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A. Nartey, 25 Jul 2022It's been almost 3yrs and my a30 is still going strong... moreI thought that I only have the glue problem on the phone's back. Well, I solved this problem by using the transparent adhesive. I got a plan to buy a new case to protect the phone's back but it seems that it's not realized yet

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    • Mat
    • tVt
    • 05 Sep 2022

    For these day my phone getting slow and even lag at any point..maybe these apps where higher than my phone i'll have to upgrade for the latest phone such as samsung A53 5g for 4-5 year of usage. My phone actually still in good condition but for me as meduim usage need to be upgraded

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      • Nu6
      • 31 Aug 2022

      Any sure plug where I can get the phone

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        • Nigeria001
        • XBA
        • 20 Aug 2022

        A. Nartey, 25 Jul 2022It's been almost 3yrs and my a30 is still going strong... moreSame here. But my ba3 runs down at 25%. Bought it in 2019. I just received july security patch few mins agi

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          • A. Nartey
          • CGH
          • 25 Jul 2022

          It's been almost 3yrs and my a30 is still going strong. Battery has been superb except now it runs down quickly at the 15% mark. However, a quick charge back to 15 solves this problem. Never had a crack because of a protector, though now I've taken 'em off to enjoy it's nice design. Even has endured light falls so far. Great water resistant because I went out for a jog and got totally drenched but it worked perfectly! Love the upgrades that brought the edge panel display. Now using android 11,one UI 3.1. Now only draw back is: back cover may fall off without being in my hand because glue holding it is weakened. Come sept 09 would be 3 yrs and I'm pleased. Would get a higher A series next!

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            • Anonymous
            • 6cG
            • 24 Jul 2022

            Anonymous, 30 Jun 2022In this phone otg not supported?you need to root

              Guys please help me adter upgrading to android 11 i cant install messenger only messenger lite is installable please help

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                • PatrickKh
                • xkS
                • 06 Jul 2022

                i upgraded to android 11 , and it is just gine so far
                battery is better than before , no lag , smoother

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                  • Anonymous
                  • BEd
                  • 30 Jun 2022

                  In this phone otg not supported?

                    is this phone worth it to replace my secondary oppo phone?

                      Can't believe how good is this phone, still using it with no any problem at all! Mine Android 11 One Ui 3.1

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                        • Yking
                        • KI2
                        • 03 Jun 2022

                        It's upgradable to android 11

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                          • Sanioktlf
                          • 6mA
                          • 18 May 2022

                          The Samsung A30 model has an NFC module.

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                            • Squash
                            • XBA
                            • 14 May 2022

                            Anonymous, 27 Jan 20222yrs later after using this phone. I've used this pho... moreAt least you have outused the warranty

                              Kiddo, 02 Nov 2021How should I reset itRestore factory settings it can be done from settings in the mobile but becareful it will delete all your data so backup the things you want on google drive or cloud or whatever before resetting to factory settings.

                                Anonymous, 11 Nov 2021Need samsung accountReset means restore factory settings it can be done from settings in the mobile no need for samsung account .

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                                  • malay
                                  • EqK
                                  • 08 Apr 2022

                                  being using this phone for 3 years and counting, it works great at first but after some long times it getting overheat and charging port problem and fast charging became slower but you know still survived. I now reconsider to upgrade my phone but didn't know what to get

                                    Been using Galaxy A30 as my daily driver for almost 3 years now and it still managed to handle every app without a blink, from geotagging (for GIS mapping), to MLgames, youtube, downloaded movies, online Zoom/Google meeting (anywhere as long as theres data signal from ridge to reef) navigation, photo editing: its like a swiss knife of the IT practitioner. Its got its share of knocks and splash on the field sustaining small cracks on its protection screen but the super amoled display has not dimmed the vibrant
                                    colors all through the years. Planning to part with for newer 5th gen phones with faster data transfer and my primary choice would still be the Samsung brand particularly the A33 5G model with it IP67 rating which is right for office and field work online or offline.

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                                      • AnonD-1025625
                                      • p2q
                                      • 25 Mar 2022

                                      Warraich, 15 Mar 2022Why Samsung couldn't give a30s android 12 updates whil... moreyou're wrong, there's no android 12 for A30

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                                        • Warraich
                                        • Hx1
                                        • 15 Mar 2022

                                        Why Samsung couldn't give a30s android 12 updates while Samsung gives Samsung a30 three Samsung a30s have only 2 times update. Samsung brake our policy that they gives 3 times update for Samsung devices. But they gives Samsung a30s two times update. Plz update the Samsung a30s three times update 🙏. If u gains trust on Samsung devices. Because i am trusted user of Samsung device.