Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

Samsung Galaxy A22 5G

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  • Anonymous
  • xhm
  • 15 Feb 2024

ukraina, 08 Feb 2024It doesn't look like this phone will be getting the An... moreSamsung is always disappointing.

    It doesn't look like this phone will be getting the Android 14 update. Disappointing considering some phones in the same price range have had 3 updates.

      • K
      • Karen
      • X@x
      • 29 Dec 2023

      I wish i could get the one ui 6 android 14 update, since i have this phone and my one ui core version is 5.1

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        • Karen
        • KLS
        • 29 Dec 2023

        vespertine, 08 Mar 2023Does anyone know where the microphone is placed?There are 2 microphones in this phone. One is at the bottom, and one is at the top.

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          • A226B
          • X5u
          • 20 Nov 2023

          Myn is A226b and has radio. Some apps like recorder apps. They are found at galaxy store app

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            • alocin
            • snM
            • 18 Nov 2023

            are you sure this has radio? i don't have it!

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              • Anonymous
              • SYx
              • 22 Oct 2023

              Where is the Radio and call recorder ?

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                • Samsung user
                • Ap1
                • 17 Oct 2023

                My mom got it for my brother and its really impresive for its price he can play cod mobile on at least 45 fps

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                  • Anonymous
                  • m9E
                  • 25 Aug 2023

                  This phone is excellent for its price. I paid around €180 for it on clearance and its been amazing. I have the 128GB and 6GB RAM version and it runs very smoothly most of the time, if usually stutters when loading apps for the first time but then it's very responsive after. The camera quality is good but images in low light are quite soft and areas can be washed out (others have not reported this issue so maybe its my unit). The screen is nice too but I really wish it was an AMOLED display instead of an IPS LCD. However sometimes the touch can act up, usually when scrolling after taking my finger away from the display it still thinks I'm moving the display down, hopefully this is just a software bug. Excellent battery life too, I can get around 3 days of normal usage with this phone! I bought this to replace my aging Galaxy A30 which was becoming unbearable to use. I highly recommend this phone if you're looking for a new phone.

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                    • Phyl
                    • n}X
                    • 22 Aug 2023

                    Rubel , 23 Jul 2023This is disgusting that i am using ever this kind of phone.... moreThe reviews on this site are just really depressing and simply down to the user and not the capability of the device. Your lots need to separate your personal opinions from what the phone can actually do and can't do. You need to give factual and true reviews. Instead of these misleading and confusing reviews.

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                      • Ed228
                      • uSV
                      • 18 Aug 2023

                      My contacts just suddenly got erased. Even aftsr saving it to my phone, u'll just noticed some names are already gone and only their numbers are jist registered. Samsung might have invented a project phone from their apprentice. This will be my last Samsung phone!

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                        • Rubel
                        • DIg
                        • 23 Jul 2023

                        This is disgusting that i am using ever this kind of phone. Performance is very bad. Maximum time it shows System UI isn’t responding and process system isn’t responding. When you will open canera it will go e hang.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • JQ1
                          • 14 Jul 2023

                          sacks, 29 Jun 2023Hi, I bought a brand new one not knowing it has originated ... moreOnly amoled screens can have always on display, this phone has tft lcd

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                            • deeznuts
                            • t7x
                            • 06 Jul 2023

                            The back camera is good, the colors are vibrant and not too sharp but not too blurry. However, the front cam is bad specially in the dark, it has some grains in it. In terms of gaming its runs smoothly on mobile legends bang bang in my situation, well it depends on how high you want is your graphics ( Mine is on medium and refresh rate high )

                            In call of duty mobile its not that laggy, you'll experience the lag when there's so much stuff going on, I suggest that you lower your graphics then medium refresh rate.

                            The phone is budget friendly I would say that dont expect that much,

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                              • sacks
                              • mxH
                              • 29 Jun 2023

                              Hi, I bought a brand new one not knowing it has originated from Saudi Arabia. Software is different due to their restrictions. "ALWAYS ON DISPLAY" option is not available. Lock screen notifications don't come up. 3rd party apps such as "always on amoled" sucking up battery. Any advise greatly appreciated.
                              Thanks Sacks

                                My Camera app keeps hanging while taking photos..
                                I don't understand why..

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • mxi
                                  • 27 May 2023

                                  Mine broke after a year. I dropped it out my pocket onto a tiled floor and the screen smashed, even though it was in a case. It crashed and broke 3 weeks later.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • RRN
                                    • 22 May 2023

                                    sp77, 03 May 2023Dose apps like snapchat and facebook bet365 work okay?and i... moreSnapchat and Facebook work ok. Not sure about bet365 though.

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                                      • sp77
                                      • nFf
                                      • 03 May 2023

                                      Dose apps like snapchat and facebook bet365 work okay?and is the photos good on this phone?

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                                        • sp
                                        • nFf
                                        • 03 May 2023

                                        Is this phone good for photos and the likes of snapchat, facebook and betting apps?any help thanks