Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G

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  • AnonD-898794
  • X9x
  • 19 Feb 2024

Scott Dunn, 11 Feb 2024It’s cool that this phone got android 14 it was only suppo... moreIt was suppose to get 3 bro.

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    • Scott Dunn
    • qFS
    • 11 Feb 2024

    It’s cool that this phone got android 14 it was only supposed to get two software updates but it got three instead which is cool for a budget phone

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      • mg
      • x{6
      • 10 Feb 2024

      It's a overall a good phone, but the 32-bit OS is holding it back.

        fartzkukoz, 11 Jan 2024hey, i have a Samsung a13 5g, just a precaution, don't... moreYou and the guy above your comment must've gotten faulty units. Mine still is great and never slowed down.

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          • Richie
          • q{U
          • 31 Jan 2024

          Lil mint, 28 Jan 2024This A13 5 G is not worth box it was mailed in.It consta... moreWhat is wrong with you? You can disable the password to enter your phone very easily.

          Secondly, instead of a password, you could set it to use your fingerprint and / or other password alternatives if you still care about some form of security.

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            • Lil mint
            • kP2
            • 28 Jan 2024

            This A13 5 G is not worth box it was mailed in.It constantly lock up. I didn't put a password in . Being 76 I have enough to remember. However , it asks for password.I do not like this phone no way whatsoever.

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              • RAZ
              • va1
              • 16 Jan 2024

              Worst phone I've ever had. It's not expensive but there is a certain level of function even most cheap phones have not this one. Can't even do nfc payments.. that's backwards for I phone from Dec 21.. common samsung

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                • fartzkukoz
                • IdP
                • 11 Jan 2024

                hey, i have a Samsung a13 5g, just a precaution, don't get this phone if you're going to use it for personal or daily use. I use my phone for personal use, and I have had it for more than a year. I got it around September 2022. I remember being really happy with it at first, it had pretty smooth Hz and long-lasting battery life. After a while, it started to lag a lot when i would open up simple apps, such as TikTok, YouTube, etc. It would even kick me out of some games and apps because the system wasn't working or the launched app. Since December of 2023, it started to lag EXTREMELY bad, I couldn't even watch a single tiktok video without it pausing and playing (basically lag) and this, it would restart. ON ITS OWN. It does this for like a good 4 to 5 times a day. its january as of now and counting from like around my winter break thats probably more than a hundred times. My screen freezes a lot, and about a couple minutes ago it froze for about 15 minutes, it was trying to turn on but i guess it stopped midway so it was like a lit black color, but you could tell its on, but still frozen. Camera quality also isnt good. My dad has the really old Iphone SE and his camera is way better than my phone's. If you're looking forward to buy a new phone, do not get the A13 5G. I take good care of my phone and the fact that its doing this isnt good.

                  Anonymous, 01 Jan 2024 I just bought this phone the day before yesterday. I ... moreYou're gonna love it. Very good phone

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                    • Shaggy
                    • SYx
                    • 02 Jan 2024

                    My Samsung Galaxy A13 5G get One UI 6 update (27.12.2023)

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 8bC
                      • 01 Jan 2024

                      Anonymous, 31 Dec 2023Two year old model that has been replaced by the a14 but th... more I just bought this phone the day before yesterday. I checked it and from the sounds of what research I was able to accomplish it looks like this is going to be updated for a good long while. I am very okay with this.

                      I happened to catch a sale at QVC for it.

                      it's locked to TracFone but I'll unlock it, use it with my phone company and be giddy about it.

                      there was a new customer code for QVC that got me 10 bucks off of it so it ended up around the same as you paid.

                      Something like $54-$58(?) plus tax.

                      I'm really happy it's a decent phone although I do lament my old phone.

                      I've got a surface duo that I've used so much it's no longer functioning the way it should. it's a sad day.
                      I love that damn thing!!

                      Also a happy one because I'm getting a new phone!! I got it at a super good price & I can't wait to use that 50 megapixel camera and see what it can do!

                      I'll find someone at the local soup kitchen that has a TracFone and I'll give them the 1500 minutes that came with it.
                      you know my mama always said " waste not want not" and it always does good to help when you can.

                      I'm just very glad to have found a decent phone at an excruciatingly decent price.
                      I also invested in a new phone case and screen protectors for it.

                      Cheers and Happy New Year one and all!!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • y3X
                        • 31 Dec 2023

                        Two year old model that has been replaced by the a14 but the a13 updates to Android 13 so it will be good through 2024. Got this in October 2023 for $60US and I am very satisfied with it.

                          Anonymous, 30 Dec 2023Good phone100% facts

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                            • Anonymous
                            • xIp
                            • 30 Dec 2023

                            Azu10157, 30 Dec 2023All lies Good phone

                              Paranoid android, 14 Jul 2023It's a terrible phone, the worst i owned and my last a... moreAll lies

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Ygc
                                • 26 Dec 2023

                                Jeffzig, 11 Dec 2023This phone has bad gaming performance phone performance is ... moreProbably because it's a budget phone?

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                                  • Jeffzig
                                  • CGH
                                  • 11 Dec 2023

                                  This phone has bad gaming performance phone performance is good but gaming performance is horrible very very bad I don't know why

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                                    • luee
                                    • xCA
                                    • 14 Nov 2023

                                    Had this a long time it is a fine budget unit. Only negative is cheap display. Not great in sunlight. Functions fast and like a charm, takes all the bumps and drops.

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                                      • jayy
                                      • Ib5
                                      • 12 Oct 2023

                                      jayy, 29 Jan 2023galaxy a13 5g now supports android 13, one ui core 5.0. its... morei still got this phone as a backup but omg it freezes every minute probably cus i got a lot of apps installed, this phone is good just avoid downloading a lot of apps otherwise it'll slow down like crazy

                                      battery lasts all day even with a bunch of apps installed ‼️

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                                        • daniel
                                        • JHP
                                        • 03 Aug 2023

                                        great value for money, has s decent screen for being an ips much better than the a13, runs android 13 with no problems at all at least for me it feels very responsive and fast mediatek 700 is a great chipset. it is too big though i hope samsung will go back to making small budget phones..