Samsung Galaxy A3

Samsung Galaxy A3

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  • Anonymous
  • pGY
  • 11 Nov 2022

Hi, is the Samsung watch compatible with this phone?

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    • ming li
    • k%L
    • 11 Nov 2022

    Anonymous, 11 Oct 2022My phone is just rebooting, I cannot access anything again,... moreBuy new phone make you happy long time

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      • Anonymous
      • Nu7
      • 11 Oct 2022

      My phone is just rebooting, I cannot access anything again, what do I do please assist me
      Thank you

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        • Minu
        • ter
        • 17 Jul 2022

        Mark C, 25 Nov 2021I bought my A3 in 2017 and my only criticism until about a ... moreThere's the Nokia 8 (which I use currently) with similar dimensions to the S10e and similar build quality to the A3 (except it has an aluminum body instead of just a frame and plastic back) since they're both made by Foxconn, and it's much cheaper too!!!

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          • Stelyo Fulete
          • mFd
          • 07 Jun 2022

          My phone has problem is not opening a Setting
          When I try to open is say Settings keeps is stopping
          I want to connect wife n open Bluetooth I can't because settings isn't working

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            • Anonymous
            • AJw
            • 30 May 2022

            A3 is an ideal size for carrying in a pocket.
            Surely Samsung can realise this is a selling point and make another this size.

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              • Anonymous
              • ABF
              • 07 Apr 2022

              We don't all want big phones. Do one this size again, Samsung!

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                • Anonymous
                • 8mn
                • 15 Mar 2022

                Absolutely beautiful legend of a phone for me, still using it since 2015 and works just fine. It survived a lot: a really hard fall on concrete on its edge breaking off a bit of the frame, replacement of the camera glass cracked by some mini pebble falling from a cliff hitting it right on the camera while being inside a backpack (?!), it almost froze to death on a harsh day of freeriding and after being heated back to room temperature it would not turn on for about 2 hours not even showing that it is charging when plugged in, also had to have the OS reinstalled because wifi could not be turned on after I messed something up while
                trying to dig up some unintentionally deleted notes via PC and did not know what I was doing... Of course it is far behind current standards in terms of power and speed but I dont think I need that much more power for what I do with a phone (writing some thoughts down, taking photos, browsing, YT, banking app and calls) and for my taste the designs and sizes of todays phones are not pleasing at all. For me probably the only thing that would consider buying a new phone for is a better camera with a night mode but it does not seem to be worth it only for that, plus there are almost no phones about this size with cool design and metal chassis without glass back ( maybe iphone 6, 7 or SE 2020 but neither has night mode camera and it does not make much sense to buy a new phone that is as old as the one you have). So far I am staying with this bad boy. Samsung should consider reintroducing smaller sized phones as there is clearly a market for it.

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                  • Me
                  • m5h
                  • 14 Mar 2022

                  Got this phone some years back and works well, but looking to get a new one and no Samsung ones are this size. Would be useful if they could make more phones smaller.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 39y
                    • 25 Jan 2022

                    Mum won't give up her A3 even though it constantly reports lack of space, why? because it seems to be impossible to buy an up to date phone that's this small. Samsung should take note, not everyone wants a massive screen.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • Nvp
                      • 08 Jan 2022

                      The A3 is a terrible phone to have , it doesn't allow other apps to work

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                        • BBQ Chicken Pizza
                        • IbE
                        • 04 Jan 2022

                        I used this phone for 4 years and now it sits on a clock FM radio microUSB clock in my room as a speaker for the phone. Acts as a second clock along with my old AM FM radio clock on the nightstand and the wall clock. I now use a Galaxy Nacho.

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                          • Haid
                          • HCf
                          • 28 Dec 2021

                          My a3 2017 is best use for business and trades with phone 2021 still work ok. Why to knock if Sam's best ever build new good phone now is worse. 10/10.

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                            • Chu
                            • 3as
                            • 24 Dec 2021

                            Mark C, 25 Nov 2021I bought my A3 in 2017 and my only criticism until about a ... moreI had the same problem, then I learned how to clear the Cache from each app. If you never do it, they take up a huge amount of storage. I cleared 2.5 Gig by doing this. I now repeat the exercise every week, this keeps my storage down to acceptable levels.

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                              • Mark C
                              • sXy
                              • 25 Nov 2021

                              I bought my A3 in 2017 and my only criticism until about a year ago was that the battery charge didn't last long. More recently I get constant messages about being critically short of storage. I have an external memory card but most apps need to use internal memory. I have gone through the list of apps and moved storage use to external where possible but the 16Gb of internal memory is very limiting and I have had to delete several apps. I'm still getting the critical messages and am down to what I consider to be my bare minimum of apps. It also seems to be slower than when I first bought it.

                              Because of the above I need to replace this phone now but the reason I chose it was because of its size and there seems to be very little choice (if anything) which is as small as this. The closest Samsung now is the S10e which is still a little bigger and costs twice as much as I paid for my A3.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • KIY
                                • 05 Nov 2021

                                Battery drains quickly and charging is very slow
                                Major major major issues with this mobile

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 6p}
                                  • 25 Oct 2021

                                  AsdAsd, 22 Aug 2021 I have no idea how reliable this phone was back in the day... moreI won't run

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • gDL
                                    • 23 Aug 2021

                                    I'm using it since 2015. All works perfectly.

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                                      • AsdAsd
                                      • JM4
                                      • 22 Aug 2021

                                      I have no idea how reliable this phone was back in the day. In the actual time is utter trash. Lags so much it gets frustrating to use apps, internet surfing is a pain, gets really hot, sometimes it restarts for no reason and battery drains so quick while using internet, apps, etc.
                                      Now I repurposed the A3 as a music player only with some apps as tools and no use of internet at all. Works pretty well now with good battery duration and doesn't heat that much.

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                                        • aidan
                                        • 3PR
                                        • 09 Aug 2021

                                        greg the egg, 25 Jul 2021do you know if i am able to download snapchat on this phone... moreyes you can, am currently temporarily using it and snapchat works. not well, but it works.