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Samsung Galaxy A50

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  • Wanda
  • IVx
  • 21 Sep 2022

This phone make me rethink my life decision. Never ever buying Samsung's budget or midrange phone.

    At the time of purchase when this phone was new it was a rather powerful little device. Nowadays unfortunately it tends to bloat itself, run slow or even sometimes hot, and it has trouble processing HD video.
    This was my experience, your mileage may vary.

    It does have good points however. For a budget phone, a decent camera. Decent enough battery life and good build quality in general. USB-C with fast charging is a plus.

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      • Anonymous
      • D02
      • 30 Aug 2022

      After update the • Version : A505FDDU9CVG2 / A505FODM9CVH1 / A505FXXU9CVG1 • Size : 316.21 MB •
      My mobile getting very heat

        No reason to buy this phone in 2022, 1080p30 video which looks horrible inside

          Anonymous, 21 Aug 2022This is the best phone ever. Still using my Galaxy A50 sinc... moreSame to Same :)

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            • Anonymous
            • I@H
            • 21 Aug 2022

            This is the best phone ever. Still using my Galaxy A50 since 2019. I take care of this phone because this is my father's gift for me. :)

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              • Nobel
              • gpj
              • 14 Aug 2022

              Kunle , 08 Aug 2022Pls guys I Need your assistance. Each time am charging my s... moreBe sure that electricity voltage is stable and not high as due to moving outside wires . Be sure that charger is suitable and in excellent condition . Be sure that temperature is good . Remove SD card because it may contain virus . Remove all applications which control phone in background including antiviral applications . Remove any suspected thing . Decrease storage . Clean memory . Go to setting and don't allow auto restart at certain time.

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                • Ibro
                • dP$
                • 13 Aug 2022

                Just Got one i love it

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                  • A50 user
                  • 8mP
                  • 12 Aug 2022

                  Chairman123, 20 Jan 2022my a50 keeps showing over heat signs when i put on charge a... moreMaybe your charging port had a lot of humidity especially if you're using the device while taking a hot shower frequently i suggest to check you charging port maybe a replacement will fix the issue

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                    • Anonymous
                    • ter
                    • 12 Aug 2022

                    Anonymous, 30 Jul 2022Samsung A50, 6qb. Phone display good. Battery good. l... moresurely oneplus!

                      student LSS, 07 Aug 2022Hey guys I need help n I will like an opinion from everyone... moreTry either poco or vivo cuz in my opinion those two are good for camera, gaming, has high refresh rate depending on the model and probably has good battery life. But still, Samsung a50 is a great choice cuz of its camera's ai.

                        Kunle , 08 Aug 2022Pls guys I Need your assistance. Each time am charging my s... moreIt could be either an update or a bug. Just take it to a nearby Samsung store and see if they can help.

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                          • Kunle
                          • xtS
                          • 08 Aug 2022

                          Pls guys I Need your assistance. Each time am charging my samsungs galaxy a50 he do restart by itself .pls anyone that have a solution to it should pls help me out

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                            • student LSS
                            • CAy
                            • 07 Aug 2022

                            Hey guys I need help n I will like an opinion from everyone so I will be getting my first phone next year and I was asked to choose an affordable phone but still with good capacity so I am an android user and I spent some time looking for a good but affordable phone basing myself on the following characteristics
                            a high refresh rate
                            a good camera quality
                            a high storage space
                            a high antutu benchmark score
                            fingerprint on screen display
                            Os android 9 or 10 or 11
                            and the phones I noticed were the A50 and the A52 I equally wanted my first unboxing experience to be memorable that is the box should include the charger, earphones, the phone of course, the soft case , the usb type c cable, the ejecting needle and the guides....the problem is I love samsung so much I could not look on other phones like maybe techno, vivo, Huawei, see if they had the qualities I required at a lower price.... I really need advice thanks I will use the phone to university tooo that's why I insist on the storage capacity

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                              • Anonymous
                              • D09
                              • 30 Jul 2022

                              Anonymous, 20 Jul 2022Pros Great screen and camera quality. Battery life can ge... moreSamsung A50, 6qb.
                              Phone display good.
                              Battery good.
                              loudspeaker not so good for audio files.
                              loudspeaker good enough for music.
                              Bloatware slows down, can't uninstall!
                              Motorola should be my next phone?
                              or One plus?

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                                • Mir
                                • ki$
                                • 29 Jul 2022

                                Sijy, 27 Jul 2022No one to buy A series and m .my phone probpm is restartin... moreIts your battery ..not the motherboard.
                                Just change the battery.

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                                  • Sijy
                                  • DkZ
                                  • 27 Jul 2022

                                  No one to buy A series and m .my phone probpm is restarting issue .samsung said its motherbord issue ..many case similarly mothrbord cost around 7..8k ..

                                    Anonymous, 23 Jul 2022yes add same fingers multiple times...Still not working

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                                      • Mh@
                                      • 24 Jul 2022

                                      Anonymous, 21 Jul 2022No FM radio, unfortunately in canadaI'm in Canada, and I have an FM receiver in mine... I just checked, and I was able to use NextRadio a few minutes ago and listen to a Montreal FM station (96.9). It must depend on the phone's version.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • XMu
                                        • 23 Jul 2022

                                        1stDominic, 17 Jul 2022I'm enjoying my samsung a50, except for the finger pri... moreyes add same fingers multiple times...