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Samsung Galaxy A15

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  • New2d2
  • fuf
  • 14 hours ago

I recently bought the 8gb ram version but saw that it doesn't go above 5.3gb, like it says 8gb ram when u go in device care but I opened as many apps but saw it relaxing almost 5.3/8gb and then started clearing the apps that were opened fast. Idk is it my unit or do all 8gb ram phones have this

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    • Munewer
    • NgV
    • 23 hours ago

    Brent, 15 Jul 2024I have better phone n galaxy a15 is the worst phone I ever ... moreBad phone ever

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      • nDA
      • 16 Jul 2024

      Anonymous, 15 Jul 20244gb ram ?Real question is NO 4+4 Ram?

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        • Anonymous
        • 6mS
        • 15 Jul 2024

        rsjumptakoda, 08 Jul 2024This Phone Is Awesome, For the price, this is probably the ... more4gb ram ?

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          • Brent
          • IJN
          • 15 Jul 2024

          I have better phone n galaxy a15 is the worst phone I ever have even tho I shouldn't took someone else's words that it's the best phone??? No way coss it's a basic end phone n all the samsung phones I have r way better phone then this garbage phone, period!!

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            • Anonymous
            • 3SI
            • 12 Jul 2024

            Hamburgur., 11 Jul 2024Real, they really should quit off the A2x series. Or instea... moreAnd the A35 is a worse version of A55. Realistically, the appended s is too confusing and what Samsung does is better to understand than what they did around 2020. Only one left with the appended s is A05s. If Samsung combined the A0x and A0xs, as well as A1x and A1x 5G, it would be very clean and easy. Something like this:


            Actually, I think no A0x at all would make it even easier because pronouncing „A zero six“ is weird whereas „A sixteen“ is more natural. But moving everything from A0x to A3x up by one, so that there is A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, would make it confusing between the generations. So it can be made better but what you suggest would make it worse instead

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              • Anonymous
              • 0U2
              • 11 Jul 2024

              User. Hi., 09 Jul 2024It seems this phone uses emmc.It's UFS 2.2 and it's faster than what's found on A25 / A35. But... those Cortex-A76 cores have seen better days. Also, 4 GB for base version is just not enough and 6 / 8 GB are hard to find and are considerably more expensive.

                Anonymous, 01 Jul 2024Samsung should discontinue the A2x series already. It is st... moreReal, they really should quit off the A2x series. Or instead rename it the A1xS series, being a better version of the A1x

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                  • Romiw
                  • N0}
                  • 10 Jul 2024

                  Manu, 09 Jul 2024Does this phone have USB OTG facility? Please answer me. Th... moreYes it have and working very well

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                    • Manu
                    • XNp
                    • 09 Jul 2024

                    Does this phone have USB OTG facility? Please answer me. This is urgent. I am going to buy this phone

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                      • User. Hi.
                      • xjH
                      • 09 Jul 2024

                      It seems this phone uses emmc.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • CGH
                        • 09 Jul 2024

                        Slow in charging

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                          • rsjumptakoda
                          • 7Aj
                          • 08 Jul 2024

                          This Phone Is Awesome, For the price, this is probably the best brand new budget phone you can get.
                          HOWEVER, When you buy this phone, buy a CASE RIGHT AWAY. After a small corner drop on grass, and it rolled a little onto the concrete, there is a line crack on the screen and edge. This phone is slick, and uses AMOLED instead of LCD like on most budget phones, so if there is any damage, repair cost will be very expensive.

                            Anonymous, 04 Jul 2024After using this phone for a while I've noticed that S... moreYou should definitely contact the GoodLock team at Samsung (You can find them on Twitter) they should add cursor customization to a GoodLock module 👍💯

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                              • faha
                              • Hxc
                              • 05 Jul 2024

                              Hi all i am using phone from the launching date so camera is very nice but weight is heavier if u use more than really difficult for arm. And yes slow games if no fast internet gets hanged and closed. Vibration is also heavy one.

                              Display excellent but speed of scrolling is slow in all.

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                                • Suki
                                • 0mU
                                • 04 Jul 2024

                                Amazing phone thanks Samsung

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • raP
                                  • 04 Jul 2024

                                  After using this phone for a while I've noticed that Samsung hasa big issue
                                  That would be the cursor for drawing tablets. Normally your expect the classic arrow mouse cursor, but Samsung decided to be a little different and make their cursor a tiny circle that's pretty much invisible 50% of the time because of how small it is
                                  I think they should at least let users customise what the cursor should look like.
                                  Can y'all help raise awareness about this issue l

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                                    • Khan
                                    • PZK
                                    • 03 Jul 2024

                                    I buy A15 one month ago since then I faced several time in this phone with some unluck problem, I am boring with this phone alot

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • sEF
                                      • 03 Jul 2024

                                      Anonymous, 02 Jul 2024 A16 should have 6GB as a minimum with a notchless design a... moreI mean, we could see that by the end of the year seeing how A35 series is now equipped with a punch hole display. Anything could happen nowadays, the design jump from the bulky, uncomfortable A14 to the slim and compact A15 was huge.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • sEF
                                        • 03 Jul 2024

                                        Anonymous, 01 Jul 2024...with this logic, explain to me the existence of A05 and ... moreWhat do you mean by that, it would make so much sense for Samsung to release the cheaper alternatives to the upper A1x series. One with being the most basic and one with the least equipped. But to release such a cliffhanger spec, I don't think it would sell by far. They should just make an A1x and A1Xs or Plus rather than selling a different model that doesn't even differ much in specs. And look how bad it sells that A25 is already dropping prices with discounts. And recent leaks only show Samsung making the A06 and A16 possible without a glimpse of a new A26. Because it just doesn't make any sense, A15 4G has so much potential like 60fps recording and Gyroscope along with EIS or even OIS but instead it was all taken by the bigger A25. What's worse is that in my country the A15 5G is at the same price as the A25, with only a 10 dollar difference. A0x series should continue on but I don't think the A0Xs series will ever last long too due of It's minimum specs yet closer prices to the more equipped A1x series. I see Samsung continuing to simplify their lineup more in the future to limit shortages and cut cost.