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Patcheen, 14 Nov 2020can you move apps to Sd Card as with the A21s i know you ca... moreif they can, in this model it is a good thing because the internal memory is not very extensive

  • Zig Zag

Hello, which phone would you recommend me Samsung A20e or Nokia 4.2 ? I don't care for videos or photos much. I like that both are small, do basic apps and tasks smoothly. Battery must be solid/good. And i want to have it for at least 2-3 years from now...

can you move apps to Sd Card as with the A21s i know you cant move them to sd card

  • Tribe

Redmi 5A user, 31 Oct 2020Look man, I am a Redmi 5A user, unfortunately! I am looking... moreYou are most probably right.
I have the A20e for 14 months now and the phone works as the first day. There are some lags here and there but it is understandable. It's not a flagship model, it's a budget phone. And there always will be a "better" model in the class, it's a market economy doesn't it?
Under heavy usage my battery lasts for a day and by the end of the day I have 30-40% battery. There are days when I don't use it that much and easily i pull out a two day usage with one charge. The cameras are okay I guess, serves me pretty well. Night photos are blurry but hey, there are newer and more expensive models that have the same "problem". It's a fine phone anyway, does the job pretty well in all aspects. Can't expect miracles, that's normal. Good luck with it man.

  • Redmi 5A user

A20e, 13 Aug 2020This is one of the worst samsung galaxy - is cheap but hard... moreLook man, I am a Redmi 5A user, unfortunately! I am looking to buy a now phone because this is slow and has a weak processor. My cousin has a Galaxy A20e and she has it for 6 months now and its so good and fast. With a great processor and good gaming! I think you have bought a broken or used one for a log time. That's why you have those problems! My cousin's A20e is much faster and better than my Redmi 5A

  • The truth teller

Carl, 29 Aug 2020Does it connect @ LTE (using only sim slot 1) in Europe? M... moreIf you're out of range from the 4g mast you'll either get nothing or just H

Got this on sale a while back, been using it a bit and im surprised how well it runs. This works great, have good battery that charges up fast if needed. Screen is good to my eye, camera does an impressive job for its price and its smooth on social media apps. I also play Mobile Legends alot, and this phone is much better optimized for it then my newer phones that wont even get the high performance 60fps mode. This has settings I never even seen in that game before. So overall a really good phone! Dont understand how people can complain about this. Its cheap, works as a phone very well, does social media and you can game most games without problems. And it does not have an amazing processor its just well optimized. Seems to get security updates also so thats a plus.

Mine shows 4G+, so yes it has 4g in europe i live in Norway.

  • Carl

Does it connect @ LTE (using only sim slot 1) in Europe?
My a20e always displays H+ on status bar. Never 3g or 4g. Always H+.
Is it a Samsung a20 thing? So annoying to not know if you are on 3g or 4G...

Great phone with too many negative comments. I've been using it for 10 months, I've never had a problem. Fast processor, solid battery cameras and design

  • A20e

This is one of the worst samsung galaxy - is cheap but hardware is really weak, and is slow from beginning, installing app's make topic even worse. This phone is even slower than Redmi 5A, and it is really bed.

  • Xabbel

LTE & 4G are more Frequenz:

GSM 850 MHz, GSM 900 MHz, DCS 1.800 MHz, PCS 1.900 MHz
UMTS-Band B1 (2.100), B2 (1.900), B5 (850), B8 (900)
LTE-Band B1 (2.100), B3 (1.800), B5 (850), B7 (2.600), B8 (900), B20 (800)
4G TDD LTE B38 (2.600), B40 (2.300)

  • Xc

Are both sim 4G?

  • Anonymous

the sim card and sd card keeps dismounting randomly and repeatedly so makes the phone unusebale junk, most annoying

  • Zubayer

Rut, 27 Jun 2020Hello, which one is better Samsung A20E or Xiaomi Redmi 8? ... moreOf course redmi 8 is better

  • Rut

Hello, which one is better Samsung A20E or Xiaomi Redmi 8? Thanks for your opinion.

  • Gabi

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2020ROM usually stands for Romania, unless he means the emulati... moreROU for Romania

  • Tribe

Reamedreaper, 19 Jun 2020It started just fine. A sleek and relatively small phone in... moreMaybe you should do a master reset or contact a service. I am using this phone for 11 months and nothing from the problems you mentioned. Still working great.

It started just fine. A sleek and relatively small phone in a nice colour with a battery easily enough for two days of normal use and very convenient fast charging. Ok, picture quality at night is quite bad and the fingerprint reader is not very responsive, but otherwise just ok. Then, huh? 32GB of storage almost full? How? I have just around 30, mostly small apps installed and the rest on the microSD. The on-system app does not even clearly specify what the storage is blocked for. Then fast forward how it is today: I naturally keep up with all the annoying updates, with notifications that cannot be disabled and being so much more annoying than even Windows 10. The phone has become so slow, it is much slower than my mid-range phone from 2015 at this stage. Now apparently it also got a "cool" feature to initiate a conference call by itself with the last person I talked to, every time when I receive a call whether I want it or not. It also seems to be a feature of Samsung Music to interrupt my WhatsApp calls asking about important T&C changes.
I think it is just too much of a feature-phone for me at this stage.

  • lol

Exikias, 30 May 2020Would you recommend this phone as a secondary phone? periodt.