Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and A71 5G succinctly described in infographics, the A41 joins them

Peter, 09 April 2020

Samsung is preparing for the big 5G push in the US by announcing its plans for the 5G versions of the Galaxy A51 and A71 (those will be sold in other countries with 5G networks, of course). The quickest way to summarize what these two phones is to show you the infographics below.

The Galaxy A71 5G will come out this summer and will cost $600, $100 more than the Galaxy A51 5G (also expected in the summer). What’s the difference? If you look at the infographics, you’ll see that the A71 has a larger screen, higher resolution main camera and faster charging.

Infographics: Galaxy A51 5G Infographics: Galaxy A71 5G Infographics: Galaxy A41
Infographics: Galaxy A51 5G • Galaxy A71 5G • Galaxy A41

But if you don’t need 5G then the Samsung Galaxy A41 is an option. It’s more compact and will be more affordable too, though Samsung is keeping its exact price under wraps for now.

If looking at raw specs doesn’t tell you much, then this next infographic about the Galaxy A51 5G and A71 5G is for you. It goes over what you can do with the 5G connection, the four cameras on the back and the other features. Make sure to read the fine print though, as some things are exclusive to the A71 model.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G and A71 5G succinctly described in infographics, the A41 joins them

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 11 Apr 2020
  • 8kN

Thank you for kindly spreading the truth, Alien. Kiss :)

  • AlienKiss
  • 10 Apr 2020
  • 3RM

Final scores from Versus website : 2017 Note 8: 86 points 2020 A71: 73 points 2020 A51: 69 points Conclusion: a 3 year old high-end flagship is basically mopping the floor with the latest and greatest mid-range phones. I wonder what will sa...

still going to be gimped as the regular a51 and 71 are. at this point just buy an S10/s10+ or note 10+ renewed or in near mint condition until 5G is deployed en masse. much much much higher quality devices

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