Samsung Galaxy A8 passes TENAA certification

20 June, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy A8 has been a hot topic lately, with rumors popping out every now and then, and it went as far as appearing in a set of live images. Well, if that isn't enough of a testament to its imminent launch, then it's recent visit to TENAA should clear all doubt.

The Chinese telecommunications governing body has certified a device, bearing a model number SM-A8000, which we know by now is the upcoming Galaxy A8. The pictures show a phone, identical to the one in the previous hands-on photos.

Samsung Galaxy A8 at TENAA

The TENAA listing confirms that the Samsung Galaxy A8 will come with a 5.7-inch AMOLED display of FullHD resolution, which a benchmark entry once wrongfully claimed was going to be 5.5 inches in diagonal.

Though the regulator doesn't explicitly name the chipset, the octa-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz and the smartphone's position in the lineup point to a Snapdragon 615 with it's performance cores clocked slightly below Qualcomm's specified maximum of 1.7GHz. There's 2GB of RAM on board, as well as 16GB of internal storage, and the phone can take microSD cards up to 128GB in capacity.

The listing is somewhat ambiguous in stating an 8MP primary camera and putting 16MP in parentheses, but we'd put our money on the higher count, as even the Galaxy A7 has a 13MP main shooter, and a downgrade would be illogical. The new phone comes with a 5MP front camera too.

Number crunchers will be thrilled to know that the Galaxy A8 measures 158 × 76.77 × 5.94 mm, which makes it Samsung's thinnest smartphone. Though it may be a bit on the long end of the 5.7-inch spectrum (the Galaxy Note 4 is 4.5mm shorter), the new phablet is impressively light at only 142g. We don't yet have confirmation on the rumored 3,050mAh battery capacity, but kudos to the engineers if they pulled it off in such a thin and light body.

The LTE-capable smartphone boots Android 5.1 when it launches. It's yet to be revealed when that will happen, but sooner sounds more likely than later.

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Your point being?

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If you are not interested, why are you reading Samsung-related articles? Ironic isn't it?

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Ouch!!! S2-S3->S4...S6 then release A3-4-5-6-7-8...... That is Samsung. lanuch new model and lanuch more. all model same design and no see any clearly different. Samsung become domination all series and focus customer citizen..

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