 1gb ram variant , basically for WhatsApp and Instagram

  • Okay Boomer

Nick, 21 Jun 2021Just bought this phone two days ago and now beginning to li... moreYes

  • fethi

good fone

  • Anonymous

leonkennedy35, 07 Aug 2021Better than s21 ultra 👍🏼Nono

  • leonkennedy35

Better than s21 ultra 👍🏼

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2021why messenger chat heads isn't available?Android Go Edition lol

  • Anonymous

why messenger chat heads isn't available?

  • watashi wa chua he

Spartan, 22 Jul 2021Just bought it last two days ago ..and it's freeze can... morethiz fone is very good it have slow motion gaming experience. phones with sd888, 780g... will be defeated by this fone