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Some reports are coming from the blogs that A50 is getting Android12 based on ui 4.0...Hope its not fake

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021as of now in my three years experience using samsung a50 i ... moreIt depends on the Country also.

  • Darmawan

I have use this A50 since Jun 2019, and I can give the conclusion: Overall is good, it's right choice for people who need smartphone as daily driver, but the network quality is BAD! (Yes, i still have network issue until right now).

  • Sajuti

Currently using A50. Working pretty well 2.5 years in. Storage at 128GB never really ran out. Just the battery is getting less SOT so I find myself plugging it into the charger more often.

Gonna upgrade to Note 10 plus because I need the stylus. Not aiming for Note 20 or Note 20 Ultra as both upgrades are quite miniscule compared to the asking price for it. Flagship phones tech incremental upgrades are approaching its limits anyway so it should last pretty long. I dont even need to upgrade tbh, current A50 still works fine. But well, the stylus potentially generates me extra income so I'm probably gonna get it.

  • Anonymous

as of now in my three years experience using samsung a50 i dont have any experience problem with my samsung a50 like other people saying. maybe they are not careful with their phone thats why they that samsung a50 is not a good samsung unit😀

  • Li

Best midranger ever

  • Anonymous

keyur modi, 24 Aug 2021I would recommend to all phone buyers not to select any Sam... moreI was former samsung user but I change my mind cause samsung has a problem in motherboard and battery will become balloon if you forget unplug and asleep. Now I am a realme oppo vivo user and these 3 branded are good for me the battery is total shutdown no charge if full even you are sleep. Vivo oppo realme is the best for me. But I recomment realme because realme gadget if upgraded and follow no more problem. I trusted realme 6i and c25s the best processor ever no more lags and battery is good 5,000 to 6,000 mahlion. I will suggest to all the users try to realme 5-6 pro and c15 or c25s. They worth your money and camera is good. 6i and c25 is a camera and gaming phone.

  • Fuck you Samsung

Don't Buy Samsung mobiles ,They are going to damage hardware after updating phone,phone will not work or else it will stuck on logo.if you visit service centre they will ask money for updating new hardware for 8K oh god buying phone @20K and repair we have to put money,what the fuck, after using 1 and half years your memory s data will be erased that's is sadsung(Samsung).

  • Stratos

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021It’s a bit sad that every phone is oled now. I‘d gladly ta... moreOled displays are much better,i can't understand why you wouldn't prefer them

  • Anonymous

I had an A50 it can charge right to 100% but cannot switched on/turned on.

  • Anonymous

Nice looking phone but the software is rubbish. I have had my A50 for two months now, the mouth piece, ear piece and speaker are already damaged. I woke up in the morning and realised that I can't make or receive calls. A waste. Poor customer experience!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2021dont buy amoled. this phone is prone to screen burn. dont ... moreIt’s a bit sad that every phone is oled now. I‘d gladly take the iPhone 12 mini with LCD (preferably 120Hz) for 100€ less.

  • Anonymous

Bakary, 23 Jun 2021Could someone help me? i have a Sumsung A50 since 2019. tod... moreI have an A50 too that had the same problem. I was using it and suddenly it restarted and was stuck in that loop. Form experience the best solution is to take it to an official Samsung service center to repair it for a panel problem. I have noticed that many Samsung users are complaining about almost the same thing as an A71 user also complained of the same thing when charging her phone. Samsung phones do have panel fault and they should do something about it. IPhone users do not complain about things like these. I love Samsung and want them to get better.

Anon, 23 Aug 2021Should I switch to iphone 12?sure

  • Diamond Dogg

i have been an ardent fan of samsung phones. but i got a samsung galaxy A50 about 21 months ago and the issues am having now really makes me disaapointed in the samsung phone keeps freezing despite a factory reset. am about to take it to the samsung office in my area. people who have had similar complaints said there was no solution to it, Guess ill have to look elsewhere now after spemding so much on that phone from a challenged country.HUAWEI ON MY MIND.

  • keyur modi

I would recommend to all phone buyers not to select any Samsung mobile. Samsung is designing phone very attractively. I had a proud being Samsung user, but my bitter experience with the Samsung product, I have lost the complete faith from the brand.

I was using Samsung A50S mobile with 6 GB ram, which I procured from Samsung show room before about 1 and half year ago at a cost of about Rs.22000/-

After warranty, it has started giving hanging, restarting issues. I had got it checked up by authorized Samsung Service station, which gave an estimate of more than Rs.8,000/- towards replacement of mother board.

I have come to know that this is a common problem in Samsung phones and I was so shocked and frustrated that such known brand give issues and Samsung is not taking any corrective / compensative action. This is being a brand prestige issue.

In view of my bitter experience, I would never ever think for Samsung brand not only in mobile but also in home appliances.

  • Anon

Should I switch to iphone 12?

Prem Saha, 18 Aug 20211. The camera hardware is great but the software is rubbish... moreI think most of the problems are with Indian Varients.I didn't find any.

  • Prem Saha

1. The camera hardware is great but the software is rubbish.
The front camera is 25 mp but the clarity is worse so soft.
And there is so much color shifting in the camera,
And also the colours of real life and in camera is totally different as if I am capturing it in a cheap 7000 rs phone.
The rear camera mode 32mp is also crap no detail at all
only the pictures have a little bit less noise that's it with no hardware.
2. Overheating issues after software updates heats a lot while charging and gaming a lot the temperature is more than 45°.
3. And the battery health is also degraded after the updates bar battery life right now with all A50 users.

The Hardware of the phone is capable but samsung does not want to represent a good budget mobile phones in the competition they just make phones for name sake.
I Hate samsung after 1 year of buying any phones
Because they make it worse after 1 year.

Never gonna buy a samsung phone again...

  • Up

I like my A50