Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016)

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  • Niloy ahmed hridoy
  • 6p}
  • 16 Apr 2023

Rahat , 22 Oct 20222016 to 22/10/2022 a legit phone camera Size outlook still ... more I am use the phone.
But the wifi portal never be open!why?
What i do now

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    • ju
    • tsA
    • 01 Feb 2023

    I have never wear case for this phone and dropped it from 2015 to then, just some scratches on the screen, glass back has broken by my friend this early year, aluminum frame rough quite bad around 4 corner. Very durable compact phone. To be honest, budgets phones now can't be as beautiful as this phone, the super amoled screen is the reason why i still keep it

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      • Rahat
      • XUQ
      • 22 Oct 2022

      2016 to 22/10/2022 a legit phone camera Size outlook still gonna say the perfect one . Just a bit laggy and battery issue other than that its awesome

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        • UNKNOWN soldier
        • Lcg
        • 01 Sep 2022

        Imagine this phone with a 90% screen ratio and a 2022 chip RAM ETC....etc....

        It is so perfect so perfect I would never change phones

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          • Anonymous
          • nXF
          • 21 Jul 2022

          2016 to 2022........

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            • Anonymous
            • m9{
            • 04 Jul 2022

            I've had this phone for nearly 6 years now. It used to be my mum's phone, but then got passed down to me. It works OK, but is a bit laggy sometimes and the battery gauge doesn't always tell the truth, (that might be because of the age) but other than that is OK and I would recommend it!

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              • Bop
              • yJt
              • 15 Feb 2022

              I have been using this phone for 2 years. Samsung really knows how to make quality phones.

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                • Lenco
                • t@S
                • 10 Feb 2022

                I need a new one. size is perfect as I need to carry around sites etc.
                Mine has been just superb

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                  • Anonymous
                  • mpg
                  • 07 Feb 2022

                  Anonymous, 21 Jan 2022Ex os 2.1 is good rom with performance and battery life oct... moreEdit

                  Revolution os android 7.0 best is for device

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                    • SGA316
                    • ucu
                    • 23 Jan 2022

                    Been Using This Device In & Out For A Couple Of Years. Not The Fastest But Still Great With Stock 7.0, Might Root It In The Future & The Size Of This Device Is Great.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • mpg
                      • 21 Jan 2022

                      Ex os 2.1 is good rom with performance and battery life octacore 8x1.6 with excellent governor

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                        • Anonymous
                        • mpg
                        • 19 Jan 2022

                        Rom *

                        As has same cpu as a5 just locked

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                          • Anonymous
                          • mpg
                          • 19 Jan 2022

                          Runs very slow now might need put octa core rim

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                            • Fastpastor
                            • IbE
                            • 04 Jan 2022

                            Ahhhh the phone that you see on the 10 or 11 o clock news or if you have Spectrum in some markets than 24/7 but the phone you see on the news in a evidence staging table next to it's Galaxy J series sibling, a LG Optimus of some kind, a Coolpad, white iPhone 7 and 8, iPhone 5, and LG Rebel below the display of a single shot shotgun neighoring a bunch of handguns and the kilos of what they call "Sheed Wallace" - Cheap to buy on a prepaid plan, FM radio and modest to the point that distractive non work related activities are not done on the handset - decent enough camera for advertising and sales pictures!

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                              • Anonymous
                              • ph}
                              • 03 Jan 2022

                              Cracked after 1 drop :D, lags 24/7 but its good for calling :)

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 78R
                                • 19 Dec 2021

                                Sankalpa Madhawa, 21 Oct 2021using this since 2016. Grate device! I might have dropped... moreDoes it support Jio sim natively (with Jio call app) in India ?

                                  • The
                                  • gCR
                                  • 06 Nov 2021

                                  I miss mine :'c

                                    using this since 2016. Grate device!
                                    I might have dropped this like 100 times. believe me, not even a single scratch or part replacement.
                                    I really believe this gorilla glass 4 Samsung used in this device is harder than victus or sapphire. :D
                                    Exynos 7578 with 1.5GB ram is bit lacking to run larger apps in 2021.
                                    but I'm still using this as the 2nd device to take business calls and run couple of messaging apps. still works perfectly fine,

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                                      • Derek
                                      • JLZ
                                      • 12 Sep 2021

                                      Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021Although it is almost an inch bigger than the A3, I can re... moreI ended up buying Samsung Galaxy A40. It was the most compact affordable phone available in my country. Zenphone 8 is very good compact but out of my budget. It's very expensive where I live. Thanks

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • snb
                                        • 06 Sep 2021

                                        Derek, 15 Jul 2021Why today nobody can't make phones this compact. I wan... moreAlthough it is almost an inch bigger than the A3, I can recommend the Asus zenfone 8...I have it and I love it...It is premium specs in a small footprint..