Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) plagued by loudspeaker cutouts

Ro, 01 June 2018

A troubling amount of reports have surfaced about an apparent issue with the Galaxy A8 (2018). Users in the Samsung forum are complaining about a strange loudspeaker sound cutout after the February update. The issue can be observed mostly when the phone is being charged, but not only.

The cutoffs happen when listening on the loudspeaker only - be it a phone call, video, music or a ringtone. There are no cutoffs when using the earpiece, headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. Hardware resets and factory rests don't seem to help. Also, a user on the forum has concluded that the problem occurs even when the phone isn't charging - the battery needs to be almost fully charged and the stuttering will most certainly happen.

This has lead to a conclusion that the issue has something to do with the current level of the battery charge. Unfortunately, there's no workaround for now and Samsung has suggested customers send their devices for repair. Some users have reported that they've indeed sent the phone for a repair and returned with the bug still in place.

So for now, all affected users can do is wait until Samsung tackles the matter with an OTA update as obviously, this is a software issue. And we hope that the OEM will officially acknowledge problem fast as it is becoming widespread.



Reader comments

  • Isiakawa
  • 12 Sep 2018
  • Nu7

Problem is not just audio but can my calls but they cannot be heard unless I use Bluetooth or earpiece. Have now restricted my phone to usage in the car only.

The same sound problem on the A8 + (SM-A730F) with Android 8.0 Oreo in Brazil. You can not listen to an audio without it skipping or jumping. Loading or not the problem exists. It seems the problem is global. Now it is to wait for Samsung's willingne...

  • uwotmaet
  • 26 Aug 2018
  • X%p

same issues here. could u guys send feedback to samsung from your samsung members apps to make samsung aware of this problem?

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