Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802

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  • Anonymous

is there a way to answer calls using power and volume buttons when touch screen is not working?

  • transporter

prem, 20 Nov 2017update not available from company site I eant update my fone

  • Samsung Galaxy st ac

prem, 20 Nov 2017update not available from company site Samsung Galaxy Ace duos s6802

  • prem

update not available from company site

  • Anonymous

almost 5 years but still working. Though changed battery once.

  • lans

Its a good phone...i have use this almost 1 years...buat it small and the battery and RAM is very sad

  • old is gold

Very sturdy phone. Have fallen many times.. Cool.. gets into three pieces and when assembled works perfectly. Bought it four years back. Because no selfie had another one with the front camera. If you disable background services speed problem is ok. Can be used as a standby phone mainly for calling and messaging purposes. Can update the contacts from google accounts. works perfectly as an ordinary phone. Good voice clarity

  • phone-phone

It is a very very slow phone I ever seen.

From the day one, it is slow.

When making a call, I have to wait for couple of minutes before this mobile comes in the mood for making a call for me.

I can remember that day, when I had to make a call and I waited for 40 minutes to make this mobile agree to make a call for me.

I will suggest all to NOT buy this mobile at any situation because without having a mobile phone is far better than having this mobile phone.

  • dominique

the phone is good bt dhe worst disaster is hunging and loosing sensitivty.

  • Anonymous

On my 4th year of using this phone model, my greatest problem I've facing is that everytime I click the power off, it's always restarting so i always unpack the battery :(

  • Anonymous

very very slow phone hanging problm but solid body

  • prasad

Very very slow while using

  • Sid

I've been using this phone for more than 4 years.
For the people facing hanging problems, it is because of Google Play Services. If you have higher version than 9.0.4 of GPSer. you might face problem.
I too face the same problem when my play services are updated. Although having 9.0.4 version causes unable to use play store.

  • Anonymous

testing my pationcy with all kind of problems

  • rifana

very worst phone , frequently hanging

  • lohith

worst phone frequently hanging and battery life also very very very very poor.

  • Franklins


  • waqas

Thanks dear

  • BMd

i bought ace duos on jan 7 2013,i have paid 11,500 (including tax)first year the phone was nice,internet n playing games was nice,after 1 n half year the phone become very slow,it was hanging,i became wexed to download games,i am using that phone till now,why becoz it was my first phone,i still dont want to buy another bcoz i like tat phone but its slow n hanging but i adjust i feel bad to throw tat out n buy another phone,i dropped my duos in water but its still working,i wish i can upgrade into faster version so tat i can 2013 it was best ,now ace duos is out of date.but some phone repaires say ace duos is good phone present day samsung is not tat much gud.3 n half years im using this phone but i cannot throw it n buy,its so special for me.

  • Jagdeesh Choudhary

This is the best phon i had since 2012