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Samsung Galaxy A80

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We are waiting for the new model of this mobile phone with the camera under the screen!

  • Anonymous

I'd like to see the camera of a80 in the galaxy z flip series.

The least expected of the next generation of this phone, the A83, is a mobile phone with a ZTE and Mi Mix 4 screen camera.
The camera under the display used in the Z Fold 3 was really awful. He had the same Salafi annoyance. The camera under the screen should not be completely hidden and obvious!

At least I wish the new generation A80 had a selfie camera under the display this year.
But not with a very bad z fold 3 display camera, but with a completely hidden selfie camera under the display. When will Samsung finally eliminate the damn selfie hole ?!

  • Kindred

Equator01, 29 Dec 2021>Barges in >Creates an A series phone almost as ex... moreLiterally

  • Anonymous

Still here-4-Anggie, 18 Nov 2021Not that bad for game that doesn't demanding on specs ... moreTheres no android 12 update on this phone

  • Happy

Mullah, 17 Jan 2022Please update on the OS section as the phone is upgradable... moreYes, mine too.

Please update on the OS section as the phone is upgradable to Android 11 One UI 3.1
Mine upgraded mid year last year

I wish Samsung had a phone without a selfie hole !!!! Why does Samsung not care at all?

  • Ryan

Yo this phone is the best phone (in Samsung line up) even though it only had 3700 mAh battery, but can last up to 10 hours (listen Spotify and 3G network) and the phone its shelf still fast for today game, codm, pubgm, etc. 2 years of usage (and maybe 6 months later I need to change the battery for optimal usage)

  • Equator01

>Barges in

>Creates an A series phone almost as expensive as an S series flagship with an experimental mechanical camera that not even the flagships had

>Doesn't do it again and the concept dissapears completely from Samsung's lineup


  • Alive samsung

Best phone ever, fastest phone ever, Best camera ever, Best graphics..please buy one for yourself today I love a80
Forget about some of the funny reviews you see here most people just comment they don't have the phone I have been using mine for 2yrs now no problem at all samsung a80

mehami, 10 Dec 2021I think Samsung should offer a replacement for the A80 in 2... moreEveryone is expecting a camera under the screen. Of course, the shortcomings of the A80 must also be addressed. Like a weak battery!

I think Samsung should offer a replacement for the A80 in 2022 with a camera under the screen. There really is no room for a full screen phone without a selfie hole in Samsung products!

  • johnmarc19

Hello everyone! Has anybody encountered this problem? My ultra-wide mode just doesnt work anymore. On selfie or normal camera. When i select that mode it frezees and crashes. Please help. What should i do? Tried hard reset, hard reboot, everything. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Scythe, 18 Nov 2021I hate any holes on screen, so I like this phone. Sometimes... moreOppo Reno or Realme GT has better option than Samsung for midranger, you did not like the punch hole?

Yes me too especially on S10 plus, BUT NOT with Oppo or Realme mid end series, their punch hole are very very small, compares with S10+ at the same size, you won't likely to notice it

The more good news is the status bar in coloros are producing true black while in dark mode, make the punch hole is unnoticeable

Also they offers faster and better optical fingerprint than A80, also better camera result, and much faster charging

  • Scythe

I hate any holes on screen, so I like this phone. Sometimes I play WoTBlitz and have on HD mode 60fps in battles. But A80 has extremly fragile GG3 and hard to find good case. But I know not any model to replace this phone to another. Xiaomi or 1+ not do good in everyday use on my work..

  • Still here-4-Anggie

Not that bad for game that doesn't demanding on specs so much. Specs wasn't matter for skilled person, as same as charming handsome man who doesn't need beautify cam for taking selfie :p

anyone had android 12 on this phone? how good or bad?

  • Nizar

Brilliant phone and I bought it last December 2020.
Extremely fragile!
Love it and it has that feel you don't get from any other phone.

  • Thatpopularkid

This phone is not real actually, Why Samsung never released A81 is because first off, It was actually released at one point, It was REALLY BAD for gaming and taking notes and calling people on a Social Media website, Only 12K+ were sold, The phone isn't even real, 48 Megapixel was not possible until Galaxy S20, and it was really bad because it's just a fake piece of flake, Snapdragon 730 is also not a publicly released Snapdragon version, Come on Samsung!