Samsung Galaxy A3 and A5 prices in Netherlands, to arrive Q1 2015

02 December, 2014

Samsung's new A series devices - Galaxy A3 and A5 mark a significant step towards satisfying customer desires for more metal on Samsung handsets. These eagerly anticipated phones are the first affordable smartphones, produced by the Korean giant with a metal frame.

However exciting this might be it turns out that new production methods are tough to cope with in an efficient manner, even for the likes of Samsung and the two phones did not meet their preliminary release schedule on global markets.

Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy A5

The Galaxy A5 is already available in China and the A3 is expected by the end of the year, but as of yet Samsung has not provided any concrete launch dates for other markets, nor any information on the Galaxy A7. We recently learned, however, that a Netherlands device retailer GSMWijzere is expecting both devices to be in stock in January. This is by no means an official statement, but might prove that the Galaxy A3 and A5 are set to hit European markets sometime during the first quarter of 2015.

Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A3

The Samsung Galaxy A5 is priced at €410 and the A3 respectively at €310, which is reasonable, given their hardware. As far as Availability in Europe goes it seems that for now releases will commence in stages for selected countries so a little bit more patience is needed, while we wait for Samsung to fully prepare its lower-end metal creations.

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  • Darius

So $380 translates to €410, that's reasonable .... not.

  • dsfds

lets copy apple !!!!!!! we need it because we suck at design

  • AnonD-226352

Really, Samsung making fool to mobile market by launching every month a new covered plastic phone with old phone specs in high price tag.