Samsung Galaxy A53's first update improves camera

Yordan, 19 April 2022

Samsung launched the Galaxy A53 smartphone in March, and it is now getting its first monthly update. In addition to the April 2022 security patch, the new firmware brings also takes care of issues with camera stability.

The package is named A536BXXU1AVCC and is already being seeded in a bunch of EU countries - Austria, Croatia, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. More regions should be getting the update soon, with South Korea and India already looking forward to the next package.

If you didn't get the notification already you can head to the Settings menu under Software Update and perform a manual check. The Samsung Galaxy A53 ships with Android 12 and OneUI 4.1 on top, and the maker promised “four major Android OS updates”, so the April 2022 update is just the first of many to come.



Reader comments

  • IDKMyName
  • 05 Jun 2022
  • DEP

Agree, with reviewers and others saying A52s is better than A53, I see a significant price increase for A52s and ended up buying A53 for better Android Support.

Buy whichever has the better price. There's not enough difference to pay more for one or the other. I just bought the A53 because I got it for only $50 USD on a special offer. They also had the A52 for $240 on the same offer.

  • Mahim
  • 22 Apr 2022
  • rJU

Should I buy a52s or a53

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