Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy A30

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  • J

Useless phone...fingerprint problem,battery phone is thrash..

  • Madlanduna

I am a bit disappointed with the device, I am coming from Xperia XA1, it was way faster than this Galaxy A30.

  • Hero

Update received in India....Thanks to Samsung

  • Anonymous

Guys, who received the Android 10 in Maldives? Samsung please release Android 10 for Maldives quickly.
So many issues for Samsung a30 for android 9 (battery drain quickly for browser and 1080p video app)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2020Who has received android 10 Not yet have you? Which country are you?

  • Anonymous

Who has received android 10

  • Anonymous

Love galaxy a30, have all I need in a phone ,

  • Sakthivel

Battery problem

  • Anonymous

Very bad hanging every time and then , very hot processor.

  • yho

Totally disappointed. I thought it was better. The battery and charging problems are the worst issues about this phone. It's been the worst A Samsung Series ever.

  • Dakug Notch

Lag when play Mobile Legends, good camera though. Rating for me is 4/10.

  • Bilal

Samsung is using exynos a30,a30s,a40 very slow processor they habe to put higjer exynos or snapdragon 710 or 820

  • Sarah

My a30 samsung is not making the notification sound when someone gives me a text message. I don't know if there's a way to fix it at this point. I've been trying many different solutions and none of them work. :( please help me!

Network problems for a50 and a50 s solved ,and for all a series, Samsung, solved.
If u use dual sim,set the main sim that used internet, as 4g and second sim ,as 3g.
The second sim ,still will receive ,message, call and WhatsApp ,etc.

  • MCS

This is my first samsung phone that I thought to give it a try. So sad ..!! Battery is draining very too fast , its like small battery is place in fact they told me when I bought it its 4000Mah.
I have to change that bad phone.

  • Anonymous

What's wrong with Samsung andriod 10 update for a30 has been moved to March wasn't it supposed to be this February 😡

  • RS

I live in Cape Town, South Africa.
On 5 December 2019 I renewed my Vodacom contract at a Voda shop in the Table Bay Mall. I was given a Samsung Galaxy A30 s phone.
Within 10 days I went back to them five times to complain about the phone not functioning properly.
Then I had to leave town for 3 weeks. 3 weeks of torment with a phone “freezing” all the time. I took the “DUD” back to them on 14/01/2020 and had since then had no feedback.
I am using my old LG phone at the moment and will never in my life buy a Samsung Galaxy again.

  • Wright

aaqib, 16 Jan 2020it also has a signal issue... v low signal power.... may it will... moreNow the battery drain issue is slove by factory reset. now the phone is working fine.
1. if u use the thick back cover then signal will drop.
2. just upgrade your sim from your sim operator.
3. clean the sim tray or change the sim tray slot.
4. call ur sim operator and check the distance from the tower.
5. insert the same sim to other phone and check.
6. better to select the sim operator mode by manual not automatic.
7. change to 2G or 3G and check.
8. remove the sim and fully recharge your phone and insert the sim and check.
9. Check the other operator sim.
up to date all the security updates and galaxy store updates.
If u have problem then visit the operator office and check.

  • DCK

The phone is slow and totally useless
A waste of money

  • aaqib

A.qadeer, 14 Jan 2020Hard reset it that will solve all probsyou mean factory reset?