Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

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  • Hassan

This mobile is beautiful

its only 3G mode the 4G mode just for S7275 SERIES with the same spec only can have 4G band

  • Anonymous

Catherine the Great, 15 Jan 20194GB storage option? Seriously?nah, only upto 3G

4GB storage option? Seriously?

  • radityaargap

AnonD-751049, 10 Apr 2018Hi, i am using my phone to quite a long time. I would like to se... moreit's not possible out if yhe box. you have to root your phone, install xposed framework, then install xinternalsd module. with the module you can set sdcard as primary storage.

  • Anonymous

Sly-Aotearoa, 10 May 2018Have just noticed an option appears on my screen, either 'always... moresounds like it's asking which browser to use for accessing a web page

  • Sly-Aotearoa

Have just noticed an option appears on my screen, either 'always' or 'just this once,' why am I seeing this? I cannot use my device unless I have selected an option, and I'm wondering if each time this appears am I being charged a small fee?

  • AnonD-751049

Hi, i am using my phone to quite a long time. I would like to set my SD card as a main store device but could not found the settings. Can anyone help on this PLEASE.

  • Filipos

Hi there, I have this phone and it is very convenient.
I did not manage to set my external SD card as priority storage card.
and can I store my contacts in the SD card? I tried some action but did not succeed.
Can any one give an advise? THANK YOU.

  • Anonymous

Just replacing this phone after 4 years (after 2nd abttery wore out). Loved it. Wish they still made smaller size like this.

  • AnonD-741972

5 years with this lovely phone i wish it ould be softwear updated

  • Anonymous

Used this phone for 3 years with only battery life issues which can be replaced. I think I could have used it another half a year if I didn't leave it in the trousers when washing .

  • Anonymous

my first android smartphone
i use this phone 4 years
and still work until now

  • beatsal

It works fine for me. have it for 4 years. not sure what the battery V is

  • AnonD-703913

AnonD-508212, 26 Feb 2016The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is a terrible phone, one of the worst i... moreI'm using Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
The main drawback is touchscreen sensitivity error
And then battery
The parts and maintenance also terrible in UAE

  • Anonymous

I bought one but recently the touch screen isn't responding. I reset the phone to see if it'll work but its still not working.

  • Trooper

Milliespenfold, 10 Apr 2017The two things at top left of the screen next to the VGA camera ... moreThey are actually the proximity sensor and ambient light sensor.

  • K

Best phone I ever had. should I upgrade?

  • Milliespenfold

prathab , 28 Mar 2015hi i have galaxy ace 3, working good but notification why the... moreThe two things at top left of the screen next to the VGA camera arent led lights. Theyre an infrared sensor and an infrared sender (like on a remote control), but can be used for data transfer. The light next to the camera on the back is an ultra-bright led and its used as a flash for the 5mp camera and as a torch called 'assistive light' in accessories.

  • Milliespenfold

dave , 23 Aug 2015i replaced my lcd an screen after dropping it only to find out a... moreNot sure, but that sounds like a buffer to stop the back of the screen touching the main circuit board or it could be a dust cover for the speaker.