Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho

Samsung Galaxy A12 Nacho

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Still using this Gorgeous device and no lag was recorded. Today marks 22 months of using this awesome device. I'm a heavy user. I surf the net alot, watch movies, downloads, play light/heavy games. Camera is Superb literally speaking. I have tonnes of photos which are beautiful to behold shot with this phone. Listening to music is also a blast. The speaker is loud and has bass. Multitasking on this is crazily good.
Battery is still amazing. Imagine a 2-year phone lasting over 19 hours on heavy usage. I do get 8 hours plus of screen on time on this as of date. Amazing!!!

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    • 02 Jan 2024

    Hi guys, my messages have stopped going through for almost a year now. My network provider said there is nothing wrong from their side. I have checked the settings too. What do I do?

      Happy New Year guys. Hope you're enjoying this device as I am.

        Keys XS, 23 Nov 2023Hey! Guys I just got a Samsung A12 model: A127f. Didn'... moreChange CSC to your country's/region csc

          I guess this would not get Android 14, One UI 6.0. This device is still AMAZING as ever. I had so much fun with this device both gaming, watching movies/online videos (Netflix), playing audio music (mp3).. the speaker is superb even with bass saturation. Downloading huge files is NOT that fast even on 4G Internet connection. WiFi connectivity is Excellent. I had no problem with that. I hope to keep this device for a very long time.

            Yesterday, I received a 1 GB security patch update for November. Its been quite a while since the last update. Silly me! I thought since I mistakenly factory resetted the phone that I won't receive software update but, I was wrong. I nearly flashed the ROM for updates.

              Hey! Guys I just got a Samsung A12 model: A127f. Didn't know it's been rooted & modified so I restored it to factory settings unknowningly, since then the cellular network isn't working anymore it's just showing “Emmergency calls only ” & “not registered on network ” I did some research and found out the IMEI might be the issue.

              So when I checked the IMEI status it was NG instead of OK.

              Please someone help me🙏 I'm just a noob I don't have any idea about how to tackle this problem 🥺💔

                Yet to receive the August Security patch. What could be the problem.

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                  • 22 Oct 2023

                  After installing August security patch and using for 24 hrs, operation is normal. The download also updates the stock Samsung apps to newer versions like Phone, Messages, Contacts, etc. No new features, I think it is just bug fixes.

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                    • 20 Oct 2023

                    Chiron, 19 Oct 2023Who's gotten the August Security patch. Any new improv... moreI got the notification today but it is 1GB in size, previous security patches were much smaller. I may try to update this weekend.

                      Who's gotten the August Security patch. Any new improvements? I'm stuck on June security patch.

                        Galaxy a12 nacho, made in Mexico. Not in South Korea itself.

                          I also have this and SoT is amazing. Also about 10 hours of pretty high usage SoT. The big problem is that the processor is kinda junk, and I only have 3 gigs of ram and 32gb of storage. Very good phone that i will probably give to my mother once i get a faster one.

                            It's almost getting to 2 yrs of using this phone and the battery has not depleted a bit. I do get 10-11 hours of SoT for over 19 hours of usage. Like Wow!!! I have proof to this battery usage and I don't know how to upload it here.

                            The Camera is still amazing. The photo shots are crisp with fine details and natural.

                            Switching between apps is very quick and smooth. I have no complaint. Am extremely happy with this device.

                              Do you have a good application for recording voice calls for this phone?

                                This is 1.5 years of using this A12s and it has been a mesmezing experience. Even if I upgrade to another device, I'll still hold on to this. The phone is really "AMAZING". I now have One UI 5.1 with June security patch updated on the device and I do get over 9 hrs of SoT. (8:45hrs). Everyother thing is exceptional.

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                                  • Chiron
                                  • X5u
                                  • 17 Aug 2023

                                  Awesome device! 👌

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                                    • 31 Jul 2023

                                    For anyone that have a problem updating the phone OS, Update via samsung smart switch on PC.

                                      It's been a year and 5 months with this phone and it has performed "Excellently" literally speaking. No lag at all. Excellent camera shots in extremely lowlights and daylight is a turn on. Hope to keep it for 4 years or more.

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                                        • Basil
                                        • NYU
                                        • 08 Jul 2023

                                        There's no issue with the ui5.1. I updated few a months ago and as usual the phone feels smoother than before. The only problem is that color palette is not automatic, you have to choose the colors manually for the app icons to match your wallpaper.