Samsung Galaxy A21s

Samsung Galaxy A21s

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Pete, 01 May 2022Is it worth to upgrade to a Samsung a23 Maybe you should take the Galaxy M33,only cost a bit

  • Alivemoney

Antonio, 13 Oct 2021A 2020 model with a camera without night mode?? Very slow a... moreLie I am using my Samsung a21s over a year and 3 months no battery problem maybe you bought the copyright version

  • Hemsara

It's a suggestable and good phone for average consumers , quad cam set up is amazing , battery life is impressive , processor has a standard , screen size is on par to par with flagships ,

  • Pete

Is it worth to upgrade to a Samsung a23

  • Yash

Deeps, 03 Feb 2022I agreed totallyI have same problem 😔

  • Kuek buek kerthong

Xyz, 09 Apr 2022Worst updated software on 9 april2022After update the latest android. this smartphone more come smooth and more secure right. Thats good.

  • JNA 2896 Johor alza

Tig, 06 Apr 2022This phone is too slippery! It will fall out of your pocket... moreThis smartphone so ergonomik right. Soft in hand the best

  • Xyz

Worst updated software on 9 april2022

  • Tig

This phone is too slippery! It will fall out of your pocket at some poinr.
Hard to hold without a tendency to slip in your hand if you need to text etc.
Also poor access if need to make a quick call as dial screen is not the first to appear making this a poor choice if actually needing a phone!
Come on Samsung, talk to your design team about making products to actually use and not just look at.. Will not have another without checking it will actually stay in a pocket first!

  • Ghui lokophong derhu

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2022Worst..... device restart again n again.... Not worst. The best right.thanks

  • Anonymous

Worst..... device restart again n again....

  • Hibojong kotepoung

SkullSamCandy , 25 Feb 2022I wish it wasn't but it's true. no right. thanks you

  • Anonymous

SkullSamCandy , 18 Feb 2022Yes!Yes happened same since I bought it

  • Gian

Ali, 18 Dec 2021My a21s constantly reboot automatically especially when mem... moreHow did you fix the reboot issue android 11 update?

  • SkullSamCandy

kipokong cheng thui, 18 Feb 2022No. Not true right.I wish it wasn't but it's true.

  • Ardian Pjetri

Samsung A21S is a mid range phone. It offers a great deal but don't expect anything extraordinary because it's screen has PLS IPS technology not super AMOLED or Gorrilla Glass.

My opinion: 7/10

  • Ardian Pjetri

Overall is a good phone for it's price.
But you are not getting a great screen with this model.

My opinion: 7/10
Price : 8/10

  • Epikong dologu igong

HBJ, 18 Feb 2022Galaxy A21s or OPPO A53, which is better?The best for you,is samsung A21s professional smartphone right. Your right and better choice to love and make it. Thanks

Galaxy A21s or OPPO A53, which is better?

  • kipokong cheng thui

SkullSamCandy , 18 Feb 2022Yes!No. Not true right.