Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017)

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I got this phone is 2017 as a 2nd device. But I heavily use it daily since then and it still works great I’m actually amazed. Its still ip68 rated and though the battery life is not what it was before it still lasts alright for what it is. Only issue is screen burn in a bit but I cant complain about that after using it for 4 years. Speed wise though, still beats lots of the new midranger ones Samsung produce these days.

  • Truther

Anonymous, 11 Apr 2021if you thought samsungs A series back in the day was bad yo... moreI get you. Some people like the plastic back for it's "durability" (I believe that we both know it's just a cost cutting measure) but one has to remember how easily plastic gets scratched when talking about durability, for me personally a Gorilla Glass Victous back and a decent included case is the way to go. Talking about screen size, we got the A7 2017 out of desperation to get my girlfriend off the tiny Samsung Galaxy S with its tiny display, she had that phone for ages as she was still studying and couldn't upgrade, I believed the small screen was bad for her eyes, of course, I wasn't there when the sale took place otherwise I would have prevented it, I wanted her to buy a OnePlus 3 or 3T or even an LG G6 (I think that phone also had a 32GB model) if I remember correctly. For me personally I like my phone's display to be 7 inches no more no less (this doesn't mean I can't live with less) because my phone is also my main (and only) computer, I use it for office, gaming, editing, media consumption and research among other things otherwise if I only used it for calls and texts I'd prefer smaller displays (6.2 inches, some prefer even smaller displays) so I get you even though we have different tastes. Even though I don't like the A7 (2017) for any reason other than the memories we had with it, it was still in every way an upgrade over the Galaxy S (correct me if I'm wrong) and I think it might even be better than the S4, plus it had a larger display and water resistance so it made her happy.

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Truther, 10 Apr 2021In my opinion this was a complete ripoff. Samsung sold this... moreif you thought samsungs A series back in the day was bad you should take a look at them now

garbage plasticky build whilst the old ones were all metal
garbage cameras
sub par processors for the high price point
all of them are insanely huge and there's not a single compact one


  • Truther

In my opinion this was a complete ripoff. Samsung sold this device for 500-600 USD in 2017 (if I remember correctly) and even then I considered those specs to be low end. This phone had only 32GB of storage which left a lot to be desired as apps could not be moved to an SD card. This phone should have launched with Android 7 and ended up with Android 10 and it should have had 64GB of internal storage.

The 3 GPU cores are actually 2 and the camera is mediocre.

The water resistance was a redeeming feature (sort of) but when I think of protecting my phone from water damage I can't help but think of the specs inside so the water resistance served mostly as a reminder of how horrible this phone is. My girlfriend liked it for the time though and at the end of the day that's what mattered since it was hers, as for me I think I was comparing S7s and preaching about how the Exynos version was inferior GPU wise so seeing her get ripped off (in my opinion) by Samsung more so than European S7 buyers was saddening.

Are you sure? How i can see that information?

  • safwan

one of the best A series phones.

Samsung have just announced at A7 will no longer be supported with effect from 3 February 2021 after 4 years of updates. However, Samsung may still release OTA updates to fix critical vulnerabilities.

  • Anonymous

Millan, 09 May 2020How did you get android 9 update? Mine is still on 8.0!Bro keep it on android 8 bcz even me i want to downgrade it to android 9 doesn't have radio and calculator

  • Anonymous

Guy, 27 Jan 2021Download it from galaxy storeEven mine doesn't have fm radio and face unlock

  • Danish

its an awesome model....Masha'allah having been using since July 2017 but battery and all the functions of phone working properly despite of falling many times Masha'allah there is no scratch and damage Alhamdilillah....if its available i would recommend to buy it.

  • Guy

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021How can i downgrade Mine??it doesn't have fm radio an... moreDownload it from galaxy store

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jan 2021How can i downgrade Mine??it doesn't have fm radio an... moreDon't waste your time to ask, Samsung had encrypted their software , bootloader and kernel so no ways to downgrade it, even if you were a master rooting there still no possible way to flash downgrade, even you flash the wrong firmware you will encounter the Softbrick maybe flash downgrade could be hardbrick

  • Anonymous

NimaMaster, 16 Jan 2021You can flash android pie that was made for a7 2017 by sams... moreHow can i downgrade Mine??it doesn't have fm radio and calculator.plz help me

  • Anonymous

My galaxy A7 2017 has version 9 and it doesn't have have a radio or calculator so what can i do to have a radio on it,i bought it as second's BAND LTE.

  • NimaMaster

Mouad, 05 Jun 2020How to install the rom to get android 9?You can flash android pie that was made for a7 2017 by samsung but only released for korean variant.
It has a few bugs though if you don't mind them definitely try to install (if you damage your phone doing so it's your own responsibility so make sure you read inatructions carefully before any attempt)
1st, the 2nd sim only works for calls and text, you cant use mobile data on 2nd simcard.
2nd, there are limited language options
3rd, no fm radio
Rest of the phone works like charm. Also i have tried hadesrom to get 2nd sim data but it had so many performance issue within a few hours of usage that i had to go back to korean pie.
Just search korean pie xda and you can find it easily

  • Anonymous

Got mine in 2017 and just switched to a galaxy S20 now. A7 is a surprisingly good phone even compared to the S20. The specs don't sound as impressive but it gets the job done if you only use it for basic things. Nice screen, good camera, and responsive.

  • Millan

Aliz554, 17 Oct 2020This is the best phone I've owned. Bought in 2018. So ... moreI suggest Samsung galaxy note 9 or 10

  • Botlogan

Aliz554, 17 Oct 2020This is the best phone I've owned. Bought in 2018. So ... moreBought mine in 2017, still a reliable phone. Upgraded to Note 10 Lite.

  • RipplyPower5362

Aliz554, 17 Oct 2020This is the best phone I've owned. Bought in 2018. So ... moreMaybe the Galaxy A51 or Oneplus Nord.
I believe both have a 1080P OLED panel like the A7
and have better chips.
Doubt it's of importance but they also have in-display fingerprint

  • Aliz554

This is the best phone I've owned. Bought in 2018. So strong. I want to change to something similar. Pls suggest. But no phone is as srong as this one. But i need to upgrade my Ram. So gotta change.