Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

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  • Pedro
  • 3Vx
  • 24 Nov 2022

The front camera is really good

    This phone has NO SMS DERIVERY REPORTS setup...
    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I always want to confirm if my msg has been received so i go to SMS setting-more setting- text message and keep reports ON. But i cant see that option..

    BTW The phone Is great

      Anonymous, 24 Oct 2022THIS! For smartphone screen, there's no point going be... morei watches anime and notice blurry in 720p

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        • Anonymous
        • xHY
        • 24 Oct 2022

        Whatever happens to the Galaxy A4x? We haven't seen anything about A43 at all.

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          • Anonymous
          • xHY
          • 24 Oct 2022

          Jealot, 18 Sep 2022Going from a 1080p with a smaller screen (i.e. higher ppi) ... moreTHIS! For smartphone screen, there's no point going beyond 1080p.

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            • Anonymous
            • xHY
            • 24 Oct 2022

            Hanif Fikri, 15 Sep 2022hahaha 720pNot important tbh. 720p is more than enough for most people.

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              • Jealot
              • jZG
              • 18 Sep 2022

              Hanif Fikri, 15 Sep 2022hahaha 720pGoing from a 1080p with a smaller screen (i.e. higher ppi) to this larger screen with 720p, I hardly notice, and only when I put my face very close to the phone and try to find the pixelization. This isn't a full-size computer monitor, so the lower ppi is hardly noticeable. And this is coming from someone such as myself who is typically very particular about my video (and audio) quality on my tech.

                SPT06, 10 Sep 2022I have had this phone for 1 year and 4 months. I spent $400... morehahaha 720p

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                  • SPT06
                  • kcb
                  • 10 Sep 2022

                  I have had this phone for 1 year and 4 months. I spent $400 on this and I do not regret it. I encountered no issue, no bug, no weird things except 1 or 2 times it froze, and I just simply restarted the phone. The camera is okay, works at very low light conditions, the chrome loading speed is decent, and the operation is overall very smooth. The call quality is decent and I do not encounter anybody telling me I sound like a robot. Noting is wrong with Bluetooth earbuds (Samsung, sony, and Beats). I still have over a day of battery or at least still have power before the night when I get home after a lot of GPS, wifi, and Bluetooth usage. Speaker is good for calls and videos. For a $400 phone, what more can you ask for? A $1000 phone probably gives u $150 max worth of extra improvement in terms of functionality and I am being generous. Unless you really need that extra power in CPU (usually means heat and reduce the battery life as well) and/ or camera or you really like to game on a phone (which I would suggest you go spend it on a graphic card), then yea, pay that extra $600. I think most people sohuld be happy with this phone or similar midrange phones.

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                    • Mark-S
                    • 4Z@
                    • 05 Sep 2022

                    Oddball phone in the A midranger lineup.
                    I swear by this phone.
                    All the negative reviews make no sense.
                    It is not a flagship and was never meant to be.
                    Design is typical.
                    One really needs to take a magnifying glass to even really notice any difference in the resolution.
                    Notch at the top is not annoying.
                    Only the 60hz screen refresh got dated quick.
                    Has slot for micro SD, headphone jack which many phones don't have nowadays.
                    Not a really premium build but that's why cases are made.
                    Have not really noticed anything really negative about this phone.
                    It fills its role well.

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                      • Mark-S
                      • 4Z@
                      • 05 Sep 2022

                      Dan, 24 Aug 2021Super long standby time. At least future proof for 5G. Don&... moreThis phone has absolutely no issues that many other commenters are whining about.
                      Other than the 60hz screen which got dated really quick, this phone has everything I would want in a decent midranger.
                      The display is just fine. Even with a lower end resolution one really needs to put a magnifying glass to notice even a slight difference.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • gNE
                        • 31 Aug 2022

                        jetlag, 20 Aug 2022I absolutely hate this phone. It's a piece of crap. ... moreIf you are an iOS user and switch to Android. Then of course you would think bad of it because you don't know the OS of an Android. Stop writing bad reviews because you do not understand something.

                          Anonymous, 26 Jan 2022In my opinion the critics are very ol because right now i s... more"andbothers withput it biggying ."??
                          comment makes no sense

                            • j
                            • jetlag
                            • q9x
                            • 20 Aug 2022

                            I absolutely hate this phone. It's a piece of crap. When this piece of junk is paid off, i will go back to my iPhone. it's disgusting to have to figure out anything on this contraption. Really it should be pulled off the market.

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                              • Srinivasan
                              • JFB
                              • 25 Jul 2022

                              Bunch of bugs
                              Every Update has new issues
                              One of the worst product

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                                • Slydiggidy
                                • jsB
                                • 29 Jun 2022

                                Gakaxy A42 5G......I expected better. Anyti.e I am on google I get these adds and pop-ups that redirect me. Had to get add block for that but still opens a page for it. Where is the protection.
                                Had to search all over the place to figure out how to turn rotate screen back on...why would it switch to a diff icon (portrait). How is on gray is off use the same icon.
                                Tons of Spam calls...dunno why I pay to recieve bullshit calls but im tired of it.
                                Its ok but ill never get a Samsung again. Go Apple...least they protect from stuff or used to.

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                                  • desert breezes
                                  • jQc
                                  • 26 Jun 2022

                                  was a phone i got from spectrum...... This by far is the worst phone I have ever purchased. I dont understand this phone has had so many positive reviews. If i were not still paying on it, I would throw it in the trash.......buyer beware you will regret it...

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • t75
                                    • 03 Jun 2022

                                    Bruh how come this doesn't have always on but Other A series has

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 3rD
                                      • 23 May 2022

                                      Cheryl Garrett, 05 Dec 2021Does this phone support always on display?No, Worst smart phone of my life....

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                                        • Srinivasan Sm
                                        • 6u9
                                        • 20 Apr 2022

                                        Initially all (5G network) calls were not attended but amounts got detected, telecom isv will have call history where we didn't attend calls.

                                        Wifi frequently going off and mobile data consumed.
                                        Frequently restarting after android 12 update.

                                        Recommended not to buy this device.

                                        Bugs Bugs and Bugs on every update