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  • t7@
  • 06 Dec 2023

realgoodgame, 13 Nov 20236GB of RAM on this phone is only marketing, you can't ... moreOnly Microsoft Windows 32 bit is limited to 4gb, Android w/c is based on Linux is not! linux kernel is able to use more than 4gb ram.

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    • NuU
    • 04 Dec 2023

    This phone is really just a nuisance, the 4gb ram varient tends to get slow response to touches and i can never play the nice new games thanks to this old and weak chipset but i guess what should i expect for a weak ram and chipset the cameras are really just weak to be honest atleast compared to similarly priced phones i can't believe i got this for usd180 back then but still just 64 gb storage just sucks its literally so full i can't store more songs take more pictures but i guess the prices dropped for this phone so its worth the $120 if it's actually brand new

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      • Jamie
      • tEZ
      • 01 Dec 2023

      My galaxy a13 can't connect to 4g+ network. It stuck on 4g only. I remember that even my galaxy a8 from 2018 able to run faster with 4g+. Does anyone face the same problem?

        Question, 16 Nov 2023I have both the A12 & the A14 G5. The A14 has the bett... moreIf you want a better design then yes. It has thinner bezels. Camera quality is... good enough in my opinion (only in good lighting conditions). Performance is satisfactory according to its price. It's neither fast nor straight up laggy. But... 32 bit??? Why Samsung why???

          The Android 14 update will come in February in Europe.

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            • 16 Nov 2023

            I have both the A12 & the A14 G5.
            The A14 has the better screen & camera. But it socks in WiFi. The A12 connects to more networks. The Chrome on the A14 always has glitches. Also the A14 is too thick!

            I wonder if the A13 is the golden middle between the A12 and the A14?

            It seems to have a better screen and camera than the A12 and better dimensions than both. The A13 is thinner than the A14, which is too thick.

              ck, 08 Oct 2023bought today, 6gb ram, true to the budget concept, it'... more6GB of RAM on this phone is only marketing, you can't use more than 4 due to the 32 bit OS

                Oliver Wafula, 03 Nov 2023This phone's gesture navigation sometimes doesn't... moreI switched to the 3 buttons it works much better on this phone.

                  This phone's gesture navigation sometimes doesn't respond, especially when I try to swipe to go back.

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                    • Zezinho
                    • nw6
                    • 31 Oct 2023

                    No wonder that this model was not highly advertised, it's the A21s with gen Ax3 "looks".
                    Conversely, if this phone gets OneUI 6.0 or later (Android 13+), and the A21s doesn't, then planned obsolesce is really a thing for Samsung, as there would be no reason as to not support the very same thing, just released three years prior.

                      Still using my budget A13 and it still fits my needs

                        My recommendation for using this device:
                        Remove most of bloatwares, apps you don't like.
                        Turn off ram plus. Never use it if you don't game and need more than 15+ apps in background (in 6gb varient)! Turning off ram plus makes animation stutter less and overall latency is less. Ram plus is just a swap feature of Linux and burden on emmc. My device has become more smooth.
                        This device is 32 bit. Though the processor is 64bit. And there's no daily driver custom ROM yet and may not be for a long time.
                        You can't install the best gcam as it's 32 bit, though you can install gcam go. Quality is not satisfied.
                        I'm light sensitive, this phone display is average quality to me. Though my eyes get tired sooner on this device than same budget Xiaomi phone(same display specification) I've used recently (not mine).
                        I don't like the pic taken from this phone's camera. It looks like oil painting.
                        And I don't recommend people to buy this phone.

                          This is quite a good phone but it should've been ARM cuz I can't run some apps and games even when the RAM and storage are sufficient. 32-bit these days is boring.

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                            • X}6
                            • 22 Oct 2023

                            nice phone 👍

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                              • Nu7
                              • 19 Oct 2023

                              ck, 08 Oct 2023bought today, 6gb ram, true to the budget concept, it'... moreIt a very nice phone with fast network. I even need a 13 panel where can I get it

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                                • srr
                                • 16 Oct 2023

                                JanJan, 09 Oct 2023From the very first day!!me problems. The a13 was brand new... moreVirtual proximity sensor - this is the problem

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                                  • 09 Oct 2023

                                  From the very first day!!me problems. The a13 was brand new and had just come out. It had all the same problems my old phone had. Right from the start I had a lot of problems. No matter what I spoke with them about, it became obvious I was stuck with my choice of purchase. It did not matter that I was having these problems immediately after purchase. My complaints started within the first 7 days of receiving the phone. I recommend you do not buy this phone.
                                  The screen goes black quickly while in use. It is difficult to wake up the screen. When I call requires that I press numbers to interact I have a real problem . The screen goes black and you can't interact . It's like the power button can wake up the screen or it can end a call , but you never know which it will do until you push the button . If I only want it to wake up the screen I'm in trouble because it might in the call and often does when I don't want it to . You have to wake up the screen in order to end a call. The only way to wake up the screen is to push the power button on the side. The power button is difficult to access. When you press the power button the screen comes on sometimes . It doesn't always work . But once you do depress the power button it often ends the call even when you are just waking up the screen to push a button.

                                  No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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                                    • fDb
                                    • 08 Oct 2023

                                    bought today, 6gb ram, true to the budget concept, it's a bit laggy when watching fb reel, a bit slow when switch apps, going into settings... but i have no complain since it's a budget one. if you're used to fast and smooth performance on flagship phones, do not buy.

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                                      • 08 Oct 2023

                                      Anonymous, 09 Sep 2023Bought this phone specifically to play pubg Regretted im... moreTry out Samsung game plugins that should make performance a little better that’s if u aren’t using it already

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                                        • 05 Oct 2023

                                        I have this phone more than one year and I very very satisfied.This phone working fantastic.Generally I never have problem with Samsung but this phone is top for my needs.