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  • Abi

In last update..Some apps are automatically uninstalled and after updates i can' t install some apps in play store

  • Anonymous

I had automatic restarts, then it was freezing on the Samsung logo, took it in to a samsung centre they told me it was a motherboard issue, I suspect it was after some upgrade because it was working well for a while then all of a sudden the restart issue started and after some time it just wouldnt even get to the home screen in between restarts. I am dissapointed in SAMSUNG because I thought that they were a quality brand. I did not expect such issues.

I think there is a case for a class action law suit for all those using this phone who lost data this way

  • Anonymous

After the update to Android 11. I'm facing an issue with Facebook. It's not refreshing the content on the Facebook page. I have to reinstall Facebook to get the page refreshed. And I have to do this whenever I want to use the Facebook app. In the web version it's working fine

  • Dil

Anvesh, 06 Apr 2021After updating to Android 11 my Samsung A50 became slow and... moreHad to reset mine to get it working perfectly after the Update to Android 11.

  • Badral

Mostly UI is cool but i cannot swich between apps swapping left button. Which takes time.

Who ever facing the Lag and Slow of ur A50 mobile, just disable bloatware and unnecessary apps using Debloat method, below is the link. i already did, long back no hang or lag for me from Android 9.

hope it helps lot of people, u can use this method for any Samsung smartphone.

  • Anvesh

After updating to Android 11 my Samsung A50 became slow and hanging and every 5 mins its automatically restarting. its really annoying.. given in the samsung service centre after charging me with examine fee. they given back phone same as like that saying they examined and said no issue during the first visit, after 4 days they given back my phone. then flashed with Android 10 it was fine for 2 days updated again through OTA updated to Android 11. again went to samsung service centre given phone for investigation.. now they are saying its mother board problem for restarting. I really don't after updating to Android 11 got motherboard issue.. so guys please be aware with Android 11 update for samsung A50.

I updated mine today one UI 3, android 11, supper cool, everything has just improved. Camera is more than supper. South Africa.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021For all of you complaining after android 11 maybe your Sams... more:) you should do your research, there are alot of complaints about this update android 11 oneui3.1, not just on A50. Samsung is doing a good job with this update, it will take time to polish ui.
My phone is from provider, and I haven't jet seen fake A50. S series yes, but A no.

  • Anonymous

For all of you complaining after android 11 maybe your Samsung is fake wtf

Abass, 03 Apr 2021Has anyone noticed the slowness and laggy UI since ANDROID ... moreGive it some time. It gets smooth after about a day or 2. And I highly recommend Turning on scheduled restarts, it helps keep the phone smooth.

  • Anonymous

Abass, 03 Apr 2021Has anyone noticed the slowness and laggy UI since ANDROID ... moreSince 3.1 and Android 11 update, the device is laggy, the battery is a little bit down on performance also. I am using gestures for navigation through menu, same thing with buttons. Smothnes dissapeared and it's really annoying. Ram management is bad on this update.
Samsung, please fix it.

Has anyone noticed the slowness and laggy UI since ANDROID 11 ....battery brain is little bit noticeable but UI smoothness is just kind of snapped...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2021Post update to One UI 3.1 in India, while updating apps fro... moreI'm also facing same problem.
'Adaptive power saving' is also not working or disabled

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2021Today my Galaxy A50 is android 11 one UI 3.1Are you facing battery draining after update. Thank you

  • Anonymous

Mustajab, 02 Apr 2021I've noticed battery drain on my A50 after the android... moreThanks for answering man.

  • Anonymous, 01 Apr 2021I have updated from one ui 2.5 to 3.0 its much better than ... moreThank you for answering.

  • Alb-user

I just update my A50 with android 11 3.1 and i can't make videocalls anymore.what should i do

Android 11 is up in indonesia

Shud i upgrade?

I've noticed battery drain on my A50 after the android 11 update.
The thing is that I also noticed this when going from Android 9 to 10. The drain is not severe but it is noticeable. I'm sure future security patches will improve the battery. As for performance, it's better than android 10 and I've faced no issues other than the battery drain. One feature I have noticed is missing is the Google feed on homescreen to the left most page. That is available on newer Samsung phones with android 11 but not on A50.