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Samsung Galaxy A52

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Rogel, 05 Apr 2021Can someone tell me the material used on the frame of this ... moreIt's actually plastic. But it's look almost like a metal. Not easily detected it's plastic

  • Dainius

I bought A52 5G and have a problem with main camera. When i turn on motion photo (live photo, it's like a short video before taking a photo) i can make a photo like every 3-5 seconds which is way too long. Does anybody know a solution for this?

  • Vijivan

sAmoeld screen
Stereo speakers
IP67 rating
Headphone jack/ fm radio
Micro SD

Sounds like the phone I've been waiting for!

Can someone tell me the material used on the frame of this phone? Some sites and Youtubera say that it's made from metal/aluminum while others say that is plastic...I'm just curious

  • Duke1

This looks a great upgrade from my LG G6, has just about everything I need.
Here in NZ they are all advertised as 8Gb of RAM but the first 2 stores I looked at both were advertising 8GB online and in store but when I checked in settings they both definately only had 4GB... Weird.
May pay to check before buying what the onfiguration is.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2021It depends because the f3 has better processor and faster s... moreIt is also probably easier to get parts for the a52 if it gets damaged depending where you live

  • Anonymous

Abdul JR, 02 Apr 2021Between Samsung Galaxy A52 and Xiaomi Poco F3 Which one do ... moreIt depends because the f3 has better processor and faster screen response so it is better for gaming and also it is also has more premium feel because of glass back and aluminum frame.
However,the a52 has 3 years of software updates,sd card support,headphone jack,water resistant and depending where you live might have better resale value.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2021Probably international. I can buy both options in Germany f... more+ double storage. Doesn't seem so bad actually..

  • Anonymous

Ifort, 04 Apr 2021Could anyone help me regarding Samsung A52 4G 8 GB ram 256 ... moreProbably international. I can buy both options in Germany for example. I think on launch day they only had 6GB RAM though. €60 for 2GB more is ridiculous to be honest.

  • Ifort

Could anyone help me regarding Samsung A52 4G 8 GB ram 256 GB!
Is it international or it is destinated for specific Country?

  • Nirmal

The a52 is not experience i thought . It is $329-339 for my country

Thanks for your comment.
Definitely worth the buy

  • Anonymous

Rumaithi, 04 Apr 2021Does Samsung Galaxy A52 support wireless charging?No

Khan, 03 Apr 2021Yes I have used 3 Galaxy A52 phone all have Jerk Jerk sound... moreI am typing with galaxy A52. D sound quality is great and call sound is good. May be ur u unit

  • Rumaithi

Does Samsung Galaxy A52 support wireless charging?

  • Nazz

Im currently typing this on the A52 , its so good i cant believe its that cheap , the screen is just , super amoled , super nice , sd720g , super quick , no heat at all , snappy 90hz , 4500mah battery is insane , it lasts the whole two days , ONE THING I HATE IS , THE BOX , it have earphone jack but no earphone?? It does support 25w but just got 18w brick?? Annoying

  • Anonymous

DesertKid, 03 Apr 2021If you want A better processor and fast screen response bas... moreNot Waterproof, but it's Waterresistant

  • Yasin

Does UFS 2.1 a deal breaker for the price tag?

  • Anonymous

Emir , 03 Apr 2021Guys I am struggling with this phone and Oppo reno 4. I don... moreI dont think oppo would win against this. Go with a52

  • Anonymous

jop, 04 Apr 2021has anyone found a solution to thisNo such issue for me. I am on April patch from couple of days ago. Was fine before too.