Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

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  • mateo
  • LiP
  • 01 Oct 2023

The back plastic is so bad, screen is bad phone runs good if it has claned ram and other things

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    • Dcb
    • r2m
    • 03 Sep 2023

    The s32 is quite awful in my opinion. The screen is absolutely horrible viewing especially in the sun. It cracks too easily. The UI is a nightmare. It's full of bloatware from one UI. It has all kinds of limitations over the stock Android. Samsung added all this bloatware on top but limited other functions. My LG's, even my older LG's have better functionality than this brand new s32. Can I mention it's full of Samsung below where? I will never buy Samsung product again. I'm just going to buy old used LG's.

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      • gui3321
      • EUk
      • 11 Aug 2023

      The new a34 is a lot better , in 2021 i had a32 for 2-3 months and don't liked but i buy since 1 month the new a34 5G 8gb version and run fast has my s20+

        Mirror, 16 Jun 2023There is one detail i think that has been missed on this ph... more😊👍

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          • Anonymous
          • xD1
          • 21 Jul 2023

          AngryMike, 26 Apr 2022I hate this phone. First off, this was supposed to be a tra... moreSlow Slow Slow. My third Samsung phone..but also my last samsung phone.
          Battery is fine though.

          But, photos are awfull

          Big screen, some good hardware options/capabilities.

          But.. It was Slow intially and worst today.
          5g is Junk.. nothing to do with the A32..But I feel samsumg sacrificed quality to offer 5g.

          5G is junk.. good when close to a 5g output...this means nowhere.

          It is Slow. Typing is slow, browser is slow.. everything is slow.
          It was a bad choice must admit.. But this is a bad product.

          This is also my last samsung TV BTW . Nice tech, But way too invasive...

          I will go with a Google phone next time.

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            • Ahmad
            • p4}
            • 07 Jul 2023

            Poor quality Photo not satisified from camera

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              • Mirror
              • 8bD
              • 16 Jun 2023

              There is one detail i think that has been missed on this phone. What is the brightness of the light on the back of the phone, and how does that compare to the brightness of other lights on other cameras. The phone mentions nits of brightness for hte screen which is great but how does lumens compare to nits? From getting this phone, i can tell you it was worth every cent when i bought it for around 169.99 at bestbuy.

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                • viktor
                • kvc
                • 09 Jun 2023

                Narky boy, 25 Feb 2023It don't support itmine A32 5g doesn't support Always on display option

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                  • Selepe
                  • fXs
                  • 01 Jun 2023

                  This phone(A32 5G) runs Android 12 and is still new from shop instead of 11 as advised on gsmarena what could've happened?

                    They gave me this phone at work. TFT LCD, 60 HZ, HD resolution, 4GB ram.
                    The screen is simply horrible. I have mobile devices with LCD displays and they're way better than this one. And if you turn on the night mode to protect your eyes it becomes so bad... It's the worst display I've seen.
                    The updates... Nice surprise. They're coming (faster than many expensive xiaomi phones).

                    But with every update the phone becomes slower.
                    Some apps that work on other phones, freeze on A32 after a few minutes. They're to heavy for this phone.

                    Listening to music in background has become impossible. Got to try to prevent the music app to shut down. Didn't work with other app with the same behavior.

                    I hope it dies soon (using for 2 years) so my company gives me a decent phone :)

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                      • PG97
                      • nG$
                      • 24 Mar 2023

                      filip, 28 Jan 2023I own this phone for 1 year now and I can tell you its tota... moreMy brother has this phone and he has had very little problems with it. He says charging is very slow and for the first month of having this phone, he was also experiencing battery depletion pretty quickly. But everything seems to be fine, apart from the charging speed.

                      He even says the quality of pictures has improved since the latest update and plans to use the phone for another year or 2 after 2 years of use, then he plans to buy a flip phone. But he likes this phone, the size of it and how long the battery lasts him now

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                        • Scott Dunn
                        • k@A
                        • 13 Mar 2023

                        I have this phone as a backup phone and it’s a good phone especially after the android 13 update it takes good pictures in my opinion

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                          • Narky boy
                          • 39y
                          • 25 Feb 2023

                          sshehab, 18 Feb 2023Hello, does this A32 5G have the Always on display option?It don't support it

                            is anyone else having issues with the 90hz screen after upgrading to Android 13? now it doesn't go down to 60 when the screen is idle and also some apps (like chrome, Spotify, Twitter) cause the screen to get locked at 60hz and it won't go back up unless you go to settings and manually set the screen to 60hz then back to 90hz. is anyone else having this issue? I use an SM-A326U locked to T Mobile. Anyone else having this issue?

                              sshehab, 18 Feb 2023Hello, does this A32 5G have the Always on display option?No

                                Hello, does this A32 5G have the Always on display option?

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                                  • Dz
                                  • YUU
                                  • 14 Feb 2023

                                  After update to android problem..i use this fou about 2 year...

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                                    • filip
                                    • iGC
                                    • 28 Jan 2023

                                    I own this phone for 1 year now and I can tell you its total shit, not able to run more than 1 process in the background a lags as shitty shit, buy at least a53 or higher everything below is shitty shit

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • mH4
                                      • 19 Jan 2023

                                      Anonymous, 31 Oct 2022Don't buy the A32 5G, you'll regret it! It'... moreJust bought one and my old Galaxy S7 was better than this!! How on earth can Samsung have the nerve to sell this heap of c..p No time out screen notifications, no palm swipe screenshot and using volume and on off screenshot function is a joke..shows volume icon on screenshots. This phone might be cheap but it really shows.

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                                        • Josh Bowen
                                        • sh9
                                        • 01 Jan 2023

                                        Suze, 13 Oct 2022I totally agree. Constantly resetting. Can't count on ... moreHonestly, you're both doing it all wrong. Just order UMIDIGI A13 5G Pro for about half the price, with more than double the speed & features, you're welcome. I get 350 mb/s dl speed & 100+mb/s upload. No game is laggy. Dimensity chip series puts these lame big brand budgets to shame & rightfully so. Spend the extra $50 on A13 Pro Max 5g & you'll get the dimensity 900 & almost 7" screen. There's even thermometers on these things lol. Makes these lower tier Samsung's look like crap, & they are. Closer to be flagship status, for 20% the price. Again, if you listen, you're welcome.