Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

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  • Tyen

This has been with me for more than 2yrs now. Just started using SIM2. How do i use my mobile data network in SIM2? It cannot be changed (SIM1)

I have always supported Samsung if the pie version for this phone is not released, I will not be disappointed and will not buy another Samsung product.

  • ?

army, 30 Sep 2018does a7 2017 have led notification light No

  • Khan

Hi I am looking for Board of SM-A720F/DS ?

Recent update 450.84 MB ke baad Network Problem

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Can I install for Emirates region A720F ?I assume the update "pie" available for A7 (2017) Korean region A720S wouldn't work on the Emirates region A720F, the Korean region A720S version comes with a single SIM card and doesn't have a compass sensor.
I'll be delighted if someone confirms wither my conclusion is true or false based on his/her real trial.

Phone Slow Hang Problem No Any Update 7 Months

  • akm

does it mhl?

  • Anonymous

Aaa, 04 Sep 2019Korean region get pie update. moreCan I install for Emirates region A720F ?

  • Rex

Please give pie update!

Murthuja, 07 Aug 2019I demand samsung to release Android Pie update to Samsung A7 (20... moreI agree, my A7 came with android 7 nougat (UAE region), and it would be fair to get two major upgrades and not just android 8.

  • Murthuja

I demand samsung to release Android Pie update to Samsung A7 (2017), as this phone launched (around March 2017) one generation back software (i.e,Marshmallow) even though new geration software was available at that point of time (i.e,Nougat)

Like all I too have an attraction towards technology. Nothing has integrated more services and tech than the cell phone industry. Having used many over the years, I am writing a review for the A7 (2017) post 2.5 years of usage, and continuing.

1. I have never used a phone this balanced and optimally valued.
2.The features have done me good 2+ years now, and I hope to pull of a few more months with it.
3. There has been no software or hardware hiccup.
4. The camera has been astounding all through. Yes night shots are not that great, but for true night/photography there is something called a DSLR.
5. The battery backup and quick charge have been a true blessing. I've not only progressed, but have saved precious time in life. Priceless!
6. The water proof and dust proof rating has been thoroughly tested by me, since I work on an island as a scuba diving instructor. So be assured, A7 (2017) has proven its salt, around salt.
7. This could be an exceptional experience, but having analysed all that's in the market vs this 2 year old purchase. I feel extremely good about my decision to go with Samsung.
8. I was hoping the water proof and dust proof rating would continue in this segment. But alas, Samsung has taken it to higher end phones. Anyhow, its been fantastic, look forward to the next in 2020.

no news android 9 for a5 a7 2017 international version (a520f, a720f) , now korean version a720s beta released

Looks like samsung is finally providing 3 major OS update for its smartphones. I hope android pie hits the s7 and s7 edge as well.

  • soheilsh

android 9 release beta for Korean region­%9F%AD%EC%8B%9C-A/A7-2017-%EB%B2%A0%ED%83%80/td-­p/1457572

  • SRP

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2019Is will possible to android 9 update for a7 17?­017-android-pie-update/

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2019Is will possible to android 9 update for a7 17?Even I am waiting for the update

  • Anonymous

Is will possible to android 9 update for a7 17?