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Hi 😁 everyone I've using the galaxy note series or redmi note series now i got my a31 for a reason, my Galaxy A31 getting touchscreen problems after updating Android 11 with one ui 3.1 touch isn't good as android 10 one ui 2.5, I reset phone after major update and still touchscreen problems touch slower than before, removed and set new screen protector and registred fingerprint again and now fingreprint is working fine but still touch is bit slower and screen heats after using phone for 2 hour and more while gaming and browsing, but overall i give it 09/10 battery is good design also good camera is fine for this price mine is 4/64gb version and helio cpu and ram manages fine 275 apps installed in it. Really good phone i hope soon Samsung will give android 12 for it and touch problems will be fixed with this update 🦾

  • Werner

Updated my A31 to August security patch. Still running smooth. No problems

  • Anonymous

Katja, 06 Sep 2021Samsung A31 is bad. My phone having connections problems an... moreI am facing the same connection issue

I've been using this phone for 1 year and I think is very good for a budget phone, and for the camera is okay for a budget phone, but I think one thing they can improve in the next phone is the touch screen, sometimes my screen is just slow, and I need to increase the dpi even though I'm not using any screen protector. I don't use this phone for gaming, but I've tried to play PUBG and other heavy games, is fine when you use gaming booster from Samsung but for long playing the phone gets very hot. All in all, the phone is good for daily use.

SA Woodlawn, 27 Aug 2021Mine received Android 11/One UI 3.1 in May, 2021. The phone... moreIf your battery is draining fast disable auto brightness or adaptive brightness and fully charge the phone this will solve the problem. Automatic brightness is the one which is draining batteries sometimes up to 30%

  • Werner

Did anyone recieved the August security patch for Samsung A31?

  • Anonymous

syai, 04 Aug 2021there is problem in tounching sensor screen.. especially wh... moreBought this phone recently , undated it to the latest version , then I decided to play PUBG, cod and pes , only to find out that I can't aim well because the touch screen tends to become slower, I went to Samsung care center and they ended up resting my phone, now I have to download all my updates again

  • Tee

Werner, 05 Sep 2021Whitch phone is better? Samsung A31 or Huawei P30 liteI would recommend Samsung Galaxy a31 HUAWEI doesnt have play store.. It would be difficult for installation of apps

  • Katja

Samsung A31 is bad. My phone having connections problems and its only 1y since I bought it Took it back to samsung store for repairs and it still gives me connection problems. They replace motherboard so they told me. Also they took off my screen protector and did not replace it.

  • Werner

Whitch phone is better? Samsung A31 or Huawei P30 lite

SA Woodlawn, 27 Aug 2021Mine received Android 11/One UI 3.1 in May, 2021. The phone... moreMaybe you should reset or restore your Phone after Major update... I did it and it bcome better

Sandip, 30 Aug 2021Will it get 4k video recording?Nope

  • Sandip

Will it get 4k video recording?

Mine received Android 11/One UI 3.1 in May, 2021. The phone's running smoother than before and is more stable. But the the battery life has taken a toll and is not as good as on Android 10. I bought the phone in March, 2021.

John, 20 Aug 2021Is there a chance for Android 11 with OneUI 3.0 OS update t... moreYes, it's receiving Android 11, infact mine is running Android 11 since May. And as a matter of fact, it will also receive Android 12.

  • Werner

Did any one recieved the August 2021 security patch for A31? In South Africa

  • John

Is there a chance for Android 11 with OneUI 3.0 OS update to arrive on this phone? This is still a good everyday entry-level smartphone.

  • Manish sharma

Dear sir/mam
Next update add new feature please
1.three fingers screenshot add
2. Slow and fast motion video recording
I am request samsung

  • Duke

Werner, 02 Aug 2021A31 i updated my security patch 1 July 2021. Phone running ... moreYeah me too,I was a bit hesitant though but it's smooth as you said,I wish the performance when gaming could be optimised too since I believe the chipset is very capable,heck I even read somewhere that the first phone with the Mediatek P65 had no problem when it came to high gaming and temperature too,coupled with it's ability to provide a smooth ui interface,Samsung should do better (even though it's a midrange smartphone)

  • Werner

The Samsung A31 is this phone 5g network compatible?