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Samsung Galaxy A50

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  • Dreamsoul
  • BdY
  • 04 Jun 2024

Mustajab, 08 May 2024Where can I find this ROM ?Search on google ( samsung a50 XDA ) you can also join roms telegram channel about Samsung a50 just search in telegram or google

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    • Jo
    • X$4
    • 25 May 2024

    Ilham, 21 May 2024Samsung A50 is a gud phone, The issue is Android Update is ... moreNote that Samsung has stopped releasing software updates to Galaxy A50, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ since 2023.

    The Galaxy A50, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ are no longer listed on Samsung's webpage related to the software update schedule of Galaxy devices

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      • Olduserfriendly2402
      • 3V9
      • 25 May 2024

      Its a good phone honestly and its worth the money, trust me, I've put it through some rough testing, and the screen is very thick I can tell you that. Anyhow, the performance regarding video games, it can hold up to larger games with good graphics but after a bit it will warm up definitely.

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        • Ilham
        • IWT
        • 21 May 2024

        XO ANICH , 11 May 2024the phone is great in performance especially the cameras m... moreSamsung A50 is a gud phone, The issue is Android Update is Still 11, Atleast better to Upgrade android 12 or 13 pls, i phone company Any mobile can update the latest software update, Samsung Only Do this. Old version mobiles no any updates, Pls Send Any android latest update Soon as possible

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          • XO ANICH
          • NwI
          • 11 May 2024

          the phone is great in performance especially the cameras mwa i like them also in gaming i real enjoy pubg mobile in the phone but only one thing i need more is the android update to android 13 or 14 please please samsung include the a50 in those updates i beg you

            mausfing, 02 May 2024OneUI 6.1 A14 also on my old old backup phone Galaxy A50..... moreWhere can I find this ROM ?

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              • Superb
              • Qg%
              • 05 May 2024

              THIS phone is a fricking killer, 2019 samsung was super good, probably prine samsung. This phone and the s10 can last to this day in mint condition. Sweet performance, Super amoled display (very good) and good battery besides its 4000 mah. This phone is actually insane and probably one of the biggest jumps in phone history. Samsung has been cooking and im all in for it.

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                • mausfing
                • JKW
                • 02 May 2024

                OneUI 6.1 A14 also on my old old backup phone Galaxy A50...
                Thanks to the developer Miles, SpiderOS 2.0 DTB

                  I am using the A50 since more than 5 years and it is still awesome. I am taking good care of it and it is still in mint condition with no scratches or hiccups. I suffered nearly 4 times of sudden shutdowns but I nearly have more than 700 apps installed (but background usage well controlled). I really advise buying the A5x series. I don't expect to buy a new phone for at least 2 or 3 coming years. The A50 is lighter and slimmer than most of newer phones and that is a big advantage for me.

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                    • yyy
                    • PG5
                    • 06 Apr 2024

                    Though I'm not sure of its value today, my A50 is 5 years old (2019) and still works great for its price point. Minimal lag, long battery life and durable enough its actually holding up better than my S21 which has major screen issues right now. I think if you're aiming for a mid-range phone anything from A5x and upwards is a good choice (such as A7x)

                      I have been using my phone quite heavily for the five years I've owned it, and this last week I have noticed that it has started to lag at times. The first 4 years were a breeze to be sure, but not anymore. Additionally, the battery life has decreased to about 70% of what it used to be. Used to last me 8-9 hours of screen time. Now, more like 5-6 hours.

                      I believe that a factory reset would be helpful, but I have way too many settings and apps and whatnot that would need to be backed up.

                      Overall, I still find my phone to be quite satisfactory. It treated me well.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • kTc
                        • 28 Mar 2024

                        Purchased 2019, still going strong and in excellent condition for such an old phone. Cracked many screen protectors (looking at a cracked one right now) but the phone screen is mint, same with the back. No performance issues, battery still lasts all day with moderate usage. No complains, so far best phone i've ever had, better than all my past iphones. Honestly i have no reason to get rid of it other than just wanting a new model otherwise this phone is 100% fine :)

                          Anonymous, 10 Feb 2024This phone didn't even exist back thenReleased 2019, March 18

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                            • Alamin
                            • uI7
                            • 25 Mar 2024

                            Jak , 04 Nov 2023No the best heavy gaming for race game online Other phone... moreSkill issue

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                              • PqI
                              • 25 Mar 2024

                              I bought it around august 2019. It's impressive how rugged it is. I've dropped it, fallen asleep on the phone, dropped it in water, water has fallen on me with the phone in my pockets. Endless mishaps. I have never had to replace the screen (it doesn't even have scratches) no problems related to the water either. It has only become slow the past few months and I'm sad because of it. I love this phone. The best I have ever had.

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                                • Caveman62
                                • pjI
                                • 10 Mar 2024

                                J.M, 04 Mar 2024How I wish my phone would be broken up soon so I have valid... moresame

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                                  • x{6
                                  • 04 Mar 2024

                                  How I wish my phone would be broken up soon so I have valid reason to replace it. Been using thus for 5 yrs

                                    Bought it late 2019 other than me dropping and paying for screen repair 2 times this phone is still a solid choice conisdering its a 5 year old phone.

                                      Janez, 07 Feb 2024Got this for €25. Adb-ed out all bloatware and voila, it wo... moreCongrats slim phone.

                                        myf, 19 Feb 2024this phone is sexy. can't get any slim and sexy phone ... moreLG V30