Samsung Galaxy A72 camera setup detailed

Sagar, 17 December 2020

Freshly leaked renders of the Samsung Galaxy A72 5G revealed the smartphone will feature a quad camera on the back. While the setup wasn't initially detailed, a report by Dutch blog GalaxyClub claims the Galaxy A72 will sport a 64MP camera on the rear joined by a 12MP ultrawide, 5MP macro and 5MP depth sensor units.

The 4G variant of the A72 will sport model code SM-A725F, while the 5G version will have model designation SM-A726B. The source says both will probably come to Europe, with the 4G version expected to be priced between €450-500 and the 5G variant between €550-600.

Leaked render of Galaxy A72 5G Leaked render of Galaxy A72 5G

There's no word from Samsung about the 4G and 5G versions of the Galaxy A72 yet, but rumors have it that the 5G variant will feature a 6.7" screen with a fingerprint embedded in it.

The smartphone will be 8.1mm thick (9.9mm with the camera bump) and come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. More details about the Galaxy A72 should surface soon.

Source (in Dutch)


Reader comments

I won't. I'm trying to be optimistic but realistically it will be like you said. I know all these companies are here for the profit but it's getting out of hand. I hope their sales keep falling. S20 was their wake up call but ...

  • Smh
  • 20 Dec 2020
  • tZ0

You mean the 720p Pentile AMOLED on the A42 5G will have clarity of 480p LCD? That's bad even for a $150 phone, while the A42 is $400...

  • phasor
  • 19 Dec 2020
  • YQ@

No, there are only 2 versions - A51 using E 9611 & A51 '5G' using E 980, which was launched an year after E 9611 version. If you truly want to see too many versions of a model - look at Redmi Note 9, rebadged Pocos or Oppo Reno 4,5 se...

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