Samsung Galaxy Ace Style

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style

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  • Unknown

samsung please cancel this phone if people are complaining about this specifications because your company will go down like this specifications that they are complaining for:

512 mb ram.. can't run games or applications like big games..
4.4.2 kitkat... what??all phones with kitkat has a larger ram not 512mb ram!!
samsung touchwiz ui???

no one will but this phone trust me!!
samsung please do better phone or your company will end...

please no offense!!

  • Anonymous

not so impressive

  • smoothy

Is it not supposed to be an upgradable version of "Galaxy Ace 3"? Then, why such poor RAM? Just "512mb "& has LED FLASH! pls improve the feature(specification) of this phone!

  • john04

soo galaxy ace style is dual core and have 512 RAM and is running android 4.4.2 - galaxy s III have 4 core and 1024 RAM and is running android 4.3 because SAMSUNG say that S3 CAN NOT RUN ANDROID 4.4.2 /SAMSUNG ARE YOU A LIAR ???

  • Anonymous

same specs like s duos2 ...only updated kitkat....boring samsung

  • Anonymous

Its coming with 4.4 kikkat with samsung touchwiz -is the only highlight thing about the phone, but other than that its booring specs........!!

  • gabi

already trend model

  • hitesh


  • Anonymous


  • Nick

Ohh damn...What the fishhh... Samsung we Indians are not fool. Please Stop production of mobile phones. You better do A/C's and all other stuff and stay away from smart phones. Feeling like come there and destroy your office.

  • Raj

why buy samsung...? Why not moto g with nice specifications

  • Anonymous

i think samsung stop challenging other phone manufacturer instead challenge their company to come up with a good design and better specs.

  • Anonymous

is that Galaxy Star Pro successor !

  • seriously

This phone is suppose to challenge the moto g in the budget market but with half of moto gs specs good luck Samsung.

  • suhas

it is same like 7582 but ram is so poor 512mb i need 4.5 inch display with 1.2 gb processor & minimum 1gb ram

  • tt

only 512 ram nd 4.4.2 os ? lool.

  • AnonD-2686

Well seeing that this phone has a smaller RAM size and will run Kitkat out of the box, I just hope my Ace 3 LTE will get the kitkat update. Samsung you better bring kitkat to Ace 3!

  • AnonD-129917

i would rather buy a 2999 pesos local brand on our country philippines with same specs than this phone that i think they sell in high price because of its name >.

  • Anonymous

What? 512 mb ram, with kitkat, now days samsung gone crazier than crazy.

  • Bbek

Samsung now really worse either u buy a s duos or s4 its design n look is same atleast change the design of new mobiles same functn and same design u better go for sony n htc far better then samsung