Samsung Galaxy A90 5G hands-on review

IFA 2019

GSMArena team, 06 Sept 2019.


Expectedly, there's virtually no difference between the Galaxy A70 and A90 in terms of design. Since the screen measures 6.7" in diagonal, it's easy to assume that it's unwieldy, to say the least. It's one of the biggest Galaxies around so users will small hands will struggle.

Samsung Galaxy A90 Handson review

The curved back and the thin side bezels do help with the overall handling while the top and the bottom bezels are considerably slim too. It does give the impression of a high-end smartphone when looking at it from the front.

Samsung Galaxy A90 Handson review

Interestingly, the Galaxy A90 uses glass for its back instead of plastic like its cheaper sibling, the Galaxy A70. The glass panel features geometric patterns giving it a more distinct look and the available colors are Black and White. The patterns themselves do look a lot different from what we've seen before.

Samsung Galaxy A90 Handson review

The glass back is also a home to the triple-camera setup tucked away in the upper-left corner. It's vertically stacked but the bump isn't as prominent as one would expect. Perhaps it's because the Galaxy A90's chassis is 0.5mm thicker than the A70's making the camera bulge less prominent.

Samsung Galaxy A90 Handson review

Unfortunately, we don't have any information regarding the device's frame but since Samsung didn't say anything specific about it, we'd assume it's plastic.

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  • Mike

So basically, A90 is A70 with 48mp main camera and 5g network. Lol.

  • MilkGoddessTanii

I know right

  • Josh

Front camera 8mp. Lol come on samsung..what gives