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Samsung Galaxy A20e

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  • 03 Jun 2024

im getting this phone soon cuz thats all i can afford.
i need a futureproof phone that wont break, because ive already broken a ton of phones, thats why my budget is extremely small.
im afraid that i will get wear and tear on the emmc and im afraid that 3000 mah wont be enough for me.
does anybody have any experience with the stock rom and any custom roms? any advice for best battery life?
and any advice about the build quality - how to keep it in good condition? are there any weaknesses in the build?

    Had this phone for 5 years or so, it held up quite well for what I needed it to, the storage is awful, 32 gigabytes just aren't enough for anything really, had a max of like 10 game and other essential things and I also had a 32 gigabytes SD card but still struggled even with that. The performance had degraded, it's not holding up anymore and the battery can only last for a few hours of semi continuous use. After I cracked the screen really badly and kept it like that for 2 years the pixels on the screen started dying so it's now just another old phone in my collection. The camera is alright but it became blurred a few months ago and I could only take selfies or 0.5x photos, no zoom not clarity.

    Would not recommend to buy it today, it served it's purpose as a decent phone a few years ago but now it's worth looking at other similarly priced alternatives which are more modern and better in every aspect.

      daniele, 20 Oct 2023I have had this phone for 3 years now, and now I can say th... moreyou have to add a SD for external storage. I added a 64 GB SD to save photos, big files and move the apps to the external storage.

        excellent phone given it is 5 years old, only setback the low internal storage, added a 64 GB SD and still using it.

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          • 14 May 2024

          AlexGalaxy, 24 Mar 2024 Rate: 10 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A better smart device, ultra-sli... moreThis device is 5 yrs old and specs are awful...How can you rate it 5 starts? Are you drunk?

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            • destructionchann4
            • M%T
            • 14 May 2024

            had this phone scence 2020, and it was alright but the battery life sucks, but it wasn't worse than my p9 lite tbh

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              • AlexGalaxy
              • pq5
              • 24 Mar 2024

              Rate: 10 / 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

              A better smart device, ultra-slim, makes good photo-video, very good battery, recommend.

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                • n2y
                • 09 Mar 2024

                I had this phone for 5 years and it did its job well for someone who does not uses his phone a lot, the 32gb storage is not good i almost always have to delete something from it if i want to instal a game.
                yesterday my screen started gliching but i supposed i need to change it after 5 years.

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                  • nTc
                  • 22 Feb 2024

                  AnonD-1112233, 21 Aug 2023- buys entry-level samsung - surprised it sucks - "n... morei had other entry level phones that worked just fine for basic stuff, and i heard others also complain about it

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                    • 14 Jan 2024

                    Landseer, 31 Dec 2023Served OK for 2½ years but battery started tiring. Replaced... moreWhere did you buy your (reliable) battery from so that @SmartphoneLoverz and others can get them?

                      The battery got tired and actually died so I had to pay somebody to fix it, and they did but then it started dying fast after like 1½ weeks again. Things are happening to the phone like system restarting, and all the apps closing by themselves. Weird things are always happening so I guess the phone will just be representation of my laggy phone collection. I have at least 100 phones that I've reviewed, and they're from 2016-2024.

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                        • Landseer
                        • AJx
                        • 31 Dec 2023

                        Served OK for 2½ years but battery started tiring. Replaced with a Nokia but regretted it. Replaced the Samsung battery and glad to have it back - great camera and so much better at Android 11 than the Nokia at 12.

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                          • Hamoi
                          • JKP
                          • 23 Dec 2023

                          i have this phone, its good, but there is so much newer, better options that are the same price

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                            • Rekab187
                            • nFD
                            • 15 Nov 2023

                            Been using this phone for 3 years and its still going strong, the 3gb of ram is enough for most games and emulators. With android 11 it allows you to download newer apps, I connect my ps4 controller to play which it does perfectly. I paid 100 used back then but I've seen them going for as little as 30 pounds used in some places which imo is a bargain. Try getting a tablet with 3gb ram on android 11 and you will see how much money they are, this phone is perfect if you don't mind the smaller screen.

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                              • daniele
                              • anK
                              • 20 Oct 2023

                              I have had this phone for 3 years now, and now I can say this phone is absolutely NOT TO BUY.
                              First of all, storage and photos;
                              I haven't even used the camera that much, and every photo I try to take is either too bright or, if I want to photograph things that contain text like notebooks, I can't do it because everything is blurry and unreadable!
                              Also, 32GB of storage is just so lame. Like, after one week you have 20GB filled and you constantly have to delete things in order to not have issues.
                              Recently, I replaced it with an A51 which is WAY better than this piece of fecal matter. However, that A51 broke and so I have to use this for about another month or so on!
                              If you want a cheap phone, buy yourself the A51. It is $200 but at least you got a DECENT storage, it doesn't lag, it has Bixby, which isn't even mentioned.
                              In conclusion, I don't know what my father was thinking when he bought me this phone, but I always hated it with all my heart.
                              Don't buy yourself an A20e.

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                                • nGj
                                • 07 Sep 2023

                                ANGELIQE , 10 Jul 2023i have galaxy a20e modelno sm -a202f/ds i couldn't ... moreHi, not built in, download a QR code scanner.

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                                  • Kilominium
                                  • prQ
                                  • 24 Aug 2023

                                  Used the phone form 2019 - 2023(now) and am still planning to use it, I average 4h screntime a day and have a lot of music playing screen off and the battery still lasts me the whole day

                                  pros: small phone, decent camera(will get into detail bellow), good performance, dual sim, fingerprint reader on the back

                                  con: screen not bright enough to look at direct sunlight

                                  now the camera, people may think its bad and while the selfie camera is not really good its good enough that you can take a pic of your face and see detail but not good enough for social media, the back ultrawide camera is wide and has enough detail that I honestly never really complained and the main camera has enough quality that you can take a photo of any text and its still visible. You will not be taking cinematic shots and instagram story worthy pictures with this phone but if you are like me and only take pictures of documents, some things here and there and car parts you are goood.

                                  the performance is good it can run most games that are not really demanding although I only play battle cats on it so I cant really say about like pubg mobile but I am certain you would only be getting like 5fps at lowest settings.

                                  THIS PHONE IS A WORK PHONE its for people that don't need a flagship but a tool that they are not going to worry about breaking and that will serve them. mine has been alive for 4 years and I plan on continuing to use it for my needs

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                                    • AnonD-1112233
                                    • LaS
                                    • 21 Aug 2023

                                    anon, 16 Jun 2023used this phone from 2019-2021 didnt expect much from th... more- buys entry-level samsung
                                    - surprised it sucks
                                    - "never buying another samsung phone again"

                                    🗿💀 you can't make this up

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                                      • ANGELIQE
                                      • nvx
                                      • 10 Jul 2023

                                      i have galaxy a20e modelno sm -a202f/ds
                                      i couldn't scan qr code why ?
                                      there is any settings to set it please?

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                                        • anon
                                        • JG0
                                        • 16 Jun 2023

                                        used this phone from 2019-2021

                                        didnt expect much from the phone, and i wasnt wrong


                                        -the storage was ok i guess, took a long time to fill it

                                        -one ui

                                        -the performance was horrible, apps took a long time to actually do anything, with one ui 3, the phone was laggy even in the ui, samsung should have just put stock android or kept it on one ui 2

                                        -camera broke in months from using the phone, i wasnt even hard on in.

                                        -couldnt send messages (was my biggest problem)

                                        -headphone jack died, or if it worked, the volume instantly gone up to max

                                        -poor screen, wasnt even visible in the sunlight in the slightest

                                        needless to say, not buying another scamsung again