Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

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Very Ugly Design looks Generic

I believe it is not the right time to buy any Samsung phones the better phones which will be lined up that will be in 2021 mid that is in March when the real war 5G will start right now I am using Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 model since 3 years it is going strong no doubt but I believe it will be worth to wait not good models right now by Samsung seriously I am not happy

  • Anonymous

LG V owner, 10 Oct 2020Because this phone created for the Baltic states and Benelu... moreWhat does being tall or short have to do with hand size? you talk rubbish , and Samsung doesn't release phones in certain areas in comparison to general public height.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020Very Odd! The phone went from 5.9" to 6.1" to ... moreAbsolutely correct

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2020Very Odd! The phone went from 5.9" to 6.1" to ... moreBecause this phone created for the Baltic states and Benelux market, with the tallest people in Europe. Imagine a tiny, small phone in giant hands... For Filipino or Chinese markets, Samsung offers other tiny phones.

  • Anonymous

Very Odd!

The phone went from 5.9" to 6.1" to 6.6"...? 2021 comes and we'll get the A43 @7"

I see from the comments most would agree that this phone should easily have been kept @6" and no larger.

Why the Macro and Depth lenses? Marketing? Surely software advancements should easily be able to handle depth-bokeh and an Ultra-Wide with PDAF cropped in could easily be used for Macro photos.

It has 4 cameras, but only two are needed. The macro cam does worse photos then a zoomed in photo shot by the main sensor, and the depth sensor is a hole that does nothing.
Conclusion: Only the main and the ultra-wide camera are usable.

  • Anonymous

Eusebio Simoes, 06 Oct 2020In some time the hole back of the phone is going to be full... moreThe less cameras you have the less versatile your camera system is.

  • Eusebio Simoes

In some time the hole back of the phone is going to be full of cameras, I think 3 is already to much. Because when the falls there is no protection for the glass on these cameras.

nice Great Design .

  • Better be

Better have 120 or 90 Hertz refresh rate or Xiaomi will overtake this.

  • sdtrash

At least a snapdragon 690, i'd buy that.

It has a beautiful Camera design.

very nice smart phone .
A42 5G with Snapdragon SD750G is Great !!!

My old samsung run smoothly, playing pubg with frnd die too soon lock my phone for 10 minutes or more and then unlock still game running in background without restart. But nowadays this new launch samsung is trash phone.

  • Adarsh Reghuvaran

5G variant is coming with Snapdragon 750

  • Anonymous

My opinion is about Samsung galaxy A42 have to come with 32/3 GBS have to give to go upper level plz Samsung do it

  • Anonymous


Beautiful and good midrange Smartphone.The camera is similar to an iPhone.

The design and layout of the rear camera is very beautiful.The processor of this phone is also excellent snapdragon 750g.

The design of the a51 and a71 is really ugly.